Minutes - Conservation Committee

Conservation Committee (CC) Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2018

Attending: Carol Beidleman, Tom Bredenberg, Tom Brimacombe, Paul Butt, Jim Daniel (Recording Secretary), Rob Egemeier, John Parker, Elizabeth Maclaren (ECIA Board Liaison)

Mark Young (representative of HOAMCO)

Excused absence- Jerry Gulseth

The meeting was called to order by chair Tom Bredenberg at 7:01

The September minutes were approved on motion of Jim Daniel, Second John Parker.

Guests Mary Clark? And Betsy Walker  

The status of Mary Clark’s CC membership is unclear since Elizabeth Maclaren is a new Board member and was uncertain if Mary had been approved for CC membership.

Resignation Cecil Rich announced his resignation from the CC. This was accepted by the chair.

Ecotone Contract and CC Budget Status

The Ecotone contract has been signed by David McDonald, Board President and it is in effect.

CC Budget – We have $6007.61 of $8250 remaining in our budget


Mark Young was asked by the General Manager (GM) to discuss procurement – The GM wants all purchases to go through her Administrative Assistant, Anna Hansen. This holds true even for small purchases such as water bottles. This led to a discussion of whether water bottles could be substituted by something more environmentally friendly. It was decided that bottles were the only viable solution since water has to be carried over several miles to diverse locations.

Tom announced that all pending invoices by CC members and Ecotone had been paid.

Survey of the library trail.

The issue of conflict of interest with any of the agenda listed surveyors and CC members was discussed and no one on our committee has a conflict.  The CC charter says the committee cannot directly negotiate a contract with outside vendors, so we will make a recommendation to the Board and the GM.

Jim Daniel and John Parker made a motion that this be a two-step process. First Paul Butt will write up a document to be sent to surveyors. This document will define the survey request/scope of work and include a contract. Based on information received from potential respondents, Paul will draft an invitation to bid or request for proposals (ITB/RFP) for review by Tom Bredenberg.

Tom will then meet with HOAMCO staff to issue the ITB or RFP and work with the ECIA Board as necessary for a contract to be awarded. The CC as part of this motion approves authorization for Tom Bredenberg to bring this document to the Board President and General Manager as indicated. This plan of action was approved unanimously by the CC.

There was discussion that once a survey was commissioned, we send out letters to the neighboring households explaining the survey process. Tom Bredenberg will follow up with John Reynolds to find out the content of the letters used for contacting neighbors.

Paul Butt brought a piece of ½ inch PVC tubing as an example of what could be used as more permanent corner markers once the survey is complete. Paul and Rob Egemeier made a motion that we put these markers in as specified protruding 3 inches above grade. The motion carried without dissent.

Liability Waivers for Trail Work Volunteers.

Mark Young will consult with the GM as to the document to be signed by volunteers to waive ECIA liability.

Work Days

We have two work days scheduled for finishing the 404.  10-13-18 and 10-27-18.

Paul Butt has written an article for the October Vistas asking for volunteers on these dates. We will also use the marquee and an E-blast.

We need a workday to put up the new signs we ordered, remove downed trees, and to repair fences. Another date is to flag a 401-403 bypass trail Tom Bredenberg suggested either the 15,16,17 or 18th of October depending on Jan Willem’s schedule. Betsy Walker said she could help on the 17th. All these may be accomplished on the same date.

Those available for finishing Tamarisk removal will meet at the ECIA at 9 AM, October 9th.

Trail Assessments

Paul Butt has nothing new to report on this topic.

Review of the Committee Charter.

The members decided that the current wording in the Charter is appropriate.


John Parker reported that Bill Johnson, an important promoter of recreational trails in the Santa Fe area, is ill. COLTPAC’s next meeting will be in Eldorado and will discuss working with Galisteo Commonweal to promote the Galisteo Basin preserve.

Old Business

Carole Beidleman announced that she would help Jerry finish up the document on best landscaping practices.

New Business

The 2018 Greater Eldorado Volunteer Fair on November 7th is being sponsored by the ECIA, and the CC was invited to participate. Tom Bredenberg suggested that we not participate, given that the CC has sufficient volunteers for upcoming planned work. There was a general consensus that this is the best course for the CC.

Tom Bredenberg announced he would be out of town Oct 24-28th and Nov 2-7th. Paul Butt will chair the Nov 6th meeting.

Since the November meeting is on election day, members should indicate their plan to attend or not in advance so the Vice Chair can decide whether the CC can conduct business at that meeting. According to our charter a quorum is 4 members