Minutes - ECIA Governing Board




The Annual ECIA meeting was held on May 2, 2016 at La Tienda in Eldorado.  ECIA Board President, Dag Ryen, called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM.


There were approximately 60 residents and non residents/invited guests attended this meeting.


President Ryen thanked all for attending the meeting and asked everyone to please turn off their cell phones. He also reminded all that the meeting was being recorded and should residents want to speak under open forum, they should sign in on the sign-up sheet at the door.


President Ryen introduced the ECIA Board members who were present at the meeting. These members included Secretary Greg Colello, Treasurer Todd Handy, Vice President Pam Henline, Directors David Yard, Antone Forneris, and Jeanne Calzada.


President Ryen thanked and introduced staff including: Mark Young, Karen Logan, Gloria Silva, Brenda Leonard, Mike Armijo, Trey McLarney, and Courteney Handy. He thanked DiAna Gutierrez for her help and hard work in the ECIA and wished her a happy retirement.


Secretary Colello stated that the tellers for this year were Joe Loewy, Kathy Graham, Betty Knight, Mary Cassidy, Dick Goldsmith, and Carol Tapke. He reported that on April 29, 2016 at 9 AM the Election Committee Tellers, as per the Election Policy and Procedures of Eldorado, counted the ballots cast for the 2016 Board Election.


Secretary Colello stated that Quorum had been met through mailed in proxy statements.


Resident Joe Loewy moved to approve the 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes.  This motion was seconded by another un-named resident. With none opposed the minutes were approved unanimously.


President Ryen pointed out that we have a diverse community as many wonderful amenities and that we were all fortunate to live in Eldorado. Additionally, in 2015 it is hoped that certain sections of the Hike/Bike paths will be paved by the County.  President Ryen then introduced new Eldorado GM, Brenda Leonard.

President Ryen then reviewed some of the major accomplishments in 2015 beginning with the new partnership and management contact with HOAMCO, and he stated that while it had been a major change with some minor hiccups due to multiple database changes, the new partnership was improving efficiency and accountability of the ECIA.

He then went on to state that the Assessments are going towards building a healthy Reserve Fund which is in place to help with the upkeep of all the amenities available to ECIA residents. He further thanked all the hard working volunteers of the ECIA and pointed out that it was the volunteers’ hard work that kept things going at the ECIA. He stated that while the Committees do great work, they are always looking for more volunteers.     


  • Treasurer Handy stated that he, along with Finance Chairman Dan Drobnis, have been working on creating a Replacement Reserve. He also stated that the State now has a law that requires a minimum on Replacement Reserves for HOAs.
  • He reported that the auditor is recommending that the ECIA continue to work on funding the R & R Account as its amount will need to be raised due to state requirements regarding minimum HOA reserves.
  • Treasurer Handy stated the ECIA continues to receive monies relative to the embezzlement of 5 years ago. He also announced that ECIA did not receive a rate increase with its insurance carrier.
  • He also reported that the ECIA is working with a Replacement Reserve Study company who will assist in determining the lifespan of the Association’s assets. Thus the ECIA will be better prepared in managing its Replacement Reserves.
  • He lastly reported that year to date in 2015 there was $37,000.00 in uncollected assessments and that the ECIA would be attempting to re-coup these monies in 2015 with some new collection methods.


Michael Franciosi as head of New Mexico Operations for HOAMCO.


President Dag Ryen asked committees chairs, who were present to speak briefly about their committees’ 2015-2016 activities.



Architecture Committee: 

Architecture Committee member David McDonald reported that 2015 was a busy year with an increase in low profile roof mounted solar panels. The committee has spent time to clarify the guidelines. The Board will then take the guidelines to an Open Forum after meeting with the Committee. Mr. McDonald also made mention that there is an opening on the Architecture Committee and that any interested homeowner should look into volunteering his or her time. 

Conservation Committee:

Conservation Chair Jim Daniel reported that Cherry Payne has stepped down from the Conservation Committee. Mr. Daniel stated that there are many projects the Conservation Committee worked on in 2015. He also wanted to report on the major things that the Conservation Committee is working on for the 2016 year:

  1. Signage and documentation in the ECIA Preserve.
  2. Roads and erosion control
  3. Removal of invasive species in the Preserve and Wetlands
  4. Educational program about best landscape practices for the ECIA residents.

In closing, Mr. Daniel made a call for volunteers as there are only 9 members of the Conservation Committee.

Election Committee:

Kathy Graham, Chair, reported that the Election Committee’s primary responsibility, up until 2015, was to conduct the Board of Directors election as well as amend any governing documents. In 2015 the Board of Directors directed the Election Committee to do the Annual Review of the Bylaws for ECIA. Mrs. Graham then introduced her Committee members to thank them for their hard work. The Election Committee completed two of their goals for 2016: present the amended Bylaws to the Community for review, as well as conduct the 2016 Election. They plan on spending the rest of 2016 reviewing the election procedures so they are in line with what is in the amended Bylaws.

