Minutes - Conservation Committee

ECIA Conservation Committee Minutes

September 3, 2019

  1. 1. Approval of Agenda - John Parker moved to approve, Mary Clark seconded
  2. 2. Appointment of Recording Secretary - John Parker was asked to take minutes
  3. 3. Approval of August Minutes - deferred to next meeting as we didn’t have hard copies for review
  4. 4. Excused Absences member Paul Butt excused and Paul Fink and Jim Shaklee attended meeting as guests.
  5. 5. Report from the Board Liaison - no liaison from board attended. (It was noted that Elizabeth MacClaren had tendered her resignation from the board.
  6. 6. HOAMCO report - HOAMCO representative Mike Rogers was excused due to private obligation
  7. 7. New Business - Mowing Greenbelt Trails - Tom Brimacombe reported that he had hiked through the Pueblo Canyon Greenbelt and that there were sections which needed mowing.

          2020 Budget - submitted to Board

          Educational event - workshop on Trail 404 where it crosses a meadow is set for Saturday October 19th. Participants will meet at 9 AM at the ECIA Community Center. John Parker volunteered to write announcement for Vistas.

Committee members plan on meeting at 9 Am on September 14th to review plan implementation and logistics at the project site. It is anticipated that the plan will be modified to lessen the amount of rock that needs to be transported to the site.

          Review of 404 Meadow project final proposal, heavy equipment logistics and hiring operator - group agreed it was good to lessen the amount of rock needed. John Parker suggested that the group could use wheel-barrels to move the rock downhill to the project location. We still need to hire a bobcat operator to assist with this. JW stated that he could inquire with a few operators he knew of.  

  1. 8. Old Business

          Remaining 2019 Budget - update deferred to next meeting due to lack of handouts.

          Project status updates. 401 Gully - John Parker received a bid proposal from Jeremiah Kid, to perform the mechanical work. The committee hopes to have an operator hired for Phase 1 of the project, anticipated to begin this November. No report for the Library Trail. Project development and implementation for trail 101-104 connector (trail currently braided and badly cupped) will need to be deferred to the spring.

          Unauthorized parking on TH 400 - individual who had been parking overnight at Trailhead 4 is no longer doing so.


          Signage and Map Updates - several members have inventoried condition of signage in the Preserve. The committee needs to evaluate this information and decide on how many new signs to order as some of the signs have faded and others need updating to reflect new trails/re-routes. Tom Brimacombe will begin working on updating the official map of the preserve this winter.

          Tamarisk in the 200 - Tom Bredenberg spent time in the Preserve removing tamarisk from the arroyo along county road 51.      

  1. 10. Open Forum

Weed Management - Jim Shaklee presented data on a survey of noxious weeds in an area in the northwestern portion of Eldorado. The survey identified some localized populations of a select group of such weeds. Jim is advocating that the Committee take on control of invasive weeds and believes that if the community takes up the cause, we can eliminate these noxious weeds.

  1. 11. Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 9 PM.