Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

Board Working Session Agenda

Monday, August 19, 2019

Open Meeting / 6:00 pm

Community Center Classroom Building


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm


In attendance:

President David McDonald, Vice President Elizabeth Maclaren, Secretary Bernardo Monserrat, Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez, Director Nancy Sulzberg, Director David Sorkin, and Director Todd Handy

Staff in attendance:

General Manager Julie Navarro, and Operations Manager Mike Rogers.

Announcements – Recording, No Open Forum

Approval of Agenda

Variance Requests –

  • 2 variances will be up for vote one will be on consent agenda.


Consent Agenda Items

  • Review of July 17, 2019 Board Working Session Meeting Notes and July 20, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes.
  • Review of July Covenant Compliance Report
  • Review of July/August General Manager’s Report –

Action/Discussion Items – Old Business

  • Website Update/Presentation Dates – Sulzberg
    • Met with a new vendor, he is a local ECIA resident. Board is inclined to hire him for website re-design. Elizabeth & Nancy will meet with Pam and update the Information Committee. Monday 26th at 11:30 am
  • Committee Roles and Responsibilities – McDonald
  • HOAMCO Update – McDonald/Navarro
    • New Community Relations Coordinator has started working with us, Office Assistant starts August 26th, new Maintenance worker will start working on September 3rd
  • Infrastructure/Pool Update – Gutierrez/Rogers
    • Working on complaints from the pool, meeting with the vendor to resolve all issues.
    • Discussed pool pass weekend schedule
    • Clean backwash every year per Todd Handy
    • Pool hours update was given
  • Welcome Packet – Maclaren
    • The Board will revise the welcome packet Elizabeth mentioned a bunch of spelling errors
    • Information committee thinks new possible website vendor was too expensive
  • Board Planning Retreat – McDonald/Navarro
    • Stable Water System Replacement – Gutierrez/Navarro
    • Maintenance will be delivering water Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturdays.
  • Accessory Dwelling Structure Task Force/Legal Opinion – McDonald/Gutierrez
    • Joseph will go to the County and get clarification
    • Ad-Hoc will be formed under the Architecture Committee
    • CC&R’s do not prohibit
  • Compadres Park Lighting – McDonald/Zisman/Raznick
    • Fred Raznick spoke to pickleball at Compadres Park
  • Short Term Rental/AirB&B – McDonald
    • This falls under business and needs County permit
    • A resident spoke about the effects of Air B&B, she has considerations for the Board to review
    • Will schedule an open forum to obtain feedback from the community
  • Rap Survey – McDonald
  •       We must do the rap survey
  •        David McDonald will drive around looking for all RAP roads
  •       Todd would like to be a part of this

Action/Discussion Items – New Business

  • Finance Report – Gutierrez
    • Joseph spoke to the R&R we need to make a transfer from operations to R&R $156,000
    • The Finance Committee knows about this and they passed a motion to move forward
    • Joseph will provide a motion to move the money
    • Check the pre-paid report for the * on accounts that need to be refunded
  • Young People’s Forum – Maclaren
    • Joseph is teaming up with the Boys & Girls Club
    • Julie had lunch with Joseph, David & the B&G Club representative
    • The pilot program will be an 8-week program, with about 40 kids
  • Pinion Trees – Request for pesticide – Handy/Navarro
    • We have not been able to obtain any bids from vendors.
  • 285 Safety Corridor – McDonald
    • There is a petition to add a stop sign where all the accidents happen... 285 and Vista Grande
    • Mike Rogers suggested the light at this intersection have added seconds to the red light on both sides
  • Boys & Girls Club – Gutierrez
    • This was already discussed in the Young People’s Forum
  • Pickleball Court – Handy/Zisman
    • Already covered by Fred Raznick on the Compadres Park Update
  • Election Committee Training – McDonald
    • Bette Knight spoke to recap and offered to answer questions.
    • Staff training and communication is very important
    • Todd proposed online voting and Bette Knight said that could be discussed at another time.
    • Election training will be scheduled for the Board sometime in September
  • Election/Proxy Review – McDonald
  • Financial Procedures Review – Gutierrez
    • Joseph suggested this topic was for executive session
  • Political Activities – McDonald
    • Do we allow political views?
    • Julie will talk to Michael Franciosi about existing policies on this issue

New Additions;

Environmental Audit –

  • Todd asked Nancy Ostiguy to meet with Julie Navarro regarding their concerns
  • Nancy Ostiguy spoke about some items on their list that needed money
  • Karen Murry stated that since things are not getting done by staff it’s best to do a problem ticket
  • Nancy asked that the Board officially accept the audit with a motion

Overnight Parking at Preserve

  • Nothing came of this

Pool Closing Party

  • Looking for a date that works

Open Board Discussion

  • August Message from the Board - Planning Retreat Summary -

Adjourn 9:26 pm David S. moved David M. 2nd, passed unanimously


Executive Session – Legal matters regarding compliance and attorney opinions

Next Scheduled Meeting: ECIA Board of Directors Meeting -- Thursday, August 22, 2019 in the Classroom / 7:00PM: Open Meeting