Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Revised Draft (11/11/19)

 Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2019

Call to Order: 10:00 am

Attendance: Committee Members Nolan Zisman, Karen Murry, Lee Onstott, Fred Raznick, Mary Ellen Donat, Martha Jackson, Kathleen Ritschel, Marie Aragon, Taylor Ward; ECIA Board Liaison David Sorkin; OM Mike Rogers; Pool Manager Jessica Collins; resident Sheila Sullivan.

Approval of Agenda:Approved with removal of duplicate budget item.

Approval of October 2, 2019 Meeting Minutes: Approved.

Public Forum: None

GM/OM Status Updates: Mike Rogers

  • Disposition of Open Problem Tickets: While the procedure was set up with Julie many months ago that each month’s spreadsheet would be updated and distributed in both hard and soft copies, Mike only had a verbal report. Most open problem tickets were closed. Mike will provide Nolan with hard and soft copies.
  • Pool Closing ( including procedures and summery of 2019 Pool season): Jessica Collins was introduced as new Pool Manager. She will be getting her certification so on- site lifeguard training can occur in 2020 season. The pool dog party was a hit and residents and dogs enjoyed the event.

    On November 4th, Poolside drained 1/2 the pool water, blew out the pipes and winterized the mechanical room. Pool deck furniture was tarped for winter protection. Nolan expressed disappointment that while Julie and Mike both previously agreed that using the pool operations manual left by Kelsey Peterson would be prudent in ensuring a comprehensive shutdown, only portions were briefly reviewed. Nolan requested that Jessica and Mike provide a note indicating which procedures from that manual had not be implemented, if any, and the effect of that omission. A couple of F&G members spoke up encouraging review, update (as needed) and following the manual henceforth.
  • Maintenance Management Documentation: Mike reported that nothing has been done to implement the Caliber maintenance module in the 3 months since the demo in August, suggesting that Julie would be progressing this activity. Nolan expressed, on behalf of the F&G Committee, displeasure in the lack of progress. He requested and Mike agreed to furnish sample copies of the maintenance work order lists and field reports.
  • Work on Hike-Bike Path near Joya Ct.: AFJ completed digging back  a dirt slope by 18” and installing erosion waddles. Todd will continue discussions with the County to address encroachment of sand off the road onto the apron that intersects with the Av. Vista Grande hike-bike path.

  • Staffing: Maintenance is at 3 staff members plus another part-time person.

Board Liaison Update: David Sorkin

  • David McDonald has stepped down from President position but will remain as a Board member. Bernardo Monserrat resigned. New Board Officers are: Nancy Sulzberg - President, Mel D’Amore - VP, Carol Sanguinetti -Treasurer.
  • The Board has concluded the Family Changing Room segment of the Phase II pool rehabilitation will be a new capital project. Appropriate documentation will be expected.
  • Board will be reviewing possible new insurance carriers. Nolan is awaiting a previously requested copy of the current policy before he can draft a new RFP on behalf of the Finance Committee.
  • Board is reviewing swipe cards for pool and dog park access.
  • Developing new ECIA Website is progressing. Looking at a local resident with website, podcast and video experience.
  • Young residents’ forum was canceled due to lack of interest. Will be reintroduced next year.
  • Problems with unruly dogs at the dog park is being investigated and concerns will be addressed.

Old Business:

  • Proposed 2020 Budget, Including Capital Project Requests. Nolan reported the list of requested capital projects was approved by the Board, with the exception of the jump board. That will be reviewed again when the next insurance policy is in place.
  • Pool Rehabilitation- Phase 2- Mike Rogers
    a) Remediate Phase 1 Bathhouse Issues: Mike mentioned adding cubbies, adding secure hooks, and removing one of the mirrors from the women’s side as being part of this work. Nolan requested a note listing all the defined “issues” as formal documentation to solicit a bid for this work.

    b) As the Board is expecting to review a recommended proposal from both F&G and the Finance Committee prior to their November meeting, Mike will create a formal plan for all the Phase 2 work, along with estimated costs, and present to a special meeting of F&G on Nov 13. (The Finance Committee may also need to call a special meeting to review).This will include the list of items identified in the preliminary 2020 budget. Since the family changing room is to be in a separate structure, this portion of the project will be a capital expenditure. Nolan will work with Mike to complete the appropriate CPR form for F&G and Finance Committee, and Board review.

    c) Pool shade structures- - Mike, with the Pool Sub-Committee, are using Greg Neil from Exerplay to create a design, using cantilevers and sun sails, that will be able to withstand our winds and provide optimum shade. Locations on the deck still need to be finalized.
  • Crossing Signals near School, at Agora and on Ave. Del Monte Alto- Martha. Getting more signs or traffic signals would need a County traffic study. In the interim, or in lieu thereof, it was suggested an article be written for VISTAS and for the El Dorado Community School’s newsletter regarding the need to stop for pedestrians at these crossings.
  • Security Camera Proposals- After brief discussion of the two received proposals, it was concluded that the task force members will submit a proposal recommending IntraWorks be selected. The task force will review that proposal one more time to ensure it is complete and meets all our requirements.
  • Parking Light Lighting- Fred and Sheila. Since the last meeting, and for clarity, the lighting of the “island” and other CC walkways was divorced from the parking lot lighting. The reason is that “repairing” the ground lighting system is a maintenance, not a reserve, project. Staff will progress establishing improved ground lighting as soon as possible.

    Fred and Nolan expressed frustration that the parking lot lighting project has been on the F&G docket since 2017. Mike suggested there were no defined requirements. While there has been much correspondence between F&G members and the two GM’s since 2017, Nolan referred Mike back to the CPR form for this project that had been previously distributed to the Board and to Julie. The consensus was to have G L Runer come out again to review current lighting and recommend a  Dark Sky appropriate lighting system that covers all parking areas used by people attending meetings ending after darkness..
  • Lighting for the Courts - this will have to be reviewed for Dark Sky appropriate lighting.

New Business:Removal of Invasive Elm in front of Pool Bathhouse.

Motion to recommend the removal of Elm tree, seconding the           Environmental Stewardship’s recommendation, was          unanimously approved.


Nolan will write up motion for David Sorkin to present to the ECIA     Board.

 Committee Comments: None as time ran out.


Next Meetings: Special Meeting on Nov. 13 at 10AM to review bid/plans for Phase II. Regular monthly meeting on December 4, 2019 at 10AM.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:30pm.