Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

September 25th, 2017


A regular meeting of the ECIA Board of Directors was held on Monday, September 25th, 2017 at the Community Center, Railroad room.


President John Henriksen called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM.


The roll was called and the following members answered present: John Henriksen (President), Antone Forneris (Vice-President), Mike McDowell (Secretary), Joseph Gutierrez (Treasurer), Jody Price (Director), and David McDonald (Director).

Pam Henline (Director) had an excused absence.



President John Henriksen announced the following:

  • The meeting of the ECIA Board of Directors is being recorded

ECIA General Manager Isabel Ugarte announced the following:

  • She, along with Gershon Siegel (Information Committee Chair) and Jody Price (Information Committee Board Liaison) conducted several interviews for the Community Relations Coordinator position. It was decided that Courteney Handy was the best fit for the position and will start officially full time on December 11th of 2017. In the interim, she will be taking on Vistas until her full time start date.


The agenda was approved with the following change made:

  • Motion #7 to be moved to be Motion #8

Motion to approve Agenda as amended was made by Secretary Mike McDowell and seconded by Director David McDonald


Homeowner Name, Owner’s Address


Renee Upston-15 Alcalde Road

Addressing: Boy Scouts

Mrs. Upston wanted to update the Board of Directors about the current goings on of the Boy Scouts troop that meets at the Community Center. Mrs. Upston also wanted to thank the ECIA Board of Directors and ECIA staff for their continued and improved support of the troop.

Greg Whiteman-6 Herrada Place

Addressing: Drone Usage

Mr, Whiteman wanted to bring the up that there has been drone usage in his area. The drones are a noise disturbance and are a cause for concern as they also have mounted cameras. While he realizes that there is nothing in the covenants that prevent the use of drones, he hopes this is an issue that the Board can address.

Jeanne Hyland-13 Herrada Road

Addressing: Drone Usage

Mrs. Hyland brought in photos of the two different drones that have been sighted around her home. Mrs. Hyland stated that she has seen the drones with more frequency (up to 2x a day). Her main concern is that the drones have an effect on privacy as they are mounted with cameras. Mrs. Hyland suggests that the Board look into ideas such as model plane flying fields as an approved way for drone usage.  

Bill Sortino-4 Esquila Road

Addressing: Herbicide & Pesticide Use

Mr. Sortino wanted to let the Board know that he believes the best way to address this topic as a community is to use products that are ecologically sound.

GM Isabel Ugarte stated that there is going to be an ad hoc committee created to address this issue. Ms. Ugarte extended the invitation to Mr. Sortino and let him know that she could contact him when the Board was ready to discuss this issue.

Randa Phillips-4 Caliente Place

Addressing: Herbicide Use

Ms. Phillips wanted to voice her disappointment that there were not notices or IPM posted on the trails prior to the use of the herbicide. Ms. Phillips also brought up that residents would have had more opportunities to protect themselves against the herbicide had there been advance notice.

GM Isabel Ugarte stated that ECIA staff posted signs along the trail after the herbicide had been applied. ECIA did not release a statement that the trails were safe but relayed the message from the landscaping company that the trails are safe for use after 4 hours.


09.20.01         Approval of August 2017 Board meeting Notes & Minutes

09.20.02         Approval of August Covenant Compliance Report

09.20.03         Approval of August Financial Report

09.20.04         Approval of General Manager’s Report

09.20.05         Approval of Variance request for 47 Encantado Loop to allow for a new large accessory structure to be built at a distance of 40 feet from the home, while Section 8.2.1 of the guidelines requires that such structures are located within 15 feet of the dwelling home.

09.20.06         Approval of Variance request for 16 Herrada Road to allow for the existing fence and shed to encroach into the 20 foot setback. The shed encroaches 8 feet into the setback, and the fence encroaches 20 feet into the setback and up to the property line.

09.20.07         Approval of variance for 4 Torneo Court- Owners are requesting 4 variances due to there being issues from fences and sheds that were pre-existing when the purchased it. The variances are as follows:

  1. Varnaince to allow for detached small accessory structure to be built without approval.
  2. Variance to allow for steel post fence within 20 foot setback and 10 foot utility easement.
  3. Variance to allow for small accessory structure and wood fence encroaching into utility easement.
  4. Variance to allow for existing and old fences that exceeded the allowed 4000 sq. ft. by 1242 sq. ft. 

A motion to approve the Consent Agenda was made by Secretary Mike McDowell.. Motion was seconded by Director David McDonald. Motion was passed unanimously.


Copies of these documents are available upon request at the ECIA offices.



09.25.01         Director David McDonald moved that the ECIA Board of Directors approve the variance which has been applied for by resident, Carol Kleinserge, but was not recommended for approval by the Architecture Committee.  

This Variance request is to allow for her home to remain a color that was not approved by the ECIA Architecure Committee, as they felt it was not similar enough to any of the approved colors of Eldorado which is a violation of Article II, Section 5 of the Covenants, which states the following:

  1. b) No additions nor exterior alterations above the natural grade shall be made to an existing building until the design, location, exterior colors, and building materials for such addidtions and alterations have been approved in writing by the E.C.I.A. Board of Directors or its designees).

