Minutes - Election Committee




  1. Time, Place and Attendees. A meeting of the ECIA Election Committee (“EC”) was held on April 8, 2020 3:00 PM.  The meeting was held via a ZOOM teleconference.  The meeting was called to order by Bette Knight at 3:07 PM.  Meeting was an audio/video meeting and was recorded.

Five committee members were present; therefore, a quorum was achieved.  Specifically, Bette Knight, Mary Cassidy, Kathie Graham, Jody Price and Butch Gorsuch were present.  Board Liaison Sal Monaco and Staff Representatives Rachel Turnbough and Jessica Collins were also present.  Jessica was the ZOOM coordinator.  The following guests were also present:  David Yard, Bill Dunning, Taylor Ward, Jon D’Amore, Barry Silver, Nancy Sulzberg and two individuals for which surnames not determined (Dave and Eddie).

  1. Minutes. Butch reported the minutes of March 11, 2020 were approved 3-0 via email.  Mary moved to approve the minutes by voice vote.  Motion seconded by Kathie.  Committee members confirmed approval of these minutes by voice vote 4-0 (Price abstaining).  The approved minutes were posted to the website on March 23, 2020.
  1. Approval of Agenda. Kathie moved to approve the agenda as posted with no amendments.  Mary seconded the motion.  Committee members approved agenda by a 5-0 vote.
  1. Open Forum. None of the attendees of the meeting requested to discuss any topics under the Open Forum format.
  1. Board Liaison Report. Board Liaison Sal Monaco reported:
  1. Board is adopting virtual meetings. The Annual Meeting of the Members will be a virtual meeting held May 4, 2020.  In preparation for the meeting the counting of Quorum Proxy Statements and Ballots will be on May 1, 2020.
  2. All committees are being asked to either postpone meetings or move to virtual meetings.
  3. All common facilities have been closed due to a lack of control and in order to achieve compliance with Governor’s orders. (Example:  Tennis courts are closed because the USTA advises as such.)
  4. Eblasts are being used as the primary communication tool.
  1. Old Business.
  1. Election Checklist 2019-2020 Update – Checklist items 24 and 27 through 31 were updated.
  2. Publicity – Publicity sent in February 28, 2020 for vistas, all other publicity was sent to office staff on February 28, 2020. An update to publicity sent into office staff for non-Vistas communiques were sent in April 7, 2020.
  1. New Business.
  1. Adjust Observer Rules? Zoom for Camera?

Bette explained the normal observer rules to meeting attendees, including the signoff process.

Butch suggested three alterations that may be required for the 2020 Election Procedures to accommodate the “Shelter in Place” orders.  Specifically: (a) Zoom to be used for audio/video instead of the CCTV camera system; (b) Number of Tellers limited to less than normal; and (c) no direct physical observers to the tally process.

President Nancy Sulzberg asked where the counting normally occurs.  When informed it has been in the Conference Room at ECIA, she asked if a Committee Member’s home could be used instead.  Member’s discussed various options.  No Members were willing to use their home or go to another Member’s home for the tally process.  Sal suggested using the Railroad Room instead of the Conference Room.  No decisions were made but Members were agreeable to the Railroad Room used as an alternate.

Committee discussed the concept of limiting tellers.  Mary expressed concern by limiting tellers the length of time spent in the room would increase increasing the exposure time between tellers.  Butch suggested a higher number of tellers may be a larger exposure risk when compared to an increased amount of tally time with less tellers.

Committee listed various alterations (proposals) required to the Election Procedures:

  • Proposal 1: Change procedures to not allow any physical observers (Committee approves 5-0)
  • Proposal 2: Use ZOOM instead of CCTV (Committee approves 5-0)
  • Proposal 3: Use Railroad Room or other physical location instead of Conference Room (no vote taken)
  • Proposal 4: Limit tellers to two (Committee approves 4-1).
  • Proposal 5: Certification results to be emailed to the Secretary of the Board instead of being hand delivered just prior to the Annual Meeting of the Members. Note:  This proposal was added just prior to adjournment of the meeting, and is listed in these minutes out of chronological order.
  1. Ballot/QPS Count – May 1, 2020: Bette guided all committee members through the instructions and exercises on what constitutes a valid or invalid ballot/quorum proxy statement.
  1. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 4:19 PM.

The next regularly scheduled monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 13th, 3:00 P.M. in the ECIA Conference Room or by Zoom.

For the ECIA Election Committee

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