Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

ECIA Board of Directors and Committee Chairs Meeting

Thursday, January 9, 2020

7 PM Railroad Room


Call to Order – meeting is called to order at 7:03 pm


          In attendance

  • Committee Chairs:
    • Katherine Mortimer, Architecture Committee
    • Butch Gorsch, Bylaws Committee
    • Thom Bredenburg, Conservation Committee
    • Bette Knight, Election Committee
    • Nolan Zisman, Facilities and Grounds Committee
    • Dan Drobnis, Finance Committee
    • Pam Henline, Information Committee
    • James A Mason, Roads Committee
    • Amelia Adair, Stables Committee
  • ECIA Board: Nancy Sulzberg, Persident, Melicent D’Amore, Vice-president, Sal Monaco, Treasurer, Carol Sanguinetti, Secretary, David Sorkin, Director


Karen Murray - Environmental Committee (including the other two people on EC) also resigned from F&G

          George Rutter resignation



  • New Liaisons – please see Addendum A
    • Election Committee has changed their time from 3-5 pm instead of 2-4 pm
    • Architecture committee does not have an end time – end when they have reviewed everything.
    • Bylaws Committee and Website Task Force – no regularly scheduled meetings currently
    • Environmental Committee has been taken off list since there are currently no members
  • Committee Orientation Sessions for Board Members
    • Have all committees schedule orientations with board members to get better understanding of how each committee operates and the goals
    • Orientation can be done during an already scheduled meeting – objective is not to create more meetings.
    • 30 min is good amount of time for this.
    • Preference for evening meetings but some flexibility for daytime
  • 2020 Goals
    • Which goals go with which committees
    • Need follow up with Finance Committee regarding money allotted for “Investment in ECIA youth”?
    • Use 2020 goals as a tool for each annual report.
    • Would like to have consistancy and one set of languages
    • Come up with short-term goals to benefit board members and committee members.
    • Hold ourselves to some accountability so at the end of the year we can tell members what we did.
    • These goals came out of retreat in July – from previous board.
    • Still reflects what was going on and what is still going on.
  • Quarterly Budget Meetings
    • For committees who submit a budget to Finance Committee – up to Finance Committee to schedule quartly meetings.
      • See what you submitted and what has been done, what is still going to be done.
    • Need to know if we are overspending, underspending or are on track with the requested budget.
    • Put this in the GM’s report – quartly update on 2020 budget
      • Update on where we’re spending, what we’ve spent
      • Brought to Board Meetings and this is posted on the website
      • Seasonality stoplight tool to relay information
    • Policy Review
      • Melicent D’Amore will head up this review
      • Committee chairs look through their policies and make sure ECIA and Board have the most updated copies
      • Deadline – TBD when determine how involved it is going to be
      • Any committee chair or member can participate
      • Stacey Maule will send policy templates and policies we should have by January 31
      • Inventory – what do we have? What do we not have? What is the priority
      • Have them digitalized so they are all searchable on the website.
      • If a policy is being brought up to the Board to be changed or implemented; it must be posted 48-hours in advance of the board meeting where the policy will be considered.
    • Committee Status Reports at Board Meetings/Chair Attendance – please see Appendix B
      • Please come to a board meeting and tell the members what you are doing.
      • This report will go in the official minutes
      • That month you submit an article for Vistas
      • Change that board meetings will be only once a month – going to see if it works or not
    • Vistas articles – please see Appendix B
      • Each Committee Chair will sign up for a month to submit an article (same month they will give report at Board meeting)
      • Remember the deadline is the 5th of the prior month
      • Any questions contact Pam Henline – she is editor and reserves the right to edit article and make changes.
    • Annual Report
      • Sandra is unable to do the Annual Report
      • Accuracy, brevity, clarity
      • Only include pictures of current board members – thank the previous members
      • Due date is February 14, 2020 – submit to Julie Navarro
      • Formatted with bullet points
      • Glossy color Annual Report – cost did not go up from the black and white copies
      • Annual Meeting is May 4, 2020
    • Nominations for Volunteer of the Year
      • Send in your nominations!
      • Quietly submit to Board President and taken from there
      • Due prior to April 1(ish)
    • Roles and Responsibilities Document
      • Tabling this document – per Nancy Sulzberg
      • This information is in other documents
      • On it’s own it is not a required document
    • Meeting Minutes and Recordings
      • Meeting Minutes are being posted in a timely manner
      • Meetings are being recorded (when wanted)
      • Once Board minutes are agreed upon they are posted as DRAFT minutes – must be voted on to get posted as official meeting minutes
      • Amelia Adair suggested have a meeting minutes checklist – President or Committee Chair comes up with action item list
        • Design agenda to to follow a meeting minute checklist ensuring every action item is hit and the checklist is filled in
      • Town Hall Topics
        • Conservation Committee in March do a symposium – i.e. workshop about fire.
        • Website Open Forum – when there is a prototype to show
        • Does not have to be an issue; can be an information topic
        • January 28 – Board meeting with realtors; remind them this community has covenants and it is an HOA (after this meeting the date was changed to February 21, 2020 at 8:30 am at the CC).
        • Community Climate Action Plan – Katherine Mortimer would like to see this. How to encourage people to change to more energy efficient, electric upgrades.
          • Roads committee interested in working with Environmental and helping make Eldorado ready for climate change
          • Analyzing drainage in Eldorado and how to fix it
        • Pam Henline – summary of who the people are from HOAMCO and what they do. Should also go in Vistas – the HOAMCO flyer that we put out at every Board Meeting


Stacy Maule will be here February 6 and 7. Questions, concerns, issues – should this group meet with her for an hour or two?

          Have questions send to Nancy

Adjournment – meeting adjourned at 8:54 pm









Katherine Mortimer

Melicent D'Amore

Carol Sanguinetti

Mark Young

2nd & 4th Tuesday

7 PM


Butch Gorsuch

Nancy Sulzberg


Rachel Turnbough

As directed


Thom Bredenberg

Carol Sanguinetti

Nancy Sulzberg

Mike Rogers

1st Tuesday

7 - 9 PM


Bette Knight

Sal Monaco

Nancy Sulzberg

Rachel Turnbough

2nd Wednesday

3-5 PM

Facilities and Grounds

Nolan Zisman

David Sorkin

Sal Monaco

Mike Rogers

1st Wednesday

10 -12


Dan Drobnis

Sal Monaco

David Sorkin

Julie Navarro

2nd Tuesday

10 - 12


Pam Henline

Mel D'Amore

David Sorkin

Diana Oliver

2nd Monday

7 - 9 PM


James A. Mason

Mel D'Amore

Carol Sanguinetti

Mike Rogers

1st Wednesday

5:30 - 7 PM


Amelia Adair

Carol Sanguinetti

Sal Monaco

Mike Rogers and Rachel Turnbough

Every other month 3rd Tuesday 7 PM

Website Task Force


David Sorkin

Nancy Sulzberg

Diana Oliver



Schedule for Committee Presentations at Monthly Board Meetings



Board Meeting Date

Committee Presentation and VISTAS Article

January 20, 2020


February 17, 2020

Finance Committee

March 16, 2020

Conservation Committee

April 20, 2020

Architecture Committee

May 18, 2020

Road Committee

June 15, 2020

Stable Committee

July 20, 2020


August 17, 2020

Facilities and Grounds Committee

September 21, 2020

Election Committee

October 19, 2020

Information Committee

November 16, 2020


December 21, 2020