Minutes - ECIA Governing Board

Monday, April 15, 2019

Open Meeting / 6:00 pm

Community Center Classroom Building


Call to Order/Attendance

  • Meeting was called to order at 6:02 PM
  • In Attendance: President David McDonald, Vice President Elizabeth Maclaren, Secretary Bernardo Monserrat, Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez, and Director Todd Handy.
  • Staff In Attendance: General Manager Julie Navarro, Executive Assistant Anna Hansen, and Architectural and Covenent Compliance Coordinator Mark Young

Announcements –

  • Meeting is being recorded
  • No open forum
  • Earth Day is on April 22 from 10am-2pm.

Approval of Agenda        

  • Moved by Todd Handy, Second by Bernardo Monserrat and passed unanimously.

Variance Requests

  • None

Consent Agenda Items

  • Review of March 20, 2019 Board Working Session Meeting Notes and March 25, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes.
  • Review of March Covenant Compliance Report
  • Review of April General Manager’s Report
    • Moved to consent agenda for 4.18.19 meeting

Action/Discussion Items – Old Business

  • Website Update/Presentation Dates – Maclaren
    • The information committee has interviewed 3 potential new website designers, and have two people that the committee will be recommend to the board.
  • Committee Roles and Responsibilities – McDonald
    • The board will be holding another meeting with the committee chairs after the annual meeting to see how they want to incorporate the document into their charters.
  • HOAMCO Update – McDonald/Navarro
    • Interviewing for Community Relations/Event Coordinator
    • Interviewing for Project Manager
    • New Hours for facilities are 8-5 Monday –Saturday and 10-5 on Sundays effective 4.21.19.
  • Pool Update – Gutierrez/Winslow.
    • Construction is moving along. All vendors are onsite working dillengtly. Target open date for the pool is July 4, 2019.
  • Drones Task Force – McDonald
    • One person has expressed interest in joining this task force. Discussion occurred about the importance of this task force and if it is necessary.
  • Civil Conduct Policy – McDonald/Maclaren
    • Elizabeth Maclaren and David McDonald have been working on this. Elizabeth Maclaren read the revised policy out loud to the audience. The board and community audience discussed not calling this a policy but more of a declaration or a message from the board.
  • Welcome Packet – Maclaren
  • Finance Report – Gutierrez

Available R&R


 $                                        808,758.00

Non- Pool Expenses

 $                                             4,612.49

Remaning for Pool

 $                                        804,145.51


Contracts Approved TD

 $                                        620,501.00

PM Projected C/O

 $                                        117,173.00

Projected Pool Cost 4.9.19

 $                                        740,174.69


 $                                           30,000.00

Still Available R&R Budget

 $                                           33,970.82


Stable Water Project

 $                                        125,000.00

Total Projected R&R Budget

 $                                        929,145.51


R&R Cash Summary for Pool

Account 1050

 $                                        144,196.73

Account 1051

 $                                        147,324.49

1055Transfer from Operating CD

 $                                        150,000.00

Pool Expenses through 3.31.19

 $                                        194,459.39

1053 CD 2.0%

 $                                        228,381.59

Pending Transfer To R&R 2019

 $                                           64,783.31


 $                                        929,145.51

  • Board Appointment – McDonald
    • The board has interviewed and reviewed the application of Mr. David Sorkin. The final decision will be made on Thursdays meeting.
  • Update on Casitas – Monserrat/McDonald
    • Currently still waiting on legal opinion.
  • ECIA Activities Scheduling – Monserrat
    • Questions arose about why events are not happening on the weekend. Moving forward events will happen on weekends so that families and working adults can attend.
  • Bylaws Review & Revision AdHoc Committee – McDonald
    • Moving forward on this.
  • Board Planning Retreat – McDonald
    • Will be looking into this after the annual meeting when the board is full.
  • Appoint Liaison to Eldorado Community School – McDonald
    • An official motion will be made to appoint Martha Deutsch to be the liaison to the Eldorado Community School.
  • Appoint Dark Skies Task Force – McDonald
    • The task force will be coming up with community standards for light pollution.
  • Firewise Grant Update- Maclaren
    • ECIA has received a $500 grant to rent a chipper. The location has changed to the corner of Torreon and Monte Alto. Residents are encouraged to bring their slash.

Action/Discussion Items – New Business

  • Stable Rules – Maclaren
    • Discussion occurred about whether that stables should have cameras there. The board and Stable Chair Amelia Adair discussed a few changes to be made to the document.
  • Stable Water System Reserve – Gutierrez
  • Stable Water Supply Replacement Proposals – Navarro
    • Proposals have been received and they will be reviewed and looked over by the finace committee.
  • Integrated Property Facility and Pest Management Policy – Handy/McDonald
    • Moved to Thursdays meeting
  • Environmental Committee Charter – Handy/McDonald
    • The board and Enviromental Committee members Karen Murry and Nancy Ostiguy reviewed this document and the board made a few changes.
  • EASWD Lot by Stables-
    • Complaint arose about the debris on the lot.

Open Board Discussion

  • May Message from the Board


  • Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM
  • Moved by Bernardo Monserrat, Second by Todd Handy and passed unanimously.

Executive Session – Legal/Personnel matters


Next Scheduled Meeting: ECIA Board of Directors Meeting -- Thursday, April 18, 2019 in the Railroad Room / 7:00PM: Open Meeting