Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Draft Facilities and Grounds Committee (Digital) Meeting Minutes  

Wednesday, July 7, 2021
Call to Order: 10:04 am

Attendance: F&G members: Kathy Ritschel, Taylor Ward, Marie Aragon. Absent: Fred Raznick, Mary Ellen Donat, Martha Jackson

Board Liaison: David Sorkin

HOAMCO staff:  Jessica Collins

Approval of Agenda: Approved as drafted.

Approval of June 2nd, Meeting Minutes: Approved as drafted.

OM Updates – Kathy Ritschel for Mike Rogers

  • No updates this month.

AGM Updates – Jessica Collins

  • There is an area of plaster in main pool coming up. To fix this, we would need to empty the whole pool. Looking for underwater mats – only finding deck mats. Trying to keep patrons off the area, preserve what is there – maintain safety while keeping the main pool open.
  • 4th of July was a great time! – not sure who had more fun, the guards or kids.
  • Kiddie pool inspection 7/6/21 – passed. While waiting for the permit, staff if preparing the area, cleaning, and putting out deck furniture.
  • Swim lessons – a lot of families started private lessons before the group sessions began, not enough signed up for group lessons. In hindsight, may be better reintegrating after Covid, since many kids have not been vaccinated. First, many kudos to Kevin for successfully executing all the hands-on pool operations. First opening weekend was a hit, a little slower than we thought, probably due to the holiday weekend.

Board Liaison Report – David Sorkin

  • 2021 Budget spending is currently 25% less than projected. Savings are attributed to Mike and his maintenance team.
  • 4Th of July event was well attended and a big success. Our thanks to the HOAMCO team for providing a well-run event.
  • Board Meetings will now be held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:30.
  • All Capital project requests from the F&G committee for 2022 received preliminary approval from the Board.
  • $10,000 has been set aside for the Hike/Bike trail developments on Torreon and Azul.


Dog Park Subcommittee Report – Marie


  • 2021 Blue Tag: Dog Park users have expressed confusion regarding the need for a new tag. An email blast will be sent out explaining the necessity for the updated tag.
  • Mobile Vet clinic: A date for this event is in the works.
  • Problem ticket submitted for puddles in the Dog Park. Request to spread more ground cover.

      Old Business


2022 Capital Project requests from F&G received preliminary approval from the Board during the Board’s monthly meeting in June.

  • Disc Golf Course – 9 Holes
  • Smart Padlock system, Dog Park gates
  • Update Handball Court: expand concrete pad and install netting to prevent balls from traveling.
  • Compadres Park upgrades: Install shade structure like the pool structures to prevent over exposure from the sun. Xeriscape area around playground. Install second bench at Compadres Park.
  • 3rd Marquee on Avenida Eldorado

      New Business

5 Year Replacement Reserve Study was reviewed. F&G agreed to wait for Mike’s recommendations on moving projects from current year to next or vice versa. 2023-2025 projects will require Mike’s suggestions.

Public Forum – No comments.

        Adjournment: 11:00 am  

        Next meeting:  August 4th, 2021, at 10 AM. Meeting to be held on Zoom.