Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

The September ECIA Board of Directors Meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM on September 21, 2020 and held via ZOOM. President Nancy Sulzberg, Vice-President Melicent D'Amore, Secretary Carol Sanguinetti, Director David Sorkin, and Sal Monaco, Treasurer were present and a quorum was met. HOAMCO staff included General Manager (GM) Julie Navarro, Facilities Manager (FM) Mike Rogers, Executive Assistant Rachel Turnbough, and Office Assistant Sarah Skagen. Michael Smith from the HOAMCO Executive Team also attended. The Board approved the Consent Agenda with a minor change to Motion 3.  There were no Variance requests.

Newly appointed Commissioner Hank Hughes introduced himself and stressed his commitment to ethical and responsive governing practices. He shared his priorities for Eldorado which include working with the County regarding our water system, ensuring our roads are maintained and questioning the practice of moving nuclear waste along Highway 285.  He will work on behalf of the whole county on issues including affordable housing, climate change, renewable energy, and behavioral health programs.  The Commissioner is holding a Town Hall on October 1st.  For more information or questions contact Commissioner Hughes at hhughes@santafecountynm.gov.

The GM and FM reported on current projects and plans. The use of electronic key cards to access Eldorado’s amenities has been proposed but will need additional study before any action is taken. Lighting has been completed in the parking lot and will be completed at the courts, the stables and Compadres Park. The pool will remain open until Sunday, October 4. There will be no doggie swim this year. Jessica Collins, Pool Manager will be offering a Lifeguard Recertification Course before the pool is winterized. 

Joseph Gutierrez, ECIA’s County Liaison reported on three issues:  one District 5 resident applied to become a member of the Transportation Advisory Committee; Eldorado’s requests on the Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan [ICIP] for $300,000 for road projects and $150,000 to begin evaluating for a Hike/Bike Trail on Azul is among 35 items listed by the County; and finally, a meeting will be arranged in an effort to formalize the relationship between ECIA, the County and the Tree Trimming Volunteer Team.

Sean Sartain introduced the not-yet-formalized Parents Task Group. The group hopes to provide input to committees and the Board regarding activities, amenities and programs for parents and children. Anyone interested in joining the group or for more information, please contact Jessica Collins, the Staff Liaison at [505] 466-4248. 

There was a very productive discussion about the proposed Family Changing Room project. The procurement process was carefully followed and ultimately only one company submitted a bid. The bid is fair and within the cost projections made by the architect. It is however, over the existing budget. Comments from residents raised the questions:  should ECIA move forward with this project now, delay the project until next year or table the project entirely? The Board subsequently approved the increase in the Capital Projects budget but no decision was made regarding the project status. Once decided, the Board will send out an e-blast.

Pam Henline reported on the status of the ECIA Logo Process. Ten [10] bids were submitted and four [4] of the vendors were interviewed. From that group, two [2] companies were chosen and will be reviewed by Board members with the expectation that one [1] will be chosen to complete the project. If you want more information about this project please contact Pam Henline at phenline@comcast.net.

The HOAMCO Contract is in its final stages and is expected to be signed by the end of September. Stacy Maule, COO of HOAMCO will be on-site September 30th for meetings with the staff and the Board and to finalize the contract. Once signed, the contract will be uploaded to the ECIA website.

The Board approved the following motions:

  • To incorporate the Dog Park committee as a subcommittee of the Facilities and Grounds Committee and approve Marie Aragon, Taylor Ward, Bob Christie, and Guy Monroe as members.
    • Moved by David Sorkin, second by Mel D’Amore, 5 in favor, no opposed
  • To increase the capital project budget by $52K.
    • Moved by Sal Monaco, second by David Sorkin, 5 in favor, no opposed
  • To accept the Revised Document Retention Policy.
    • Moved by Mel D’Amore, second by David Sorkin, 5 in favor, no opposed
  • To approve the Conservation Committee Preserve brochure.
    • Moved by Carol Sanguinetti, second by Mel D’Amore, 5 in favor, no opposed
  • To accept the revisions to the Election Procedure process.
    • Moved by Sal Monaco, second by Mel D’Amore, 5 in favor, no opposed

The President’s Report and Treasurer’s Report, along with Task Group and Committee reports are on the website. A summary of the Open Forum is also posted. Approximately 29 members of the community signed into the meeting that was recorded. Copies can be requested by calling the ECIA office at [505] 466-4248.  Complete minutes and agendas are available at the ECIA office.