Finance Committee:

Committee Chair Dan Drobnis reported that the Finance committee attempts to provide the Board with its annual budget as well as assist in creating a Replacement Reserve schedule. He announced that the Audit went smoothly and the Association’s Finances are all there. The Committee is working to understand the recent financials as they are different from previous years due to the change in database systems. Mr. Drobnis alluded that there may be a raise in the Annual Assessment in the future, but stated that the raise will not effect the 2017 year as the Bylaws only allow an assessment raise every two years. In closing, he said that the Finance Committee has lost some members in the previous year and they are looking for interested homeowner to join their Committee.



Facilities and Grounds Committee:

Committee acting-chair Lee Onstott reported that the Committee is responsible for assisting in the upkeep and maintenance of ECIA amenities. He stated that the current Facilities & Grounds Committee only has four members, so any interested homeowner is welcome to join. The landscaping around the ECIA is thanks to the Committee’s hard work. The Committee also has a five year plan for the hike/bike trails in ECIA. The Committee is hopeful that Santa Fe County will be able to assist in maintaining the trail near Compadres Park.

Information Committee:

Chair Frank Schober thanked the Board and Finance Committee for all their hard work in 2015 and especially former employee DiAna Gutierrez for all her help throughout her years employed by the ECIA. He stated that the Information Committee tries to keep the Association informed on Board actions as well as provide new and interesting information to the residents. In closing, he thanked all Committee members volunteering their time for the betterment of the ECIA, and stated that any interested homeowner is welcome to come to the Information Committee meeting.

Road Committee:

Chair Felecia Probert pointed out that the roads in Eldorado are maintained by the County but the committee worked hard to do two road inspections (one in April, one in October) annually and prioritize required work with the County on the roads in general. She reported that the membership base is strong within the Road Committee. She next reported that there were some improvements done in 2015, including work on Ave. Del Monte Alto. Ave. Amistad is on schedule for summer of 2016 and countless miles of roads have been graded. A challenge the Road Committee faced was all of the complaints about poor road conditions over the winter and the Committee is working with the County to address those issues. The Road Committee has recently conducted a survey of Balsa Rd and its residents. In closing, she thanked Director David Yard as he was the liaison for the Road Committee, as well as a special thanks to Committee member Fred Raznick and all other Committee members.   

Stable Committee:

Stable Committee member Pat Donahue encouraged fellow stable owners to take care of the Stable amenity. She thanked the ECIA Maintenance crew for all their work within the stables. Ms. Donahue also reported that the 2015 Community Day at the Stables is successful and she hopes to have a great 2016.


President Ryen announced that residents, John “Obie” Oberhausen and Tom Wilmott were selected as the 2016 Residents of The Year. Unfortunately neither were available to accept their awards.  




President Ryen opened the open forum part of the meeting and asked residents to be sure to limit their comments to four minutes.

Hans Soper- homeowner discussed at length his concerns regarding the Appellate court hen decision*

Louisa Coulker- homeowner discussed at length her concerns regarding the Appellate court hen decision*

Robert Chrissy- homeowner discussed at length his concerns regarding the Appellate court hen decision*

Gershon Siegel- homeowner discussed at length his concerns regarding the Appellate court hen decision*

John Witbank- homeowner discussed at length his concerns with HOAMCO accounting.*  

“Joanie”- homeowner discussed at length her concerns regarding the Appellate court hen decision*

Andrea Sharon- homeowner discussed at length her concerns regarding the Appellate court hen decision*

Mary Cassidy- homeowner discussed at length her concerns regarding the Appellate court hen decision*

Jan Deligans- homeowner discussed at length her concerns regarding the Appellate court hen decision*

*The full recording is available at the ECIA office upon request.

Secretary Colello stated that there were 421 ballots returned to the ECIA. With 196 invalid ballots, that left a total of 225 valid ballots for Board Candidate Claudia Daigle. With an adequate number of ballots, Director Daigle was elected to a 3 year term on the Board. He further stated that the Election Committee had followed due process and certified that the tallying of the ballots was in accordance with the governing documents of the ECIA. They further verified that the ballot totals were verified and were accurate. The proposed changes to the bylaws received over the required 60% of cast ballots with a total of 343 in favor of the amendments.    


President Ryen congratulated Director Daigle on her election win and thanked Treasurer Handy and Director Yard for their service to the Board. He pointed out that with only 6 members on the Board, the By-Laws require there to be an odd number of Directors. The Board will be starting to review possible Board Candidates in the next few months.*

*The full recording is available at the ECIA office upon request.


With no further business the meeting was adjourned at ________________ PM.

