Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee


Facilities and Grounds Committee December 4, 2019 Meeting Minutes


Call to Order: 10am

Attendance: Committee members: Nolan Zisman, Karen Murry, Fred Raznick, Mary Ellen Donat, Martha Jackson, Marie Aragon, Taylor Ward. Kathleen Ritschel had an excused absence, Lee Onstott has resigned; ECIA Board Liaison: David Sorkin; Staff: GM Julie Navarro, OM Mike Rogers, PM Jessica Collins; Resident Sheila Sullivan.

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of November 6, Meeting Minutes: Approved

Public Forum: None

GM/OM/PM Status Updates:

  1. Disposition of Open Problem Tickets: a) Hike/Bike Paths ant abatement was postponed until spring when weather is warmer.Ticket will remain open with “postponed until spring” in the comments.. b) WIFI signal in RR building has been boosted by installing WIFI Boosters- ticket closed. Dog Park Shade structure has a broken lag bolt. Vendor will be out to drill out old bolt and install new. Repairs projected to be completed this week. Ticket still open.
  2. Maintenance Management Process Implementation Supported by “Caliber” Software Module: R&R assets have been loaded into the data base. Tammy from HOAMCO will be out to help train staff and set up system parameters so that the module can be used for managing maintenance activities.
  3. Review of Pederson Pool Manual for any Overlooked Items: Jessica reviewed manual and found no overlooked items for closing the pool.
  4. Low Wattage Ground Lights were purchased for the “infield” walkway and trenching for the wires is being done. The electrician is expected later in the week to hook up the lighting. In the meantime, solar portable lights are being used. The bollards at the east end of the walkway have been installed and are providing lighting at that end.

Old Business:

  1. Pool Rehabilitation-Phase II- Mike/Julie: Poolside will supply a           contract for complete list of items needed for the mechanical room     upgrade. 

Shade Systems and Exerplay supplied two proposals for the pool shade                  structures. Option One, estimated cost $37,967, was approved by F&G.                  Nolan commented that all contractor contracts need to be supplied before      the December 16th ECIA Board meeting for review. Finance Committee        included $66.5K for The ADA family bath house and $30K for shade                   structures in its recommended 2020 budget. The shade structures will     need additional funding.

  1. 2. Parking Lot Lighting- Mike: GL Runer was contacted and has chosen not to bid on this project.  Dahl Lighting was out in November and presented        possible lighting ideas and will provide a cost estimate.
  2. 3. Pool Inside Wall Mural/Lights/Potted Plants Suggestions from Eileen                       Chadwick: Inside wall mural was declined as it was thought to conflict with                           the natural beauty one sees around the pool. Lights were thought to be a                       possible option as long as they do not disturb the night sky. Potted plants                              were also considered favorably     with concern on who would be caring and                          watering the plants and how they would be protected for winter. Further                        consideration of these two items are being postponed to mid-year to enable                              the pool season to start up.
  3. 4. Thoughts on Lighting the Tennis and Basketball Courts- Mike: Dahl Lighting will be out later this week to provide ideas on dark sky-appropriate       lighting options.
  4. 5. Pedestrian Crossings near School and on Ave Del Monte Alto-Martha: Johnny Baca from the County suggested Pedestrian X pavement striping.      Other options like the crossing feature in town by Trader Joe’s are expen     sive. F& G is requesting our Board legislative rep. work with the County and          El Dorado Community School to encourage the County to start with the   Pedestrian X striping but to migrate to better signalling. This may require        working through our County Commissioner.
  5. 6. Security Cameras: IntraWorks has provided the ECIA with a quote for security cameras at the Community Center. The cameras will provide cover    age for the following areas: Effluent irrigation tanks SW of swimming pool;          Swimming pool, adult and kiddie; Parking lot SW of CC building; Office area        of CC building and west area of patio; east parking lots of CC; NE parking lot   of CC; entry drive to maintenance barn; sport courts parking lot; Playground     area to west of maintenance barn and south side of maintenance barn in  cluding RR room and cactus garden. IntraWorks provided a superior presen-        tation of their services and products and is highly recommended. Julie will create a contract proposal and have IntraWorks sign it. The proposal will be      provided to the Board at the Dec 16th Board meeting. F&G recommended                Julie ensure contract is signed and a deposit payment is made in December                    so the remaining 2019 budget (over $9,000) can be applied.

Briefing on Meeting with Stacy Maule (HOAMCO COO) - David and Nolan: In recent meeting, Stacy agreed that metrics should be established to track  HOAMCO's delivery of services as defined in the contract. A KPI (key perfor-mance indicators) system is being developed as a way to objectively track HOAMCO financial and operational services. Stacy also concurred with an ECIA-developed “customer satisfaction survey” for residents to offer subjective evaluation of the services.

New Business:

  1. 1. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and other Metrics for ECIA in 2020: A task force of 3 of our committee chairs developed a list of proposed metrics for committee review and ultimate recommendation to the Board. F&G unanimously (6-0-0) agreed to recommend the following operational metrics:
  • Completion of open problem tickets (tracked daily/reported weekly internally and monthly to the committees and Board). Goal should be 90% within 30 days.
  • Percentage of scheduled maintenance activities performed on time: (tracked internally weekly/reported monthly at the major task level). Goal should be 100%.
  • KPI: Budgeted maintenance staff and (separately) pool employee hours actually worked: (Tracked internally daily/reported internally weekly and and monthly to the committees and Board). Goal should be 95%.
  • KPI: Projects Completed on time. This includes major capital improvements and reserve-based replacements as enumerated in the budget). Measured as percentage of all projects. Tracked weekly/reported monthly on a project calendar at the project level. Goal should be 100%.

These will be submitted to the Board, either stand-alone, or along with Financial metrics that may be recommended to the Board after their Dec. 10 meeting.

  1. 2. Developing “Customer Satisfaction” Survey: ( based on quarterly survey     of randomly selected lot owners using a 5-point rating scale (1-poor;             5-excellent). Reviewing: general appearance of ECIA Facilities and Grounds   (including CC, Compadres Park, Preserve, and Hike/Bike Trails); Respon          siveness of HOAMCO Employees to resident complaints/suggestions; Friendliness/Courtesy of HOAMCO Employees; Delivery by HOAMCO of       contracted/promised services. Note: These metrics would, on a weighted         basis, roll up into a single metric of “Satisfaction with HOAMCO”. F&G con-   cluded it might be premature to offer suggestions for this survey until we get          into the new year and involve all committees (and perhaps resident represen-          tatives). This subject will be continued on the agenda into 2020.
  2. 3. Developing Pool Procedures Manual for 2020 Season: Jessica has           created a new operations manual and will update in Spring for opening of         2020 pool season, including sections covering the new ADA family changing     room and new shade structures once they are installed and the vendor has      provided training. 
  3. 4. Need for F&G Town Hall or Open Forum in January: Will be postponed to mid-year. In the meantime F&G will work with the list of desired amenities          de      veloped in January 2019.

Committee Comments: A very happy Holiday for everyone!

Adjournment: 12:00 noon