Minutes - Election Committee

Election Committee

January 9, 2019 – 2:00 P.M.

Eldorado Community Center Conference Room

  1.  Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chair Bette Knight at 2:10 P.M.  Members present were Butch Gorsuch, Mary Cassidy and Kathie Graham, who joined by teleconference.  Board Liaison Libby Maclaren was present.  Courteney Handy was present as the Hoamco staff representative to the Election Committee and will henceforth attend our meetings.

  1. Approval of Previous Minutes

A motion was made by Butch and seconded by Mary to confirm the 3-0 email votes for the approval of the December 12, 2018 minutes.  Motion carried by voice vote 4-0.

  1.  Approval of Agenda

A motion was made by Mary and seconded by Butch to accept the agenda as presented.  Motion carried by voice vote 4-0. 

  1. Open Forum (5 minutes per person, 20 minutes maximum)


5. Board Liaison Report

      The Board would like feedback from the Election Committee on the proposed Roles and Responsibilities of Committees document. 

      The Board interviewed two people for the open position.  Whichever one was chosen will be seated at the next Board meeting.

  1.  Old Business: Election Checklist

            Bette informed the committee that two of the items on the checklist had been completed.  The Election Key Dates were given to staff, however, a Calendar of Key Dates that would include dates from Finance and Election Committees has not been finalized for 2019.

  1. Status of 2018 Draft Bylaws Documents

            The consensus was that documents on the inventory list with two or more votes would be retained.

  1.  New Business: 2019 Ballot/Quorum Proxy Statement

Butch reviewed the documents and explained to Libby how they functioned.  In the process, an error was corrected and some syntax was improved.

  1. Bylaws and Civil Conduct Policy

            The discussion was whether the Civil Conduct Policy could or should be included in the Bylaws.  The Committee strongly recommended to the Board that policy should not be in the Bylaws as bylaws and policy documents inherently serve different functions.  Also, if a policy was included in the Bylaws, making a change would be difficult and expensive, requiring a vote from the Members in Good Standing.  The Bylaws authorize the Board to create needed policies.

B. Review of the ECIA Roles and Responsibilities for Committees

            We worked with a condensed and clearer version of the original document.  We reviewed that document and found improvements to some of the syntax.  Libby will present our version to the Board for consideration.

  1. Adjournment

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 13, 2019, 2:00 – 4:00 P.M. at the Eldorado Community Center Conference Room.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathie Graham, Secretary