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Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

April 21, 2016


A regular meeting of the ECIA Board of Directors was held on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at the Community Center.


President Ryen called the meeting to order at 7:09 PM.


The roll was called and the following members answered present:  Dag Ryen (President), Pam Henline (Vice-President), Todd Handy (Treasurer), Greg Colello (Secretary), David Yard (Director) and Antone Forneris (Director).

Absent:  None

Staff Members Present:  Brenda Leonard, ECIA General Manager and Michael Franciosi, HOAMCO Vice President


President Ryen reminded all residents that the board meeting was being recorded.  

All residents are invited to attend the Annual Meeting on May 2, 2016 at the Eldorado Community Church beginning at 7 pm and door prizes will be given.

All residents are invited to attend a Special Meeting of the Board on April 22, 2016 from 11am until 2 pm which is being held to continue discussions on how to respond to the Appellate Court decision.

Todd Handy, ECIA Treasurer, will be participating in a radio program broadcasting on 101.5 FM and 1260 AM airing beginning at noon on Sunday, April 24, 2016 relating to the hen lawsuit decision.

Updated edition of Windmills & Dreams is available to purchase at the ECIA Office for $15.00.


Approved as presented.


Betsy Walker, Owner of 6 Manzano Lane, addressed the Board with her concerns about abandoned homes in the community and provided a list of homes that she believes are unoccupied that are in need of inspection by ECIA and clean up by the owner.  Betsy asked the Board what the process is and what homeowners can do to assist.  Brenda Leonard, ECIA GM responded with the following:

  • All abandoned houses should be reported to the ECIA Office for inspection and suggested that owners also report their concerns to Santa Fe County.  ECIA can not file the report with Santa Fe County on an owner’s behalf because ECIA can not provide the county with permission to access a property not owned by them in order for an inspection to occur.
  • After an inspection is performed by ECIA, and if violations are noted, a letter to owner of record will be sent.  Often times this is the homeowner that walked away from the property because banks typically delay taking ownership so they are not liable for assessments, maintenance and insurance.
  • If the letter is returned undeliverable, the ECIA Office will research for new owners or try locating the owner through other methods.
  • Neighbors can submit photos of the violations to the ECIA Office, note, all ECIA inspections are performed from the street or neighboring property (with approval of the property owner).
  • Association can not take self help action without following the violation policy established by ECIA and is often times a lengthy process.

Bette Knight, Owner of 53 Cerrado Loop, provided the Board and Management with a letter regarding the hen lawsuit and her suggested guidelines for review and consideration by the Board of Directors.

Eduardo Krasilovsky, Owner of 17 Lucero Road, asked the Board why a workshop regarding the hen lawsuit was scheduled for 11 am on Friday, April 22, 2016 (a time when most people are at work).  The Board informed Eduardo that it was the soonest day and time available for the Board to meet at a time that works for each board member.  Eduardo also requested a confirmation of the courts decision and ruling.  President Ryen stated that the court’s decision states that our current covenants do not restrict or ban the keeping of hens and it is the interpretation that stands.

Claudia Daigle, Owner of 4 Conchas Place, asked the Board to remove the Membership Agreement Policy from the Consent Agenda and move to the New Business Agenda so the policy can be read into the minutes.  The Board agreed to remove the item from the consent agenda and review under new business.  Claudia also discussed the courts opinion on the hen lawsuit and provided her perspective on the courts opinion and Board actions moving forward.  Claudia also stated that she believes the Board did not fight hard enough on this case.

Deborra Berlin, Owner of 3 Casa Del Oro Lane and Barn 6, informed the Board that other barn owners are willing to serve on the Stable Committee, but have been denied due to personality conflicts or personal differences.

Director Colello stated he has been approached about a recall petition and if an online recall petition would be valid.  President Ryen stated that a petition is a formal document which must have the printed name, address and signature of each petitioner and must clearly state the purpose of the petition.

CONSENT AGENDA:       Vice President Henline made a motion to approve the consent agenda as amended, seconded by Director Yard.  Motion carried unanimously.       Approval of March 17, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes       Approval of March Covenant Compliance Report       Approval of March General Manager’s Report       Motion to approve variance for garage setback of 20’ at 23 Sabroso Road       Motion to approve variance for shed setback of 20’ at 13 Mimosa Road       Motion to purchase Toro Lawn Mower

Copies of these documents are available upon request at the ECIA offices.


16.04.02          Treasurer Handy made a motion to approve the Membership List Agreement as read in its entirety by President Ryen.

This motion was seconded by Vice President Henline and passed unanimously.

16.04.03          Vice President Henline made a motion that the ECIA Board of Directors accept the Stable Committee’s recommendation to appoint Luci Wienczkowski to the Stable Committee.

This motion was seconded by Director Yard and passed unanimously.


The regular meeting was adjourned at 8:07 p.m.

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