Additionally this would be a variance from violation of section 6.2.1 of the Current Eldorado Building Guidelines which further details the requirement for residents to submit an application to the ECIA for review of colors that are not on the Eldorado approved color list:

6.2.1  Building walls, free standing walls and fences: must be chosen from the approved color list which is found on the Eldorado Website, as well as the ECIA office. For colors that are not on the approved ECIA list, lot owners are required to submit a request for such non-approved colors to the ECIA Architecture Committee for review. Basic white may be used under any portal with Architecture Committee approval. No more than two compliant stucco colors may be used on a home and any combination of compliant colors will require ECIA approval. Note: Re-stuccoing or painting of any exterior wall(s) should be reviewed by ECIA to ensure compliant color is being used.

This variance is being granted due to the fact that the Board members felt that the color was an earth toned color and due to the face that other variances have been granted for colors that were not on the approved Eldorado Color list.


This motion was seconded by Mike McDowell and passed unanimously with Vice-President Antone Forneris abstaining.

09.25.02         Director David McDonald moved that the ECIA Board of Directors approve the variances which has been applied for by resident, Martin Ruiz, and recommended for approval by the Architecture Committee.

The first variance request is to allow the structure to be located inside the front (roadside) 50 foot setback which Is not allowed under Section 3 of the covenants, which is detailed as follows:

Section 3. Lot Size, Setbacks: No residential lot shall have an area of less than 43,560 square feet and no lot shall be further subdivided nor permitted to have more than one single family residence together with accessory buildings as defined in Article II, Section I above. No building or other types of structures, nor portions thereof, shall be located nearer than 50 feet to the front of the lot line, nearer than 20 feet to the rear lot line or nearer than 10 beer to any drainage easement (whichever is greater), or nearer than 20 feet from a side lot line, except that variances may be made by the E.C.I.A. Board of Directors or its designees).

Additionally, due to the fact that the existing structure is longer than allowed under Section of the Eldorado Guidelines (as structure measures 15.25 feet in length), this also requires a variance from this part of the Guidelines. This requirement is detailed as follows:  No more than four feet in height and ten feet in total length on one of both sides of the driveway

This variance is being approved due to the fact that there are site characteristics that ensure that the project will not be contrary to the intent of the covenants. Specifically, due to drainage and erosion issues, the monuments were built back more than 10 feet from the property line and extend further than 10 feet in length to prevent erosion of a dirt mound area. 


This motion was seconded by Director Jody Price. The motion passed unanimously.

09.25.03         Kevin Morgan of 5 Gavilan Place to address the Board regarding the lien placed on his property. Mr. Morgan claims that he submitted a change of address form to the office but the change was never made which resulted in him not having received his annual assessment. He requests that the Board remove the lien at the expense of the ECIA.


Secretary Mike McDowell moved that the ECIA remove the lien at the expense of the ECIA. Motion was seconded by Director David McDonald and passed unanimously.

09.25.04         President John Henriksen moved that the ECIA Board accept Carol Beidleman as a new member to the Conservation Committee.

Based on her satisfying the 3 meeting attendance requirement, as well as her strong interest in conservation issues, the Committee unanimously voted to recommend her membership to the Board.

In addition, ECIA General Manger Isabel Ugarte has confirmed that Ms. Beidleman is a member is good standing of the ECIA.

This motion was seconded by Secretary Mike McDowell and passed unanimously.

09.25.05         Director Jody Price moved that the ECIA Board of Directors accept the recommendations made by the Information Committee in regards to the future direction of the Vistas, the ECIA website, and other methods of information dissemination within our community.

The recommendations include:

  1. Starting in 2018, change print schedule of the Vistas to bi-monthly
  2. Redesign Website and upgrade platform that it is housed on
  3. Redesign Vistas after schedule change
  4. Purchase the necessary hardware and software required to publish the Vistas and other publications required by the ECIA
  5. Investigate/cultivate other communication channels such as social media

This motion was seconded by Director David McDonald and passed unanimously.


09.25.06         President John Henriksen moved that the ECIA Board of Directors approve the Conservation Committee’s Gallina Park Greenbelt Trail Proposal to add a ½ mile trail to link Compadres Park playground to Fonda Road through the Gallina Park greenbelt and terminate at the Fonda Way cul-de-sac.

This motion was seconded by Director Jody Price and passed unanimously.   

09.25.07         Vice-President Antone Forneris moved that the ECIA Board of Directors approve the Facility and Grounds committee’s request to form an ad-hoc landscape committee for the purpose of advising the F&G committee on landscape capital investments and landscape management during the year of 2017. The ad-hoc committee reports to the chair of the F&G committee.

The ad-hoc committee members:

SuAnne Armstrong

David Lovro

DiAna Gutierrez

This motion was seconded by Secretary Mike McDowell and passed unanimously.

Strategic Planning for 4th Quarter of 2017


The regular meeting was adjourned at 8:07 pm.

Submitted By: Gloria Silva

Recording Secretary                        Gloria Silva                                        Date 09/25/2017