Minutes - Election Committee

Minutes of the Meeting of the

ECIA Election Committee

Held on September 8, 2021

  1. Time, Place and Attendees. A meeting of the ECIA Election Committee (“EC”) was held on September 8, 2021.  The meeting held was in hybrid mode where some were in attendance in person and others via ZOOM on the OWL system.  Specifically, committee members, Bette Knight, Mary Cassidy, Kathie Graham and Butch Gorsuch were in attendance in the ECIA Conference Room.  EC member Jody Price was in attendance via ZOOM.  Jon Turkle (Board Liaison) was excused.  Jim (Dusty) Caruso (alternate liaison) attended via Zoom.  Ciara Walsh was the ECIA Staff representative and Zoom administrator.  Meeting was recorded by ECIA Staff.  Quorum was achieved.
  1. Approval of Previous Minutes. Butch reported previous minutes were unanimously approved 3-0 via email on August 18, 2021 and were posted to the website on the same day.
  1. Approval of Agenda. Amendments were proposed to add the committee charter review under New Business.  Motion to add made by Mary and seconded by Jody.  Motion to amend agenda as proposed passed 5-0 on voice vote.
  1. Open Forum. No attendees of the meeting asked to speak to the Committee in Open Forum.
  1. Board Liaison Report. Liaison report provided by Jim (Dusty) Caruso.  Dusty mentioned a new charter template had been sent to all committee chairs.  Concern was expressed based on August committee meeting, specifically the Election Committee making modification to the Election Procedures.  However, upon review of the Election Committee’s charter, the concern no longer exists as committee actions are in step with the Board approved committee charter.  (Note:  Bette mentioned she had a conversation earlier in the day with Board President Sal Monaco, with Sal confirming the EC’s charter was in good shape and required no further actions than to add the new Code of Ethics paragraphs.
  1. Old Business.
  1. Review Election Procedures: Committee resumed review of procedures at Section 7 and continued up to and including Section 9.6.  Butch agreed to perform some editing of document offline.
  2. Update Nomination Petition: Committee enjoined discussion as to whether any changes were required (“if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”).  Committee concluded that “Mary’s” reworked version was more readable and concise thus Committee began review of this version as the new base for the petition.  Committee started at beginning and suspended review at the “Submitting Petitions…” section, to be resumed at next meeting.
  1. New Business.
  1. Charter Review: Committee reviewed the new template for committee charters and added/replaced several chapters in Section 7 to bring the existing charter in line with the new template.  Document is in the revised section of One Drive for committee charters and is ready for Chair to submit to Board.
  1. Adjournment.

Meeting adjourned at 4:55pm.

The next regularly scheduled monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 3:00 P.M. via Zoom or at Community Center.

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