Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

ECIA Board Meeting Minutes - DRAFT

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The ECIA Board of Directors Executive Session began at 5PM and personnel and legal issues were discussed. The ECIA Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM, held via Zoom and in person, and recorded. President Sal Monaco, Vice President David Sorkin, Secretary Carol Sanguinetti, Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez, and Directors Erika Penczer, James Caruso, and Jonathan Turkle were present and quorum was met. HOAMCO staff present included General Manager Julie Navarro, Assistant General Manager Jessica Collins, Operations Manager Mike Rogers, and Operations and Compliance Assistant Jocelyn Rizo.

There were no corrections or additions to the May Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, the Board President made a motion to accept the minutes. The motion was seconded by the Board Vice President and all were in favor.

Consent Agenda items on the agenda were accepted, Director Caruso made a motion to approve the items. The motion was seconded by the Board Secretary and all were in favor. The General Manager’s Report and Committee and Task Group Reports can be found under “Board & Committees > ECIA Governing Board > Board Meeting Reports”, and the Revised Environmental Policy can be found under “Governing Documents > Policies and Rules” on the ECIA website.

The Operations Manager stated the capital projects for 2021 are mostly complete. The security cameras, new landscape around the pool, gate to the basketball court, and paved path from the parking area to the courts are complete. M&M Garage Doors & Gates have been secured as the vendor to install security card readers at the courts; the pool has the system installed. From Replacement and Reserve projects, the Compadres Park basketball resurfacing was pushed to the week of July 23rd. Patio and Cactus Garden lighting will begin June 21st. The baby pool plaster is complete and the vendor will be back this week to touch up a rough spot. Compadres Park ground covering is complete. Picnic tables were refurbished instead of buying new.

The main pool is open at 75% capacity, with all activities resuming as normal, other than no guests until the pool can open at 100% capacity. A reminder was provided to parents and caretakers, asking them to keep an eye on children that are not strong swimmers and to teach them pool-safe behaviors; US Coast Guard approved lifejackets are recommended. Pool staff will continue to adjust perspective and reframe structure as needs present. The pool will be closed to all swimmers temporarily, TBD, for continued in-service trainings. Group swim lessons begin 6/21/21 and private lessons will be available for the duration of the pool season. The kiddie pool is scheduled for inspection and will likely be open by the end of June.

The Board Treasurer indicated the May financials, to date, are 25% under budget. The Replacement and Reserves fund was allotted $200K, of which $150K was from the Operations fund. Replacement and Reserves expenditure to date is 27% of the budget. The maintenance team has been able to save the association money by utilizing their skills which would otherwise be contracted out.  The association has collected between 96-97% of 2021 assessment dues. The General Manager will be preparing 2021 projections for the 2022 budget.

The Board Treasurer and Santa Fe County liaison reported ECIA staff and County staff met on May 27th to discuss the Avenida Azul Hike/Bike project. $10K was allotted for each alignment study from Torreon Road to HWY 285 and the Avenida Azul trail. ECIA has funds set aside to match Santa Fe County dollar for dollar so if the County is short, ECIA can pay for the remainder. A master plan for the Hike/Bike trails should be complete before the next County session starts.

The Board of Directors approved the following motion:

  • A motion by the Board Treasurer to provide preliminary approval subject to final review in the 2022 Budget for 5 CPR projects covering Disc Golf ($7K), Handball Court improvements ($1500), Marquee ($4500), new bench for Compadres Park ($1500), and new shade structures for Compadres Park ($3K). The motion was seconded by Board Director Caruso and all members were in favor.

The Board of Directors approved the following variances:

  • A variance for 34 Quedo Road for a large accessory structure to be built at the same 13 foot height of the home, but two feet taller than the home due to higher elevation where the structure is planned. Board Director Caruso motioned to approve the structure because the home was dug at a lower level and the structure is not as visible or visually intrusive. The motion was seconded by the Board Vice President and all were in favor.
  • A variance for 62 Encantado Loop to allow for the fence gate area to exceed the maximum height of 8 feet and remain at a height of 10 feet 5 inches above grade. Additionally, the applicant requested a variance to allow for a structure that was built without ECIA approval to remain in the 10 foot utility easement. Board Director Caruso motioned to approve the taller gate because it is functional, screened, and ranch-style. The motion was seconded by the Board Vice President and all were in favor. Board Director Caruso motioned not to approve the structure in the utility easement and asks the lot owner to provide an alternative plan. The motion was seconded by the Board Vice President and all were in favor.

There was no New Business.

On-Going Business:

  • The first Bylaws Review Committee will meet June 29th at 4:30 PM via Zoom. The Committee’s update can be found under “Board Reports” on the ECIA website.
  • Information about ECIA’s 50th Anniversary can be found on the Information Committee Report, found under “Board Reports” on the ECIA Website.

Open Forum:

  • A resident stated they were concerned the 2019 Environmental Policy was not being followed in regard to using pesticides on the trees at the Community Center. The resident was informed the policy was revised and will be followed. The policy can be found on the ECIA website under Governing Documents.

The next Board Meeting will be hybrid on Tuesday July 20th at 5:30 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:07 PM.