Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

February 6, 2019 Meeting DRAFT Minutes

Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 10:05 am

Attendance: F&G Standing Committee members Nolan Zisman, Karen Murry, Mike Schneider, Lee Onstott, Fred Raznick (Russell Winslow excused absence); Pool sub-committee members Martha Deutsch, Kanah Waltman, Mary Ellen Donat, Ted Freedman; Dog Park sub-committee members Guy Monroe and Taylor Ward; ECIA Board Liaison covered by Board members Todd Handy and David McDonald; HOAMCO GM Julie Navarro, Project Manager Mike Bullock, Executive Assistant Anna Hansen, and Community Relations Coordinator Courteney Handy; Residents Dan Drobnis and Shella Sullivan.

Public Forum: None

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of January 9, 2019 meeting minutes: Approved

GM/PM Update:

  • Snow on the Basketball court was removed. Open Problem Ticket closed within 30 days.
  • Pool Rehabilitation: PM Mike Bullock spoke about the various projects and problems occurring. He will be getting various bids by next week to send to the ECIA Board for review. 1) Well by pool needs to be brought up to code by raising the structure. 2) Will be moving the septic system to a new location on another side of the pool and doing needed repairs to bring the septic system up to code. 3) Planning to install a new effluent water distribution system at the CC to help with irrigation. 4) Concrete slab around pool needs to be replaced to address pool ponding and other infrastructure problems. Plan to install a 16’ gate in the west wall to enable material removal and staging for pool and bathhouse construction work. 5) No grounding wire was found at the pool and one will need to be installed. 6) Pool lines need to be tested for leaks.  Nolan will work with Mike to author a bi-weekly report on the ongoing pool rehab.  Nolan suggested we set aside some time at Mike’s convenience to offer tours of the construction site; this may not be feasible. While there is some “slack” built into the draft timeline for the project, we still don’t know until the bids are received as to how realistic that timeline will be. As the project progresses and it looks like there might be slippage to jeopardize our ability to meet the scheduled opening date, the community will be so informed.
  • Third maintenance position: should be filled soon and full staffing should be completed by mid-month.
  • Pool season staffing is underway. Six lifeguards are available and HOAMCO is looking to fill the pool manager position. Kanah “expressed her view that the Pool manager should also serve as the pool “activity director”. Mike S. asked if pool subcommittee members could help with the review.
  • Dog Park Shade Structures have been stained and the project is now complete. A new bench has been ordered.  The question was raised about the water hydrant freezing during cold days. A news alert will be sent out to Eldorado residents to bring their own dog drinking water on cold days.
  • • 2019 R&R and New Capital Projects. New electric stable gates are installed. Community Center lighting will change over to energy efficient bulbs. Nolan requested that the GM/PM submit monthly schedule/ status tracking charts for the R&R and new capital projects.
  • Planning for managing maintenance requirements. Mike B. is working on Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) to build a formal work and control schedule.  Mike was asked about the status of the water at the stables. He noted the Stable water situation is not good with recurring major leaks. The stable water system may need a major water system rehab.
  • ECIA Replacement Web Site: Requirement specifications still being developed.
  • Security Camera Network: The ideal cameras have been identified. Mike B. is investigating wifi availability at the intended sites with Comcast and Century Link. Karen M. asked if the camera network will be online by the May Eldorado Studio Tour.

Board Liaison Update: David McDonald

  • Stacy from HOAMCO will be available mid-February and will work with ECIA Board to update procedures on handling money for the financial report.
  • Submittal to Legislature of ECIA Capital Outlay Requests: An ECIA team delivered the forms to the aides of Sen. Wirth and Rep. McQueen. The requested funding will be used to extend the Av. Eldorado hike-bike path from Av. Torreon to the Stables, and to chip seal several poor roads.
  • Board Reaction to the Committee Chair meeting: David felt it was a good productive meeting. The “Committee Rules and Responsibilities Policy” is being explored and the ECIA Board is hoping to move some of the relevant policy into ECIA Committee Charters. Policy last updated in 2009.
  • January ECIA Board meeting. Todd Handy has been approved as a Board member.
  • Senate Bill 150 was passed on January 30th, 2019. This HOA bill changes some of the charges a Homeowner Association and Management Company can bill new homeowners.

Old Business:

  • Develop a 2019 Activity Plan for our Amenities. Plans reviewed by Committee. Three or four activities are being planned for 2019.

New Business:

  • Establish a Task Force for the Courts: Nolan plans to call a meeting of court users to form a task force who would develop rules for usage of the courts and ideas for increasing usage.
  • The content of the F&G Annual Report section for the ECIA 2018 Annual Report was approved. It will be submitted to Courteney and Julie.
  • R&R List of Scheduled 2020 Assets Replacements was reviewed. Some dates were moved out; those still scheduled for 2020 will receive future F&G  scrutiny as the year progresses.
  • 5-Year Plan: F&G reviewed and prioritized items on the accumulated list of items (on last year’s plan and suggested at the Jan. F&G town hall meeting) from high to low priority. These will be finalized at the March meeting. Some discussion included:

1)Grass installation on the ball field will be reviewed by the Environmental Advisory AdHoc Committee. 2) Grey water system could help with CC irrigation needs. 3) Dog Park sub-committee will conduct a poll to see about the desirability of an agility course and a small dog park. 4) Compadres Park Pickleball Court will be a good addition to park. 5) Creating a new jogging/walking path through the Community Center grounds will be attractive. A Par Course can be added to the path. Path structure and design to be explored. 6) Demo’d  Pool Deck concrete sections can be cut for use in new installations of cactus gardens and perhaps a pump track. 7) We need to continue to explore activity options for 11-14-year-old residents. Already brought up were a jump board, climbing boulders, pump track, a recreation room, and a skateboard park.

Committee Comments: We should continue to collect 5-year plan ideas.

Next Meeting March 13, 2019 10 am in the Railroad room.