Minutes - Election Committee


August 10, 2016 – 2:00 P.M.

ECIA Conference Room

1.  Call to Order

A quorum was established and the meeting was called to order by Chair Kathie Graham at 2:14 P.M.  Members present were Mary Cassidy, Butch Gorsuch, Bette Knight and Joe Loewy.  Board Liaison Todd Handy arrived later.

2.  Approval of Previous Minutes

Motion to approve the minutes of July 20, 2016 was made by Joe Loewy and seconded by Mary Cassidy.  Motion carried by voice vote, 5-0.  Minutes of the Special Meeting held on July 27, 2016 were approved by committee members via e-mail.

3.  Approval of Agenda

It was moved by Joe Loewy and seconded by Bette Knight to amend the Agenda by adding A.  VISTAS Article to Old Business.  Motion carried 5-0 by voice vote.

4.  Open Forum - None

5.  Board Liaison Report

Liaison Todd Handy reminded the committee of the Budget Request for 2017.  Kathie and Joe submitted this to the GM.  Other items included GM Brenda Leonard’s resignation and the fact that HOAMCO was working to secure potential candidates for the Board to interview for this position.  Director Colello has resigned from the Board and the new Secretary is now David Yard.

6.  Old Business

A.  VISTAS Article – The Board directed the Election Committee to conduct and complete a Removal Ballot Election no more than 60 business days from July 25, 2016.  Calendar dates were set at the Election Committee Special Meeting on July 27, 2016 with the knowledge that the GM would be securing a printer for the Removal Ballot Packet and dates could change. Working with the potential date of mailing in early August, the Board directed the Committee to also announce that the posting of signs be 14 calendar days prior to the actual mailing of the Ballots.  An article was written for the September VISTAS and the Webpage using the above criteria to inform the Members.  Director Handy confirmed this information.

7.  New Business

Ballot counting procedure for September 29, 2016 – Chair Kathie Graham went through the Ballot Counting Day Process with the Committee and details were discussed and finalized.  Kathie and Butch will secure the Ballot Box upon mailing of the Removal Ballot Packet.  Rules for staff to use as the Ballots are delivered were discussed.  A draft for committee review will be created and finalized.  The Master List of supply items for Ballot Counting Day will also be completed.

8.  Policies and Procedures Review – Working Copy 2 – Definitions

The Committee continues to review and update the Policies and Procedures.  We will continue next month on page 4, letter L.

8.  Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 4:14 P.M.  The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 2:00 P.M., ECIA Conference Room.