Minutes - Election Committee

Minutes of the Meeting of the

ECIA Election Committee

Held on June 10, 2020


  1. Time, Place and Attendees.   A meeting of the ECIA Election Committee (“EC”) was held on June 10, 2020.  The meeting was held via a ZOOM teleconference and was called to order by Bette Knight at 3:06 PM.  Meeting was recorded by ECIA Staff.

Five committee members were present; therefore, a quorum was achieved.  Specifically, Bette Knight, Mary Cassidy, Jody Price and Butch Gorsuch were present at the start of the meeting.  Kathie Graham joined in the meeting at 3:08 PM.  Board Liaison Sal Monaco and Staff Representative Sarah Skagen were also present.  Sarah was the ZOOM coordinator.

  1. Minutes. Butch reported the minutes of May 13, 2020 were approved unanimously 3-0 via email.  Per the Sixth Amended version of the ECIA Bylaws, voice approval is no longer required if unanimously approved via email.  The approved minutes were posted on May 21, 2020.
  1. Approval of Agenda. Mary moved to approve agenda as posted.  Butch seconded.  Approved by voice vote 4-0.
  1. Open Forum. None of the attendees of the meeting requested to discuss any topics under the Open Forum format.
  1. Board Liaison Report. Board liaison Sal Monaco reported:
  1. Board unanimously approved motion supplied by EC regarding “post-election” activities (see minutes of May 13, 2020).
  2. Board plans to gradually open amenities (with restrictions). Pool is scheduled to open next week (holdup is county inspection).  Pool will be open for lane swimming only by appointment (reservation).  No indoor showers are allowed so outdoor showers are being installed.  Pool passes from previous years are ok, if not then bring an ID.  A “use at your own risk” wavier will need to be signed.
  1. Old Business.
  1. Election Checklist 2019-2020 Update -   Bette reported ballot envelopes received after the deadline were processed by ECIA staff per the revised post-election activities approved by the Board (see 5a of these minutes).  This is item #46.  Item #47 (Record retention of Election Materials have been postponed until September at earliest (see 5a of these minutes).
  2. Postmortem Final – Postmortem of the document for the 2020 election discussed. No committee members had further input.  Bette briefly went through each Issue.  Butch moved to have committee’s postmortem document sent to the Board.  Seconded by Mary.  Motion carried via voice vote by 5-0 approval.  Kathie will forward the document to Sal for presentation to the Board.
  1. New Business. No new business presented to committee.                                                          
  1. Update Election Procedures.

Committee reviewed draft version v5.3 of the ECIA Election Procedures.  Committee reviewed all comments and changes marked with the draft version plus any further comments/changes brought up by committee members.

One issue (should invalid ballots be counted as a “vote cast” for bylaws amendment) was verbally agreed by committee members to be discussed at the next meeting.

Note:  Not discussed during this meeting but requiring discussion at a future meeting are any items listed in the revision spreadsheet that have not yet been covered.

  1. Adjournment – adjourned at 5:00 PM

The next regularly scheduled monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 12, 3:00 P.M. in the ECIA Conference Room or by Zoom.

For the ECIA Election Committee

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