Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

Board Working Session Agenda

Monday, June 17, 2019

Open Meeting / 6:00 pm

Community Center Classroom Building


Call to Order/Attendance

  • In attendance: President David McDonald, Vice President Elizabeth Maclaren, Secretary Bernardo Monserrat, Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez, Director David Sorkin, Director Nancy Sulzberg, and Director Todd Handy.

Announcements – Recording, No Open Forum

Approval of Agenda

Variance Requests

  • Moved to Consent agenda

Consent Agenda Items

  • Review of May 15, 2019 Board Working Session Meeting Notes and May 18, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes.
  • Review of May Covenant Compliance Report
  • Review of May/June General Manager’s Report
    • Moved to Consent agenda

Action/Discussion Items – Old Business

  • Website Update/Presentation Dates – Maclaren
    • A comparison of the two candidates was handed out. The Board and members of the information committee discussed each proposal.
  • Committee Roles and Responsibilities – McDonald
    • Committee Chairs meeting will be July 25 which is where this will be discussed.
  • HOAMCO Update – McDonald/Navarro
    • HOAMCO Meet & Greet is on June 29 from 10-12, light food and refreshments will be served, followed by a presentation and Q&A
    • Julie and Mike are taking over the construction project
    • New maintenance man, Lawrence Sanchez
    • Uriah is no longer with us
  • Infrastructure Update – Gutierrez/Rogers

Available R&R


$                                      933,758.00

Non- Pool Expenses

$                                        29,208.25

Remaining for Pool

 $                                      904,549.75


Contracts Approved TD

$                                      626,161.36

PM Projected C/O

$                                      197,690.70

Projected Pool Cost 6.6.19

$                                      823,852.06


Still Available R&R Budget

$                                        80,697.69


Poolside C/O

$                                                       -  

WMA C/O (Irrigation)

$                                                       -  

Stable Water Project

 $                                      130,000.00

Casa de Sueños

$                                                       -  

Total Additional R&R Needed

$                                      130,000.00


Increase R&R Needed

$                                       (49,302.31)


R&R Cash Summary

Account 1050

$                                      257,115.69

Account 1051

$                                      147,447.63

Current R&R Cash Available

 $                                      404,563.32



Remaining Pool Balance

$                                      392,935.31

AP Pool Project

 $                                          2,356.75

Estimated Stable Water

 $                                      130,000.00

Projected Remaining R&R Expense

$                                      525,292.06


Projected R&R Cash Needed

$                                    (120,728.74)

  • Changing rooms are moving right along, they were painted today. We are still probably 2 and half weeks out. Gates and railings are going to be put in the first week of July. The deck had a set back because of a change in the footing, bumped us out about a week.
  • Welcome Packet – Maclaren
    • Almost finished
  • Board Planning Retreat – McDonald/Navarro
    • July 21st

Action/Discussion Items – New Business

  • Finance Report – Gutierrez
    • Under budget for the year, nothing unordinary in the report.
  • Stable Water System Replacement – Gutierrez/Navarro
    • Everything is ready to go.
  • Accessory Dwelling Structure Task Force – Monserrat
  • Questions arose about who is responsible for creating the committee. The board will authorize an ad hoc committee
  • Greenbelt Weed Abatement – Maclaren
    • Pool staff will be helping to cut weeds. We will not be bringing in the goats this year, we will be doing selective mowing.
  • Revenue Generation Idea – Handy
    • A discussion arose about turning the empty space at the end of the ball field into lots and selling them.
  • Hate-speech Graffiti/Compadres Park Lighting – McDonald
    • Short blurb will be put into the Vistas letting the community know that we do have footage of the vandalism and it has been given to the sheriff. Nolan Zisman suggested that we post the videos of the vandalism on the website. Nolan Zisman also spoke about the budget for security cameras. A question arose if these teenagers who did the vandalism were Eldorado Residents, which is unclear. A discussion arose about what we can bring to the community to attract teens and give them things to do.
  • HOA Act Affidavit/Agreement to Serve – McDonald
    • New agreement to serve which includes changes to the first clause per the new HOA Act.
  • Bylaws Review Suggestions – McDonald
    • Send in suggestions for Bylaws review.
  • Life Guards/Pool Attendants – Rogers
    • 7 returning lifeguards, 2 newly certified, and one is coming in tomorrow for an interview who is already certified. The goal is to keep them working so that they do not try to find work elsewhere.
  • Short Term Rental/Air B&B – McDonald
    • We are going to explore more about what the city of Santa Fe does because they have pretty strict regulation about these. We currently have nothing in our covenants about rentals.
  • Dog Park Issues – Navarro
    • We need to come up with a solution for what staff needs to do when people do not follow the rules of the dog park.
  • Architecture Committee Appointment – Monserrat
    • Moved to consent agenda
  • Stable Committee Appointment –Gutierrez
    • Moved to consent agenda
  • Information Committee Appointment – McDonald
    • Moved to consent agenda.

Open Board Discussion

  • July Message from the Board - Libby


  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:44 PM


Executive Session – Legal & Personnel matters



Next Scheduled Meeting: ECIA Board of Directors Meeting -- Thursday, June 20, 2019, in the Classroom /7:00 PM: Open Meeting