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Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting
March 17, 2016

A regular meeting of the ECIA Board of Directors was held on Thursday, March 17, 2016 at the
Community Center.
President Ryen called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM.
The roll was called and the following members answered present: Dag Ryen (President), Pam
Henline (Vice-President), Todd Handy (Treasurer), David Yard (Director) and Antone Forneris
Absent: Greg Colello (Secretary)
Staff Members Present: Brenda Leonard, ECIA General Manager
President Ryen reminded all residents that the board meeting was being recorded.
All residents are invited to attend the Annual Meeting on May 2, 2016 at the Eldorado
Community Church beginning at 7pm. The annual meeting notice is in the process of being
printed and should be mailed to all residents soon.
Committee member appreciation reception will be held from 5pm – 6:45pm on April 21, 2016.
Approved as presented.
No residents signed up for open forum.
Treasurer Handy made the motion to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Director Yard.
Motion carried unanimously.
Approval of February 18, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
Approval of February Covenant Compliance Report
Approval of February General Manager’s Report
Motion to table spiral staircase request at 61 Herrada Road
Motion to approve PNM Easement Agreement into the Eldorado Preserve
Motion to remove Eddie Marshall from the Facilities and Grounds Committee due to absences
Motion to approve the Road Committee Charter
Copies of these documents are available upon request at the ECIA offices.
Treasurer Handy made a motion to table acceptance of January and February 2016
Financials, seconded by Vice-President Henline. Motion carried unanimously.
Vice President Henline made a motion that the ECIA Board of Directors accepts the two
requested variances for 10 Redondo Court as recommended by the Architecture Committee.
The variances are as follows:
1. Three sheds are attached and located on the property, have been painted to match the color
of the house and are being considered as one large accessory building; however, they do not
match the architectural structure of the house. A variance is allowed for these sheds which
have been on the lot for more than 10 years and are fully screened by fencing and
2) A portion of fencing on the lot intrudes into the 20 foot setback on the North side of the
property. A variance is allowed for this fence which has been on the lot since 1993 or 1994
and appears to have been approved by the ECIA, although details about the fence are
limited. Although a large number of square feet are enclosed by the fence, restrictions on
this amount did not seem to be in place when the fence was erected.
This motion was seconded by Director Yard and passed unanimously.
Vice President Henline made a motion that the ECIA Board of Directors deny the requested
variance regarding a fence on 43 Cuesta Road.
This fence runs approximately 26 feet along the lot border with the property at 77 Monte Alto
Road and is located about 1 foot inside the property line and is in the utility 10 foot easement.
Since this fence is entirely in the 10 foot utility easement, the ECIA cannot grant a variance.
Any owner of this property should be aware that any utility company which needs right-of-way
in this easement may remove the fence or the utility may require the property owner to remove
the fence at their own expense. Should any significant repair be needed on this fence, the fence
must be removed. The ECIA is aware of the fence location and plans no action at this time.
This motion was seconded by Director Forneris and passed unanimously.
President Ryen read and entered a motion on behalf of Director Colello that the ECIA Board of
Directors accept the Conservation Committee’s recommendation to appoint Bob Sandlin to the
Conservation Committee.
This motion was seconded by Vice President Henline and passed unanimously.
Treasurer Handy made a motion that the ECIA Board of Directors accept the amendment to
ECIA's Association Management Agreement, dated February 2, 2015, with Community Asset
Management, LLC, (dba as Homeowners Association Management Company) in regards to
HOAMCO's absorption of all current ECIA employees.
This motion was seconded by Director Yard and passed unanimously.
The regular meeting was adjourned at 7:21 p.m.
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