Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

ECIA Facilities and Grounds Committee

January 9, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 3:10 pm

Attendance: F&G Committee members Nolan Zisman, Karen Murry, Mike Schneider, Todd Handy, Lee Onstott, Russell Winslow (Fred Raznick  excused absence); ECIA Board Liaison Joseph Gutierrez; HOAMCO GM Julie Navarro; HOAMCO Project Manager Mike Bullock; HOAMCO Executive Assistant Anna Hansen; HOAMCO Community Relations Courteney Handy; Pool Ad Hoc Committee representatives: Martha Deutsch, Kanah Waltman, Mary Ellen Donat; Dog Park Ad Hoc representative Marie Aragon; Architect Courteney Mathey; Public speakers Jean Crawford, Dan Drobnis.

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of December 5, 2018 Meeting Minutes: Approved with slight correction.

Public Forum: None.

GM/PM Update: (Julie Navarro and Mike Bullock)

  • Status of Open problem Tickets as of December 27: Only two open problem tickets left and will be addressed soon.
  • Improved snow removal procedures in parking lots and on Hike-Bike trail near school, library and senior center following snow storms.will be looked into and addressed.
  • Second maintenance hire expected to start soon, currently interviewing for the third position.

Project Status Reports:

  • Pool Rehabilitation: Architect Courteney Mathey, 30 yr Santa Fe resident, was hired to design plans for the renovation of the ECIA pool area and bathhouse.
  1. Discussion on the current blue print with emphasis on bathhouse design, ramp, entrance and storage shed remodel. Looking at a two phase remodel, with 1st phase emphasis on men’s and women’s bathrooms completed by Pool season opening and 2nd phase mechanical/Family bath and storage area after. Jean Crawford mentioned the need to keep in mind the age of Eldorado residents and the need for better entry access (replace turn style entrance with ADA press button assess), better deck drainage of pool in front of bathhouse, wants a better flow design for residents using pool, remove planned design of outside lockers and create a few lockers inside the bathhouse, open up shower design, and leave room for wheelchair accessibility.
  2. Todd asked if contractor bidding has started. Mike is waiting for the pool designs to be revised/completed before bidding. Russell asked if a pool project schedule has been developed to maintain completion by pool opening for Memorial day weekend. Mike is working with Pool Pro and also looking for other pool vendors.
  3. Bathhouse enhancements cost is being reviewed. Todd asked if old pool infrastructure (electrical, plumbing, septic, mechanical) is up for new pool renovations, or if we need to review and bid out repairs before bathhouse changes. Mike  is looking at getting permits to create remodel revisions.
  4.  Still awaiting reports from PoolPro regarding deck core samples and from AAA Septic regarding our septic system.
  5.  Sewer system is weak and needs remodel before renovations. Mike has AAA bid to review and repair system.
  6.  Mike B. is comparing different options on drainage /slippage.
  7. Pool ladders will need to be grounded.
  8. Use of Pool shade structures, but new shade roofs. Looking at possibility of solar panels on roofs to offset cost of pool heating.
  9.  Need to meet pool opening target and project dates.

Motion to approve remodel design plans with discussed changes ( re- format bathrooms, add family changing room, remove most of the outside lockers, remodel gate entrance with mechanical button, and new access doorway to mechanical room from poolside) for purposes of securing permits. Approved. Bath house fixture recommendations will follow.

  • Status of new dog park shade structures: Shade structures are completed. Julie picked a neutral stain for wood supports. Marie A. indicated users are happy with the new structures. A big improvement from the old ones.
  • Status of planning for managing maintenance requirements: Mike B. is still in the process of planning.
  • Pool lifeguards and pool manager recruiting still ongoing.

Board Liaison Update: Joseph Gutierrez

  • A draft “Committee Roles and Responsibilities” document was sent out by the ECIA Board to ECIA Committees for review. Committee chairs will go over document later in month.

Old Business:

  • F&G Town Hall Meeting January 10, 2019: Procedural outline was discussed and committee volunteers gathered for scribe, sign up, speaker facilitation and time keeping.
  • Developing a 2019 Activity Plan for our amenities: Will be discussed at February meeting with any additional suggestions offered at the Town Hall gathering.
  • Plan for Security camera Network: Mike B. is working on cost and # of cameras needed around the CC, stables, Compadres Park. Mike is looking at current Century Link service provider and exploring new vendors, Comcast and Viacom. New camera security can be accessed live feed, information stored in Cloud, can have battery backup, are smaller and easer to mount and use, are weatherproof and motion detecting. Cost has gone down and they are affordable. Task force in agreement and will bring final plan to February F&G meeting.
  • New dates and times for 2019 F&G Committee meetings: 1st    Wednesdays of month at 10 am-12:30 pm. (February 6, March 6.         April 3, May 1, June 5). Results of changes will be asssessed at the   June 5 meeting.

New Business:

  • Initial review of R&R list of Scheduled 2020 Asset Replacements: Tabled to February meeting;
  • Brief Discussion on Board Committee Roles and Responsibilities document; Nolan will be recommending to the Board that we should see how the effectiveness of our new charter will meet the concepts contained in the document.

Committee Comments: Organization of volunteers for January 10th Town Hall Meeting.

Adjournment: 5:15pm

Next Meeting February 6, 2019 at 10am.