Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

Board Working Session Meeting Minutes

Monday, September 16, 2019

Open Meeting / 6:00 pm

Community Center Classroom Building

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm


In attendance:

President David McDonald, Secretary Beranardo Monserrat, Director Nancy Sulzberg and Director Todd Handy

Excused Abense: Director David Sorkin

Staff in attendance:

Executive Director of Management Services Nigel Burgess, Regional Director Michael Smith, Executive Assistant Anna Hansen, Office Assistant Rachel Turnbough, and Architecture & Covenant Compliance Coordinator Mark Young

Announcements – Recording, No Open Forum


Approval of Agenda

Correction to Compadres Park Lighting – CC lighting and cameras

Variance Requests – Monserrat

  • One variance request, 5 Conchas Court, will be on consent agenda

Consent Agenda Items

  • Review of August 19, 2019 Board Working Session Meeting Notes and August 22, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes
    • Have addendum/appendix for open forum issues – various board members can respond through website and have in italics. Make link for people to click and see transcript
    • During open forum have disclaimer and let people have the option to respond to the comments/questions made.
    • Adding variance requests to board meeting minutes.
  • Review of August Covenant Compliance Report
  • Review of August/September General Manager’s Report
    • All items moved to the consent agenda

Action/Discussion Items – Old Business

  • Website Update/Presentation Dates – Sulzberg
    • No decision about vendor has been made. Raise studio fee for 2020.
    • Money available in 2019 budget for new website.
    • Discussed hiring someone part-time to solely focus on website and keep updated and transfer all data from old website to new website.
    • First step – schedule time with Information Committee and vendor, Garrett, to discuss and view new website proposal.
  • Committee Roles and Responsibilities – McDonald
    • David Sorkin and Sal Monaco – have model Charter and will figure out what needs to be put in the Appendix to new Charter
    • Nancy – would like more board members at this meeting
    • Define what a committee is; what a liaison is; roles of committee chair
  • HOAMCO Update – Nigel Burgess
    • Have Burgess, Smith and Franciosi attend a committee meeting to see how things work.
    • Julie Navarro & Michael Rogers are on vacation
    • Introduced Nigel Burgess & Michael Smith from HOAMCO
  • Infrastructure/Pool Update – McDonald
    • Phase I almost done and working on scope/plans for Phase II
    • Phase II will include permanent shade structures, stucco, lockers, outside shower, drinking fountain, mechanic room and family changing room.
  • Welcome Packet – Sulzberg
    • Have smaller Welcome Packet
    • Previously discussed tri-fold packet- static information will not change for next year
    • Complete Welcome Packet online and print out the minimal information
    • Handy to Burgess – Send what is included in Disclosure Statement
  • Stable Water System Replacement – McDonald
    • Finished work Monday, September 17, 2019, and water will pump Tuesday, September 17,2019
    • Schematic done for water and power lines
  • Accessory Dwelling Structure Task Force/Legal & County Opinion – McDonald
    • Missing the page in book defining this
    • Ad Hoc Committee to see how to proceed because Eldorado was platted before 1981 when the County started classifying different sizes of subdivisions.
    • Might need to add a covenant because they are currently too ambiguous.
    • Ad Hoc currently has no committee members – a few people have volunteered; Bette Knight, Bernardo Monserrat, Mark Young, Katherine Mortimer.
    • Board will have to decide and vote to see how to proceed.
  • Compadres Park Lighting – McDonald/Zisman/Raznick
    • Community center lighting to be more specific
    • ECIA sent out 3 invitations to get bids from 3 companies to do lighting and cameras – only one company showed up and completed a bid.
  • Rap Survey – McDonald
    • Still planning to do this – pool took all resources.
    • There have been big changes at the County –people coming and leaving
    • Rap roads have been identified and will be putting out the survey.

