Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Draft Facilities and Grounds Committee (Digital) Meeting Minutes  

Wednesday, October 6, 2021
Call to Order: 10am

Attendance: F&G members: Mary Ellen Donat, Taylor Ward, Marie Aragon, Mary Ellen Donat, Martha Jackson (Kathy absent, Mary Ellen and Martha ran meeting in her absence)

Board Liaison: Sal Monaco [filling in for David Sorkin]

HOAMCO staff:  Mike Rogers, Jessica Collins

Guests: Dave Pan, Joan Mitchell, Dan Drobnis

Approval of Agenda: Approved as drafted

Approval of September 1 Meeting Minutes: Approved as drafted

OM Updates – Mike Rogers

  • Exploring idea of coded/keyed gate at community center complex because of vandalism
  • License plate reading camera at exit of community center
  • Card readers at pool, tennis courts, dog park; getting quotes – M&M
  • Mowing and crack-filling along hike/bike trails complete
  • Shade structure at Compadres Park was damaged beyond repair, $2,000 worth of damage; perpetrators were caught on camera along with audio identifying first names; sheriff’s office is working with ECIA to identify suspects
  • Motion lighting at Compadres was discussed as a security measure


AGM Updates – Jessica Collins

  • Evaluation of end-of-season: lifeguards needed after Labor Day to keep pool open; need to recruit older guards (non-school) so that there is staff to cover this part of season with consistent hours
  • Preparing for the Doggy Splash day, October 9th; blue tags required, an opportunity to get the word out and hand out paperwork for blue tags, but people will not be turned away who don’t have them
  • Planning for group swimming lessons for 2022 season
  • Thank you and appreciation for Jessica and for Mike Rogers before her in their management of the pool, recruiting and retaining guards, etc.
  • Public comment: ECIA member David Pan asked for a better system for alerting pool users when there was a closure (Twitter, or a texting app to get alerts immediately); Jessica said this has been requested in the past, current system of emails are not as efficient, she will look into it

Board Liaison Report – Sal Monaco

o   Erosion on greenbelts caused by monsoons: land owned by ECIA, and some not, ECIA must be careful in remediation of land that is not ours; GIS mapping of ECIA property has been undertaken to identify beginning and end of various trails, and what ECIA might address; signage at these points would be good too

o   Looking at ways to decrease/stop vandalism at ECIA facilities

o   Capital request for gate at ECIA – Board will discuss this idea at their upcoming meeting

o   Meeting with Hank Hughes: improvement to crosswalk by the school is highest priority

Dog Park Subcommittee Report – Marie Aragon


  • Will write VISTAS article regarding locks and how the decision came down to install them; David and/or Sal will help with article
  • Residents unhappy with locks on the dog park
  • Idea of public forum was discussed to let community members have their say and give F+G a chance to listen and respond [see new business]
  • Vet clinic shelved for the time being


Old Business

  • F&G Charter final – not discussed without Kathy present


New Business

  • Did not discuss the Agenda items as Kathy was lead on those issues
  • Marie moved to hold a Town Hall or Public Forum to discuss dog park and other F+G issues with residents; Mary Ellen seconded the motion; Sal Monaco recommended that F+G wait until after the Board discussed the community center gate idea, move forward after that had been decided since it may be an issue residents would like to hear about and speak about; all approved
  • Dan Drobnis went over dates and times for upcoming Finance Committee and Board meetings at which budget would be discussed and approved


Public Forum – David Pan – see above in pool update

        Adjournment:  11:10am

        Next meeting:  November 3, at 10 AM. Meeting to be held on Zoom.