Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

ECIA Board Meeting 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Open Meeting / 7:00 pm

Community Center Railroad Building


Call to Order

  • The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm

Roll Call / Declaration of Quorum

  • In attendance:
    • President David McDonald, Vice President Elizabeth, Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez, Director Todd Handy, Director David Sorkin, and Director Nancy Sulzberg
  • Excused Absence:
    • Secretary Bernardo Monserrat
  • Staff in attendance:
    • General Manager Julie Navarro, Executive Assistant Anna Hansen, and Operations Manager Michael Rogers

Announcements – meeting being record


Approval of Agenda

  • Moved by Elizabeth Maclaren Second by David McDonald, and passed unanimously.

Consent Agenda Items


  1. Approval of the July 15, 2019 Board Working Session Notes
  2. Approval of the July 18, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes
  3. Acceptance of the July Finance Report
  4. Acceptance of the July/August General Manager’s Report
  5. Acceptance of the July Covenant Compliance Report
  6. Approval of variance for the fence at 22 Esquila Rd.
    1. Move by Todd Handy Second by Elizabeth Maclaren and passed unanimously.

Open Forum for Agenda Items


New Business

  1. Motion to approve revised By-laws Committee Charter
    1. Moved by David McDonald, Second by Todd Handy, and passed unanimously.
  2. Motion to accept the Environmental and Safety Audit from the Environmental Committee
    1. Moved by Todd Handy, Second David McDonald, and passed unanimously.
  3. Motion to approve moving $156,184 from current year cash to R&R Reserve
    1. Moved by Joseph Gutierrez, Second by Todd Handy, and passed unanimously.
  4. Motion to approve the variance for garage at 14 Fonda Ct.
    1. The motion was made to table until after the next Architecture Committee meeting.
      1. i. Moved by Todd Handy and Second by David Sorkin, and passed unanimously.


  1. Motion to approve the variance for a carport at 5 Demas Rd.
    1. Moved by David McDonald, Second by Todd Handy, and passed unanimously.


  • Architecture Committee – McDonald
    • This committee meets twice a month to review residents requests for additions, solar, etc. This committee is also busy appointing an accessory dwelling ad hoc committee. Joseph Gutierrez discussed a meeting that he had with the county in regards to a major subdivision and accessory dwelling structures. Nancy Sulzberg read parts of the Accessory Dwelling Structure statement that was provided to us from our lawyers, this document is also available on our website.
  • Conservation Committee – Bredenberg
    • This committee meets the first Tuesday of the month. This committee also has volunteers day which is open to the community to attend. The most frequently asked question that this committee receives is” when will you update the maps”. The committee will be looking at doing this by the end of the year as they have budgeted for it. They have mostly been busy with the 400 section of the preserves. Located an illegal dump or campsite on the other side of County Road 51, the ECIA maintenance team was informed so they went out and cleaned up the site beautifully. Another issue occurred with overnight parking, no overnight parking signs were put up. The owner of this vehicle talked to the committee, board, and staff and she would park her vehicle there and change vehicles to get to work and into Santa Fe. She has moved the vehicle. The committee submitted their budget to the GM this week. Two projects are occurring in the 400 trails. Before proceeding with these projects, they will be offering an educational event, sometime in September, to the community so that they can provide feedback. Concerns arose about dogs, some people want them to run lose and some want them to be on leashes, please refer to the Santa Fe County ordinance which states that dogs must be on a leash or on voice control. No goats were used for fire prevention this year. There are a few official trails in the Greenbelts that have been built to standards. Some Stable Committee members have asked if they can ride their horses there and there is nothing prohibiting this. The library trail will also be finished sometime in Autumn. Concerns have arisen about the noxious weeds that grow around Eldorado. The Board thanked the Committee for all their hard work! Elizabeth Maclaren suggested to the residents to go out with the committee during a volunteer day!
  • Election Committee – McDonald
    • The election committee is in the postmortem of the 2019 Election which was just a proxy mailing, they have created a list of things that did and did not work for this election. They are getting ready for the next election by designing the ballot, envelopes, proxies, etc. This committee is very detail-oriented. David McDonald acknowledged and thanked Bette Knight for her hard work.
  • Environmental Stewardship Committee – Handy
    • The meeting date was changed because several members were out of town. They are going to come up with a procedural policy. Todd Handy suggested to Tom Bredenberg to get in contact with this committee in reference to taking care of the noxious weeds environmentally friendly.
  • Facilities & Grounds Committee – Handy
    • The biggest topic was the pool, what has been done, what needs to be done, etc. They will be doing an analysis of the pool. They will be developing a budget for the 2020 year. There was a big discussion on the current pickleball schedule on the basketball courts.
  • Finance Committee & Monthly Report – Gutierrez
    • The current year budget is projected to have savings which will go to the R&R in 2020. The Finance Committee has recommended to the board that the assessment be increased to $575-$595 for the 2020 year. Julie Navarro will be looking to make a budget that is very close to the 2019 budget. Sometime in November or December, we will be cashing a CD so that we can put those funds into the 2020 R&R. Joseph Gutierrez explained to the residents what R&R is and what it is used for. At the end of this year, we are projected to still have a 3 year Reserve. Finance Committee has passed a motion in Executive. David M, Joseph G, and Sal M met on Monday and had a meeting to discuss. Sal requested that any questions about this be directed to him. The board will not address this issue further.
  • Information Committee – Sorkin
    • Recommendations and Questions for the Board:
      • Recommendation: Establish a new welcome package.
      • Board submittal for Vistas should be in the morning of the 23rd
      • Is there a Decision for a web designer
      • Recommendation: Change the fonts of the vistas, decrease the size of the font to include more articles
      • Change of logo?
      • Someone wanted to write a paragraph about the Board President, David Sorkin recommended to the Committee that they do not print that because the Vistas is not for that.
  • Road Committee – Handy
    • The new chair for this committee is James A Mason. The committee has not met. 2 resignations have been received. We have received another $150,000 from the County. This committee needs volunteers. James Mason read to the audience his goals for the Road Committee. He discussed helping neighbors with the assessment of their own streets. Need to establish a new working relationship with the Director at the County. The goals for this committee are posted on the website under the Road Committee tab.
  • Stable Committee – Gutierrez
    • No committee meeting was held. The biggest thing is the replacement of the water system, which has been a challenge. The maintenance staff has coordinated with the stable owners to make sure everyone is getting water. It is estimated to be a week project and we are in week 3.
  • Bylaws Review Ad-hoc Committee – McDonald
    • Meeting twice a month to go through suggestions that were submitted by the membership. They are going through the bylaws section by section. They are also looking for things that may need to be tweaked just a little bit on the wording. Meetings are open to the public with an open forum section.

Open Forum for General Issues


  • Nine residents spoke at the Open Forum on a variety of topics, including dissatisfaction with the Board President, Finance Committee Minutes, Road Maintenance, Governance, and the Pool.




Moved by David S, Libby Second and passed unanimously. 8:59 pm

Executive Session: Legal Issues

  • Moved by Joseph Gutierrez, Second by David Sorkin and passed unanimously.


Upcoming Board Meetings: 


Board of Directors Working Session: Monday, September 16, 2019, at 6:00 PM, Classroom


Board of Directors Meeting: Thursday, September 19, 2019, at 7:00 PM, Classroom