Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

Board Actions and Summary March 22, 2021


The March ECIA Board of Directors Meeting was held via ZOOM.  President Nancy Sulzberg, Vice-President Melicent D'Amore, Secretary Carol Sanguinetti, Director David Sorkin, and Sal Monaco, Treasurer, and Director Erika Penczer were present and a quorum was met. HOAMCO staff including General Manager Julie Navarro, Assistant General Manager Jessica Collins, Operations Manager Mike Rogers, Compliance Officer Mark Young and Pool Supervisor Raphael attended. The Board approved the Consent Agenda.

 GM, Julie Navarro reported that the Annual Report packet was mailed March 22 and the Ballot Box will be placed outside the front door of the Community Center March 23.  The Ballot Box will be well marked so that there is no confusion between it and the Assessment Box.  HOAMCO has hired an Administrative Assistant, Jocelyn Rizzo who  will work with Mike Rogers and Mark Young to ensure that records, reports and scheduling are current. Operations Manager, Mike Rogers reported that fence lines throughout the Preserve trails have been repaired.  Fencing is nearly complete around the basketball court and patio lighting is working well.  The Maintenance Team installed a wind shield at the Dog Park and high efficiency toilets in the Community Center.

ECIA’s County Liaison, Joseph Gutierrez spoke with PJ Montoya, the County Manager for ground infrastructure.  The County will use $10K for each project to begin planning the Torreon and Azul upgrades.  Though the $300K Eldorado requested from capital outlay may not be approved, the $130K requested for the Azul project is awaiting the Governor’s signature.  Joseph also mentioned that there is monies for fire station and water company improvements that could benefit Eldorado.

John Gervers gave a presentation about the Eldorado Tree Samaritans who have worked on Eldorado trees for seven years.  There are twelve volunteers who have trimmed over750 trees along the 33 miles of roads in Eldorado.  In addition to pruning trees, the group often trims bushes where road safety might be impaired and unclogs culverts.  ECIA thanks these volunteers [some of whom are not Eldorado residents] for their dedication and commitment.

The Board approved the following motions:

  • To accept the letter from the Conservation Committee addressed to residents affected by the Library Trail’
  • To appoint Sal Monaco, Jody Price and Amelia Adair to serve on the 2022 Bylaws Review Ad Hoc Committee.

Variances approved:

  • To allow for up to an 8 feet encroachment of a new wall into the 20-foot side setback at 12 Monte Alto Place.
  • To approve an under-construction home to exceed the allowed height by 6 inches at 15 Fonda Court.

New Business  topics were discussed:

  • The pool season will be determined by the county’s COVID 19 status. All efforts will be made to allow for recreational/family swim, lap swim, swim lessons and access to the baby pool.  Decreased occupancy may apply.  There will be a Community Pool Survey sent out via eblast and posted on the ECIA home page to gather resident preferences and suggestions.
  • The 2022 Bylaws Ad Hoc Committee will begin to review the existing bylaws in May. Residents interested in participating on the Committee should contact the office for further details.

On-Going Business  topics were discussed:

  • The effort to celebrate Eldorado’s 50th Anniversary are underway. An idea was posed to be create a “timeline” of events and important issues that chronicle back to the start of the community.  Photos and articles are welcome and  can be sent to informationchair@gmail.com
  • Insurance for the community is still in review and further details will be forthcoming.
  • The Annual Meeting will be held Monday, May 3 at 6:30 PM. Justin Scott, CEO of HOAMCO and Commissioner Hank Hughes have been invited to speak.  If COVID 19 guidelines allow, the meeting will be held outdoors [weather permitting] at the Community Center. There will be  door prizes and a small dessert table.
  • The Annual Report packet was mailed. For residents  eligible to vote in this year’s election, materials are included.  If you do not receive a packet by April 1, please contact the office.
  • The archived files review was presented. Board members, Committee Chairs and members along with staff will work to sort the 60 – 65 boxes of files.  The current Document Retention Policy will be followed.

Open Forum

  • A resident reminded the Board and Architectural Committee that variances granted should be clearly reviewed to avoid future confusion.
  • A resident asked about the construction on Rte. 285 and was told that it is the “Dollar Store”.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 PM .  The President’s Report and Treasurer’s Report, along with Task Group and Committee reports are on the website.  Approximately 27  members of the community signed into the meeting. Recordings of the meeting can be requested by calling the ECIA office at [505] 466-4248.  Complete minutes and agendas are available at the ECIA office or on the website: www.eldoradosf.org.  Thank you to all who participated and we hope to see you at the next meeting on:  Monday, April 26, 2021 at 5 PM .