Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

Board Organizational Meeting

ECIA Community Center

December 12, 2019

Classroom at Community Center

Call to Order – meeting called to order at 1:02 pm

Roll Call / Declaration of Quorum

  • George Rutter, Sal Monaco, David Sorkin, Nancy Sulzberg, President and Carol Sanguinetti, Treasurer present. Melicent D’Amore, Vice-President via phone. We have a Quorum present
  • Rachel Turnbough and Julie Navarro present from staff to take notes


  1. Review and assign Board of Directors' Terms
  • David Sorkin - 2020
  • George Rutter - 2020
  • Melicent D'Amore - 2021
  • Sal Monaco - 2021
  • Carol Sanguinetti - 2022
  • Nancy Sulzberg - 2022
  1. Election of new ECIA Officers – Sanguinetti has stepped down as Treasurer of the Board.
  • Secretary – Nancy Sulzberg moved to nominate Carol Sanguinetti as Secretary, Sal Monaco second, 5 in favor, no opposed
  • Treasurer – Carol Sanguinetti moved to nominate Sal Monaco as Treasurer, second by David Sorkin, 5 in favor, no opposed
  1. Assignment of Committee Liaisons
  • Architecture Committee – George Rutter as liaison and Melicent D’Amore as alternate
  • Bylaws Committee – Nancy Sulzberg as liaison and no alternate
  • Conservation Committee – Carol Sanguinetti as liaison and no alternate
  • Election Committee – Sal Monaco as liaison and Melicent D’Amore as alternate
  • Environmental Committee – Carol Sanguinetti as liaison and Sal Monaco as alternate
  • Facilities and Grounds Committee – David Sorkin as liaison and Sal Monaco as alternate
  • Finance Committee – Sal Monaco as liaison and David Sorkin as alternate
  • Information Committee – Melicent D’Amore as liaison and Carol Sanguinetti as alternate
  • Roads Committee – Melicent D’Amore as liaison and Carol Sanguinetti as alternate
  • Stables Committee – George Rutter as liaison and Carol Sanguinetti as alternate
  • Public Safety Task Force – George Rutter as liaison and no alternate
  • Website Task Force – David Sorkin as liaison and no alternate
  • Nancy Sulzberg moved to approve the Committee Liaison list, second by George Rutter, 5 in favor, no opposed
  • Chat will be uploaded to website
  1. Board Discussion
    • Better Eldorado – some view as positive and some view as negative; can spin information
    • Once information is on ECIA website, it is considered public information
    • Use Better Eldorado as a tool to get information out to a different part of the community
    • Consider having media coordinator to monitor information going out to the public is accurate and correct
    • Consider sending a letter to Better Eldorado Webmaster from the Board and ask to meet to discuss how we would like information is being given to people
    • Consider using press releases to distribute information to different outlets that we want the public to get
    • Carol will develop a disclaimer for website regarding information about ECIA found on other media outlets
    • Carol Sanguinetti moved to elect Nancy Sulzberg as spokesperson for ECIA, second by George Rutter, 5 in favor, no opposed
  • Community Forums
    • Started by previous president and was held on the second Thursday of each month.
    • If continue with this, change how it is set up; led by members
    • Poorly attended and not run very well.
    • Discussed having a forum or town hall meeting maybe once or twice a year when people are still around
    • Have various themed forums throughout the year - make them topic based.
  • Bylaws
    • Some information in Bylaws revision was put in by lawyer, some information wanted in Bylaws was nixed by the lawyer.
    • Compensation section – questions about it. None in favor of keeping it; revert to the original language.
    • Article V – change back to 5 members as minimum number of Board Members instead of 3 members
    • Article VI section i – availability of audio and video recording and books and pages. Want to have all available – include electronic recordings as records. Lawyers recommend not keeping recordings after a meeting; recordings are for minute taking purposes only. This is different than stream meetings live; not recording.
    • Article VI section vii – Quorum – Can it be 50% or more, why does it have to be a majority? All good with this change. – has to be majority based on Butch and Amelia’s research
    • Article XIII – Assessments – redundant because of the Declaration of Covenants. Good to put in Bylaws because it clears up what it says in Declaration. Include a section that specifies penalties, liens, personal obligations, etc.
      • Have a financial FAQ that can answer all these questions about assessments instead of putting this information in the Bylaws.
      • List different issues that can arise from assessment nonpayment and have people refer to the DOC.
    • Article VI section v – Executive Sessions – took out personnel matters as able to discuss in these sessions. It was re-defined in legal issues that could be discussed in these sessions. (Comes under C)
    • What is considered a written request – ask people why they are requesting these documents. Change the records request form
    • Review the current ECIA form and get a copy used by HOAMCO
  • VISTAS Articles
    • President does not have to write every board article; each board member will submit a relevant article
    • George take the month of April
    • Sal take the month of May
  • Parliamentarian
    • George appointed parliamentarian.
    • George will give a refresher course on Robert’s Rules of Order
    • Make an announcement at the beginning of each meeting that this meeting follows Roberts and if you get rowdy and out of control people will be asked to leave
    • Short policy posted on the website so members are aware and know what to expect – Sanguinetti to write this
    • Nancy Sulzberg move to make George Rutter parliamentarian for any board meeting or other public meeting, second by Sal Monaco, 3 in favor, no opposed
  • Boys and Girls Club
    • Joseph Gutierrez has agreed to be our County liaison
    • Roman Abeyta, Executive Director of Boys and Girls Club, come Jan or Feb and give a presentation about what Boys and Girls Club does
    • Board will determine how non-resident children can use our facilities – thought to be 80% Eldorado kids/20% 285-corridor kids
    • 25-50 kids ranging in ages 8-18 years old
    • Chance for positive press and not sure how many people would be interested
  • Public Safety Task Force

George Rutter to Direct

  • Public Safety Task Force will take over fire mitigation planning from Conservation Committee
  • Fire Mitigation is a serious topic and plans need to be made quickly and get started educating home owners and get procedures in place
  • Get vendor out here to mow the greenbelts and have a proposal in place
  • Need to get a survey done so we do not cross property lines
  • Julie Navarro to follow up on existing mowing service and survey service
  • Jan 6, Nancy Sulzberg, George Rutter and representatives from Conservation Committee will meet with fire chief
  • Have money in budget to get this done this year
  • Fire Ecologist should be chosen by January 7
  • Come up with emergency preparedness plan – ideas
    • Active Shooter training?
    • National Night Out
    • Door hangers to indicate evacuation complete
  • George put together an overview of what the task is and what they cover – fire being primary and first up
  • Stables roads – Road Committee next meeting in January; Mike, Melicent, George and Amelia to meet at stables and go over what needs to be done at the stables when there are emergency conditions
  • Website Task Force

David Sorkin to Direct

  • Make this task group official
  • Made up of 3-4 people – board and community members
  • Garrett Vreeland, website designer, will only work with one person
  • Margaret Shacklee a possible member of task group
  • Ideally have the website up and running by June – is this plausible?
  • Jessica start transferring information from current website to new website – Garrett needs to provide overview and training on how he would like this completed

Adjournment – George Rutter motion to adjourn, Carol Sanguinetti second, 4 in favor, no opposed