Minutes - Election Committee


January 11, 2017

ECIA Conference Room

1.  Call to Order

A quorum was established and the meeting was called to order by Chair Kathie Graham at 1:04 P.M.  Members present were Mary Cassidy, Butch Gorsuch  and  Bette Knight.   Joe Loewy was excused.   Board Liaison Todd Handy was present.

2.  Approval of Previous Minutes

A motion to approve the December 14, 2016 minutes was made by Butch and seconded by Mary.  Motion passed by voice vote, 4-0. 

3.  Approval of Agenda

A motion to approve the Agenda as presented was made by Bette and seconded by Mary.  Motion passed by voice vote, 4-0.

4.  Open Forum


5.  Board Liaison Report

Liaison Handy reported that assessments have been mailed and asked if all had received a letter along with their assessment bill.  ECIA Board is having a Retreat on Saturday, the 14th of January.

6.  Old Business

A.  Common Storage Update

Butch is working overtime to get all committee members familiar with OneDrive, a cloud based storage.  We are still in the testing stage to see if this type of storage would benefit the committee in working on documents.

B.  2017 Election Checklist Review

Mary and Joe met with Isabel and reviewed the Checklist so the ECIA staff would be appraised of the responsibilities and dates that are involved in the election process.  The committee updated what tasks had been completed and reviewed the upcoming items to be completed by specific dates. Bette will meet with Isabel next week to discuss materials necessary for sending out bids to potential printers for the upcoming Ballot election. 

1.  Use of Security Code vs UBL

The committee presented  a “Proposal for Using a Unique Security Code in ECIA Events Requiring Voting” to the Board in October, 2016, both at the Working Session and at the Monthly Board Meeting.  Recorded in the Minutes of October 20, 2016 meeting is a motion passed by the Board members present.  A portion of that motion reads, “The security code matter is to be discussed between the Election Committee and Board of Directors at a future date”.  To date the Board has not been in contact with the committee for any discussion.  Liaison Handy is taking this discussion to the Board for immediate decision so the committee and staff can move forward on materials and printing costs for printer bid purposes.

2.  Security Code or UBL on Annual Package and Return Envelopes, not on Ballot

The committee is in unanimous agreement that if a security code is used that it not be placed on the Ballot itself, but only on the mailing envelope and on the return security envelope.  All return envelopes and all Ballots will be on security paper.

3.  ECIA Staff check off code vs. Master List of MIGS

If a security code is mandated, then the Election committee suggests that staff check off a list that has only the security code and not a list that has MIGS names along with the code.  Staff spent many hours checking return envelope security codes against a master list. 

7.  New Business

Election of Officers

The Election Committee occasionally changes officers amongst its members.  Kathie moved to nominate Bette Knight to be Chair of the committee.  Butch seconded the motion.  Motion carried, 3-0, by voice vote.  Kathie moved to nominate Joe Loewy for Vice Chair; Butch seconded the motion.  Motion carried, 4-0 by voice vote.  Butch moved to nominate Kathie for Secretary and Mary seconded the motion.  Motion carried by voice vote, 4-0.  Thank you to Kathie for serving as Chair of this committee for many years.

8.  Policies and Procedures Review

Butch and Joe were able to continue the updates on this document. They spent numerous hours and days fast tracking comments.  Using the television screen in the conference room and being able to work on the document has made a big difference in completing this project.  Butch will incorporate the latest updates into the document and post it on One Drive for all to respond to no later than January 19th.

Liaison Handy will bring the Election Committee Charter before the Board for approval.

 The meeting was adjourned at 3:58 P.M.

The next regularly scheduled monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 8, 2:00 P.M. in the ECIA Conference Room.

Secretary, Bette Knight