Action/Discussion Items – New Business

  • Finance Report – Handy
    • Budget calendar if completed in 2-3 days will go in October Vistas issue.
    • Will need to provide Information Committee with a previous budget calendar for layout/spacing purposes
    • Dates to go over on Thursday
  • Young People’s Forum – McDonald
    • Elizabeth Maclaren is working on this
    • Working with parents and teenagers to run this meetings
  • Pinon Trees – Request for Pesticide – Handy
    • Environmental Committee has approved this request/procedure.
    • PUP provided by ECIA to Board
    • Will need motion on this for Thursday – Todd Handy will provide
  • Boys & Girls Club – McDonald
    • Joseph Gutierrez to stay on this
    • $800,000 a year funded by the County
    • Details still being worked out for summer of 2020
    • Need to figure out scope
  • Pickleball Court – Handy/Zisman
    • Sent position statement on pickleball.
    • Dedicated place needs to be found – tennis courts or Compadres Park
    • Tennis court and/or basketball courts to be re-striped
    • Keep on agenda and move to old business for next month
  • Election Committee Training – McDonald
    • No dates determined
    • Option given October 9, 2019 from 12:30-2 pm for training and regular meeting would follow from 2-4 pm
    • Could be conflict with F&G meeting also scheduled October 9, 2019 and could go as late as 12:30 pm
  • Pool End of Season – McDonald
    • No dogs in the pool at the end of the season
  • Parliamentarian/Moderator – McDonald
    • Hire professional facilitator instead of having a Sargent in Arms to attend meetings
    • Robert’s Rules of Orders – must be followed and having a parliamentarian will bring people back to these rules
    • Must be announced before any meeting/town hall/etc., that these rules will be followed
  • Crossing Signals – School, Agora, Monte Alto Hike/Bike – Hardy
    • Crossing signal at Monte Alto has to go to Board
    • Handy has spoken with County – paver is broken and that is the reason why Avenida Eldorado has not been completed yet; they are waiting for this to be fixed in order to finish.
    • RAP will not be used in this situation at all
  • Riding Lessons at the Stables – Hardy/McDonald
    • Stables are looking for lesson horses and trainer that are safe for kids – kids would have to be an Eldorado resident or a guest of an Eldorado resident
    • Procedures in place that outside trainers could go to the stables and teach
    • What are criteria required with an agreement with trainer to share a barn with an Eldorado resident? – Subject to a contract.
    • Variance would solely be to stable rules; no money would be exchanged between ECIA and stable hands
    • Purpose is the lesson horse will stay at Eldorado stables/stable owner who is required to be an Eldorado resident
  • Town Hall Questions – Sulzberg
    • Legitimate questions asked at the town hall meeting and need to have questions answered by next board meeting
    • Sulzberg has met with people privately and has addressed some of the questions
    • The board will be meeting at 2 pm on September 26, 2019 to discuss town hall questions
  • Director’s E&O Insurance – Sulzberg
    • Would like to know if we have it – yes
    • Renewal is April 15, 2020
  • Missing Recordings – Sulzberg
    • Board to decide if meetings will be recorded and how minutes will be done
    • Board to decide if the meetings are recorded then how long or if the recordings will be kept
  • Board Candidates – Interview Questions, Documents – Sulzberg
    • Change questions because some could be considered inappropriate
    • Discussed if should adopt more “psychological” questions
  • Committee Chair Emails – Sulzberg
    • Have consistency with all chair email addresses, i.e. architecturechair@eldoradosf.org
    • Need a motion to pass because this is a change in procedure/policy
    • Discussed having emails archived through website or get a gmail account and change admin when a chair resigns
    • Anna Hansen to write motion for Nancy Sulzberg
  • Vistas Procedure Guidelines – Sulzberg
    • Vistas Guidelines was designed to make production more streamlined
    • Board has final say so on what goes in to the Vistas Newsletter
    • Agreement/compromise met that we will get the town hall recording transcribed and a special edition of the Vistas will go out
  • Finance Procedure Review – Handy/Sorkin/McDonald
    • Date needs to be set
  • Transformer Easement – McDonald
    • Transformer is not on ECIA property, it is on private property
    • PNM and property owner have to get an easement
  • Aprons – Handy
    • Waiting for list from County stating which aprons are completed and which are not
    • Will compare County list to list Lee Onstatt is keeping
    • No motion required
  • EACA – ECIA Relationship – McDonald
    • EACA wants to be listed under a Board sponsored event
    • ECIA no longer has staff to facilitate long or late meetings or events
    • Rules have changed and need to be communicated
    • Will speak with Julie Navarro when everyone is available
  • Officers
    • Need to figure out Vice-President
    • Nancy Sulzberg will consider this position when new board members are appointed
  • Road Committee
    • Temp appointment of committee chair
  • Check signers
    • Motion needs to be created that lists new check signers as Todd Handy, David McDonald and David Sorkin

Open Board Discussion

  • November Message from the Board – “What did I sign up for when moving into a community managed by the Home Owners Association covenants?”
    • Pam Henline gave plenty of suggestions
    • Discussed to give topic out one month ahead so there is time to prepare an article
    • “Everything you want to know about ECIA”
  • October Board Meeting Dates
    • Make third Monday of the month for working session and the Board meeting the following Thursday (21st and 24th)
  • Committee Chair Report for Board Meeting
    • Amelia from Stables Committee


Executive Session – Legal matters regarding compliance and attorney opinions

Next Scheduled Meeting:  ECIA Board of Directors Meeting – Thursday, September 19, 2019 in the Classroom / 7:00 pm:  Open Meeting