Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

March 16, 2017


A regular meeting of the ECIA Board of Directors was held on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at the Community Center, Railroad room.


President Dag Ryen called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM.


The roll was called and the following members answered present:  Dag Ryen (President) Pam Henline (Vice-President), Antone Forneris (Director), John Henriksen (Interim Secretary), Michael McDowell (Director) Joseph Gutierrez (Director) and Todd Handy (Treasurer)

STAFF MEMBERS PRESENT: Isabel Ugarte General Manager


President Dag Ryen reminded residents present of the following dates and events:

  1. This meeting was being recorded. The recording will be available online.
  2. A reminder that on April 8th from 7pm-9pm, there will be a second forum for the Board candidates for the upcoming election.
  3. Treasurer Todd Handy announced that tomorrow (March 17th) was the last TGIF for the season. It will take place at the Community Center living room from 5pm-7pm. The theme is St. Patty’s and it will be a Put Luck.
  4. It was announced that there will be an appreciation get together for all ECIA volunteers, preceding the Board meeting on April the 20th from 5pm-7pm. Invitations will go out to all volunteers and their spouses.


President Dag Ryen made a motion to approve the AGENDA with modification as noted below:

An additional item (# 6) was added to the New Business section of the agenda. Treasurer Todd Handy will discuss the Legislative updates.

Vice President Pam Henline requested that item # 5 (Approval of the Updated Architectural Guidelines) on the Consent Agenda be removed due to the fact that the updates on the A.C. Guidelines have not been reviewed by the ECIA’s attorney. The item was then placed on the New Business section of the agenda, as item #7, so that it can be formally tabled to April’s Board of Directors Meeting.

This motion was seconded by Director Joseph Gutierrez. Motion passed unanimously.


Homeowner Name, Owner’s Address

(No homeowner signed to address the Board during the Open Forum)


Treasurer Todd Handy made a motion to approve the revised consent agenda as presented:

03.17.01         Approval of February 16, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

03.17.02         Approval of February Covenant Compliance Report

03.17.03         Approval of February Financial Report

03.17.04         Approval of General Manager’s Report

This motion was seconded by Vice President Pam Henline. Motion passed unanimously


Copies of these documents are available upon request at the ECIA offices.



03.17.05 Treasurer Todd Handy announced the following Legislative Updates:

  • The Senate/House Bill was approved unanimously. (Senate Bill 244 & House Bill 374)
  • HOAMCO Disclosure Certificate fees to be $300 vs the current $400.
  • Board of Directors to be required to be trained on the HOA rules.
  • The Disclosure Certificate would be valid for 60 days and any updates during the 60 days will cost $50.
  • Manner of how assessment money is to be spent, Treasurer Todd Handy, said he would further research this portion of the legislative update and pass it on to the Board.

For more detailed information on Treasurer Todd Handy Legislative Updates, please refer to the recording of this meeting on ECIA website (www.Eldoradosf.org)

03.17.06 Interim Secretary John Henriksen made a motion that the ECIA Board of Directors allows the variance which has been applied for by residents Ben Nikkel of 7 Alcalde Road and recommended for approval by the Architecture Committee.

This Variance request is to allow for construction of small accessory structure at a distance of 17 feet from the primary home and more than the maximum allowed distance of 15 feet.

Current architecture guidelines specify:

Eldorado Guidelines Section 12, Small Accessory Guidelines: 

  1. Shall be sited within fifteen (15) feet of the dwelling house

The justification for variance approval is due to the fact that this shed will be well screened behind a fence and vegetation on the lot and not visible to neighbors. With such little visibility this will not be contrary to the intent of the covenants.   The stipulations attached to this recommendation are as follows:

  1. Structure walls shall match the color of the home.
  2. Roof color to be tan and non-reflective.
  3. Stringers shall be on the inside of the fence     

This motion was seconded by Director Mike McDowell and passed unanimously.

03.17.07         Treasurer Todd Handy motioned to approve Heads Up Landscaping Contract for year round service at a rate of $16,200, plus applicable GRT.

This motion was seconded by Director Joseph Gutierrez and passed unanimously

03.17.08         Director Antone Forneris made a motion that the Board of the Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc. (“ECIA”) appoint Russel Winslow to the ECIA Facilities and Grounds Committee (“F&G”).

Mr. Winslow is recommended by the F&G committee having met all the requirements to be a member of this committee.

This motion was seconded by Treasurer Todd Handy and passed unanimously.

03.17.09         Treasurer Todd Handy made a motion that the ECIA Board accept the 2016 Annual Audit Management Letter and to direct ECIA'S GM and Management Company (HOAMCO) to prepare a correction procedure for the prepaid accounts within 30 days of the approval of this motion.

This motion was seconded by Interim Secretary John Henriksen and passed unanimously.

03.17.10         Treasurer Todd Handy made a motion to table the final Architectural Guidelines pending legal review.

This motion was seconded by Vice President Pam Henline and passed unanimously.


The regular meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Submitted By: Isabel Ugarte GM

Recording Secretary                        Isabel Ugarte GM                                          Date 03/16/17