Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Draft Facilities and Grounds Committee (Digital) Meeting Minutes  

Wednesday, January 6, 2021
Call to Order: 10:10 AM

Attendance: F&G members: Kathy Ritschel, Mary Ellen Donat, Fred Raznick, Martha Jackson, Taylor Ward, Marie Aragon

Board Liaison/Members: Sal Monaco, David Sorkin, Nancy Sulzberg

HOAMCO staff: Mike Rogers

Guests: Dan Drobnis, LuAnn Miller, Ryan Flahive

Approval of Agenda: Approved as drafted.

Approval of November 4, Meeting Minutes: Approved as drafted.

Frisbee Golf Course Presentation – Ryan Flahive, Team Infinite

Discussion regarding the potential for a Frisbee Golf Course in Eldorado. Location of the course to be determined. Estimated cost for course is dependent upon the size, 9 holes vs 18. PPT is attached for residents’ review.

OM Updates – Mike Rogers

  • Dog Park cameras are complete. Communication issues have been resolved.
  • Pool restucco is complete. Contractor did a superb job.
  • Skateboarders are using the tennis and basketball courts for skateboarding. Signage clearly indicates that this is not permitted. Eblasts will communicate the need for compliance as the court surfaces are not designed to withstand this kind of usage.
  • F&G requested the completion of a fence enclosing the basketball court as a 2021 capital project. Mike is investigating vendors.
  • Graffiti has been located again on Estacada. Mike reported that in 2020, $500- and 20-man hours were used to paint over damage. An March article in Vistas is planned to address the issue with the community at large.

Board Liaison Report – David Sorkin

  • Michael Franciosi, HOAMCO VP presented an overview about HOA Insurance, recommending that the insurance procurement work group ensure that ECIA has ample coverage for general liability, Directors’ and Officers’ Coverage, Fidelity Coverage, Workers’ Compensation, Auto/Non-owned Coverage and Umbrella Coverage.  His slides are available on the website.
  • Joseph Gutierrez updated the members on County business.  Money from 2018 [$100,000] to complete trail work is still unencumbered, along with $200,000 from 2019 to work on the hike/bike trail on Torreon.  Fortunately, $150,000 has been designated to complete various road projects.  Joseph also discussed the upcoming legislative session and recommended that Eldorado submit requests for funding.  He will work with Board members to complete the necessary forms.  In addition, Joseph announced that Nolan Zisman has been appointed to the County’s Transportation Advisory Committee.
  • BOD approved the revised annual application for use of the ECIA Dog Park.
  • February 16, a Town Hall with the Sheriff’s Office is scheduled. Residents are encouraged to participate in this important forum.
  • HOAMCO office is looking for a new staff person.



Dog Park Subcommittee Report – Marie


  • Residents are reminded to update their dogs’ rabies vaccine certificates with the Office. The revised annual application should be completed if there are any changes to contact information, shot records, etc. For 2021, a blue tag can be obtained from the Office. This replaces the red tag currently in use.
  • Residents who need to file a complaint can complete a complaint form located on our website.
  • Covid19 precautions remain in place. 5 dog owners at one time.
  • Handicap parking spaces will be improved at the Dog Park.


       Old Business


  • Paser Study: We have completed the study along with our partner from Santa Fe County, David Padilla. Several sections of the trails will be reviewed for repair in 2021.
  • Capital Request, 3rd marquee: Discussion continues regarding the timing of the project and location.
  • Insurance Task Force: BOD President, Treasurer, F&G Chair, Conservation Chair, and resident Mike Schneider are reviewing our current Liability insurance policy. Coverage increases, coverage additions and ways we can eliminate unnecessary expenses are all under review.

       New Business

  • Meeting with Hank Hughes and County Officials: Eldorado Current and Capital Projects Update – Minutes of this successful collaboration meeting can be found on our website.
  • Updates to F&G 5-year plan: F&G committee will be working on the logistics for a 2021 Town Hall meeting to discuss new capital projects. All residents interested in amenity upgrades/improvements are encouraged to participate.


       Adjournment: 12pm

Next meeting: February 3, 2021 at 10 AM. Meeting to be held on Zoom.