Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Draft Facilities and Grounds Committee (Digital) Meeting Minutes  

Wednesday, April 7, 2021
Call to Order:

Attendance: F&G members: Kathy Ritschel, Mary Ellen Donat, Martha Jackson, Taylor Ward, Marie Aragon, Bob Christie. Absent: Guy Monroe, Fred Raznick

Board Liaison/Members: Sal Monaco, David Sorkin

HOAMCO staff:  Mike Rogers, Jessica Collins

Guests: Dan Drobnis, Sheila Sullivan, Dee Houck, Phillip/Jacinta Kehoe, June, Hilary, Heather

Approval of Agenda: Approved as drafted.

Approval of March 3, Meeting Minutes: Approved as drafted.

Frisbee (Disc) Golf Course Presentation – Dee Houck, Houck Design

OM Updates – Mike Rogers

  • Stable camera installation is complete.
  • Compadres basketball court repairs are scheduled. Court surface will be repainted, and cracks repaired. The concrete surface is appropriate for roller blades and skateboards.
  • Fencing to enclose the community center basketball court is complete.
  • Replacement Patio lighting project is underway around the CC portals. LED night sky compliant lights will be used.
  • Two gated access points to the State Trust Land have been completed at Casa del Oro and Tetila Ct. Permits can be obtained from the State Land Office.
  • Maintenance installed split rail fencing at 100 Trailhead parking lot.

AGM Updates – Jessica Collins

  • Oasis Aquatics will be out this week or next to begin work on the baby pool plaster project.
  • Pool scheduled to open on Saturday, May 29th!!!
  • We have 11-13 lifeguards and will begin the hiring process later this month. We may employ a couple of pool attendants to ensure Covid-safe practices are maintained and to keep track of the number of people in pool area.
  • We have 5 lifeguards currently enrolled in the swim instructor course. Of the 101 responses to Swim Lesson survey, about half would like lessons. Currently, it appears we have approximately 75-100 students from the ages of 1.5-70 years old.
  • Curriculum suggests 8 lessons per skill level – which would mean two weeks for each student. According to the survey, most are interested in having the lessons the last week of June and the first week of July. We are considering having the lessons from 10-12 Mon-Thurs.
  • Instructors will obtain their own professional instructor liability insurance.
  • Lifeguard course through SFCC first week of June. Sign-up soon!
  • Reminder to be patient with the process and be open to change.
  • As of (April 5th), Santa Fe County remains in the Turquoise Phase of re-opening. This allows an outdoor pool to be open for lap swim and recreational swim at 75% of capacity. With this good news, the Facilities and Grounds Committee and Pool Staff are developing a pool schedule that will meet the needs of all community swimmers. We are hoping to return to “normal” swim hours, pre-2019, as soon as possible.
  • We are hopeful to have 1.5-hour recreational swim sessions each day – first come, first serve. Residents would an hour and a half at the pool and leave when the session is over, allowing for a new group of residents to enter and enjoy the pool for the next session. We will have lap swim hours and recreational swim hours each day, with two lap lanes remaining in the pool during recreational swim. Lap swim users will be able to share lanes; please be courteous of other users and practice respectable lane sharing and social distancing.
  • At 75% capacity, guests of ECIA members will not be allowed. If we can open at 100% capacity, the ability to bring guests to the pool will be discussed and communicated to residents.
  • Parents and caretakers of children: please ensure your children can practice social-distancing and Covid-safe behaviors in the pool area. Masks will be required while in the pool area, except while in the water. Indoor showers will continue to be closed, soap usage in outdoor showers is prohibited due to plumbing issues.
  • Procedures and pool usage will continue to be reviewed by F&G before and during the Pool season.

Board Liaison Report – David Sorkin

  • The Annual Report packet was mailed. For residents eligible to vote in this year’s election, materials are included.  If you do not receive a packet by April 1, please contact the office.
  • The Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, May 3 at 6:30 PM. Election results and the Volunteer of the Year will be announced. Justin Scott, CEO of HOAMCO has been invited, as well as other members of the HOAMCO Corporate.
  • 2022 will mark the 50thAnniversary of Eldorado. To celebrate, volunteers are needed to compose a steering committee that will plan and produce events.  Without the help of community members, celebratory activities will be limited. For more information, please email Nancy Sulzberg at n.sulzberg@eldoradosf.org.
  • John Gervers gave a presentation about the Eldorado Tree Samaritans who have worked on Eldorado trees for seven years.  There are twelve volunteers who have trimmed over750 trees along the 33 miles of roads in Eldorado.  In addition to pruning trees, the group often trims bushes where road safety might be impaired and unclogs culverts.  ECIA thanks these volunteers [some of whom are not Eldorado residents] for their dedication and commitment.
  • New Hire: Admin Asst. Jocelyn Rizzo will be working with Mark Young.


Dog Park Subcommittee Report – Marie

  • Dog Park Rules: see attached.
  • Weed barrier in the annex is tearing. Dog Park subcommittee is requesting the removal of the weed barrier to minimize tripping risks.
  • Windscreen is considered unsightly. Request to remove it.
  • Gravel path to the Dog Parks entrances remains hazardous. Suggestions to mix smaller rocks in and remove metal siding.


       Old Business


  • Status of County Funds for Azul and Torreon Hike/Bike trails: ECIA’s County Liaison, Joseph Gutierrez spoke with PJ Montoya, the County Manager for ground infrastructure.  The County will use $10K for each project to begin planning the Torreon and Azul upgrades.  Though the $300K Eldorado requested from capital outlay may not be approved, the $130K requested for the Azul project is awaiting the Governor’s signature.  Joseph also mentioned that there are monies for fire station and water company improvements that could benefit Eldorado.
  • Capital Request, 3rd Marquee: deferred to next month.
  • Insurance Task Force: ECIA liability insurance policy will be renewed this month for one year. Insurance industry is in turmoil due to overwhelming number of claims. Thanks given to Sal Monaco and Kathy Ritschel for serving on the Task Force.
  • Card readers: RFP has been created. Prospective vendors will submit bids for card readers on the courts and Dog Park. No decisions have been made to move forward yet, we are still gathering information.


       New Business

  • Community Center Reopening: Committees may resume in person meetings. F&G will continue to meet on Zoom until further notice.
  • F&G Town Hall: the committee will hold a Zoom Town Hall for residents on April 20 at 5pm. Residents are encouraged to submit questions or concerns before the meeting. Email blasts have begun encouraging resident participation.


        Public Forum

        Adjournment: 12:00 pm

        Next meeting:  May 5, 2021 at 10 AM. Meeting to be held on Zoom.