Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Call to Order: 10:04 am

Attendance: Committee Members: Nolan Zisman, Lee Onstott, Fred Raznick, Mary Ellen Donat; Excused Absences: Martha Jackson; Marie Aragon, Karen Murry; ECIA Board Liaison Todd Handy; GM Julie Navarro, OM Mike Rogers; residents Dan Drobnis, Kathleen Ritschel (third meeting). 

Approval of Agenda: One deletion under Old Business: Dog Park Agility Course. Two additions under New Business- 1) Paving of Hike-Bike Trail Segments Which Cross Private Driveways; 2) Recommending Kathy Ritschel for F&G Membership.   Revised agenda approved.

Approval of September 4, 2019 Meeting Minutes: Approved.

Public Forum: None. 

GM/OM Status Updates:

  • Disposition of Open Problem Tickets. 96% of all problem tickets submitted have be closed within 30 days of receipt. 3 of 5 closed as of end of September. Two remain open: a) Community Center WIFI signal remains weak in outer buildings when multiple users are on the network.   b) Pulling away of post in dog park East shade structure. Year-to-date
  • Formalizing Maintenance Management. Staff has started loading data into The “Caliber” software maintenance module. Right now the various maintenance activities are being loaded. Scheduling and other activity definitions will be loaded thereafter.
  • ECIA New Website. The Board has taken this on and will advise when they have selected a vendor.
  • Action items from Onstott/Zisman Hike/Bike Inspection Report.
    Shrubbery, weeds, have been cleared from all trail segments. Nothing has yet been done with sink holes, ant hills, and posting of stop signs. F&G recommends posting the already purchased stop signs and replacing them with standard red signs when needing replacement. Julie decided to use our staff to take care of the ant holes rather than have the 3rd party vendor do this work.
  • Water Lines Serving Pool and Bath House. There were two places where EAWSD and well water were being comingled. These have been separated so that the pool can be filled and showers taken at the same time without a drop in water pressure.
  • County Paving of Selected Road Aprons (Intersecting with Hike-Bike Trail) The remaining three intersections are being completed today. A total of 20 will have been completed. There will be a need to sweep these aprons from time to time. Julie will investigate a sweeper attachment which can be used with one of our tractors.

Board Liaison Update: Todd and Julie

  1. Feedback from Sept. Board Meeting. Board considering creating a Parliamentarian position. No decision on the jump board or building a dedicated pickleball facility at Compadres Park.Supporting a Dedicated Pickleball Facility at Compadres Park. No decision reached.
  2. ECIA Board Direction on Pickleball Project. No decision reached.
  3. VISTAS Article on Maintenance. F&G is very disappointed that this article, which was submitted well ahead of deadline and contained information vital to helping the community understand how problems can be reported, did not appear in the October issue. Nolan will address this issue to the Board.


Old Business:

  • Tentative 2020 Projects
  1. Improve CC Outside Lighting and ECIA Security- Mike has scheduled presentations from each of the two bidders for Thursday and Friday of this week. A possible vendor for the parking lot and walkway lighting will be out to make an inspection. Mike will notify Fred when a date/time is established. Julie and Mike were reminded we need these costs to take to the Finance Committee budget meeting on October 8.
  2. Dedicated Pickleball Facility. Kathy will work with Julie to establish a scheduling function for the pickleball players on the basketball court. Under this arrangement Julie will have Staff set up the nets and ball stops on the courts prior to a scheduled pickleball event. Julie suggested using the on-line calendar module. Given this scenario, F&G will withdraw this as a recommended 2020 project and defer until such time as player volume may suggest need for separate facility.
  3. Pool Rehabilitation-Phase II A third party has evaluated the equipment and footprint in the mechanical room and will develop a design for that space. F&G awaits this report. Nolan suggested holding an open forum to review anticipated Phase II components. Julie and Mike were advised to set a high enough priority on this work so that contracts could be signed by the end of the year, in order to avoid any possible delays in pool opening in 2020.
  4. Developing a more permanent solution to sand on the AVG hike/bike path near Joya Court. AFJ will install waddles to keep back loose soil and perform other needed maintenance.
  5. Dog Park Annex. Nolan will forward CPR form to Julie and Mike to determine if Staff can build and what they think it will cost.

2)      Pedestrian Crossing Signals On Av. Vista Grande and Av. Monte        Alto. Todd still needs to get put together a scope statement/require ments document he can take to the County. He will work with Martha   to develop. Recommended that Todd and Martha meet with Eldorado School Principal to see if District has standards for such crossing    signals. This meeting also good PR.

New Business:
1)      Night-time Lighting of the Courts. F & G unanimously agreed this           objective worth pursuing. Nolan will work with Mike to investigate op          tions and costs.

2)      Identify R&R Line Items To Define Those Needing F&G Review Prior to Expenditure.
Committee asked to review again during the      next month. 

3)      Future of Maintenance (To Prevent Deferral). It was the consensus       of the Committee that the following protocol should be established   and followed:

  1. a) Monthly Report by GM/OM of maintenance completed, indicating             scheduled and actual dates. Key items to be mentioned in status          update;
               b) Monthly Report by GM/OM of maintenance scheduled for the next            30 days. Key items to be mentioned in status update;
              c) Review of items scheduled for replacement needing F&G input;
  2. d) Status report on items replaced not requiring prior F&G input.

4)      Paving of Hike-Bike Sections Crossing Private Driveways. Only 5        private driveway crossings remain to be addressed. Todd will bring to          County’s attention.

5)      Recommending Kathy Ritschel for Membership. Unanimously ap        proved. Nolan will write Motion for Todd to take to Board.

Committee Comments: Those who spoke mentioned how much they               enjoy being on the committee; they feel F&G makes a real difference        and meetings are both orderly and productive.

          Lee received a phone call during meeting from County Project Mgr.           Indicating bids have been received to replace hike-bike segment on         Av. Vista Grande between Chusco Rd. and Av. Buena Ventura. Esti-     mated cost is $120,000. Todd advised ECIA not expected to contrib    ute funding for this work as funds made available from State and      County reserves. Not sure when work will be done.

          Nolan plans to keep encouraging Staff to complete Maintenance data      base and formalize maintenance management activities.

Next Meeting: November 6, 2019 at 10am.

Meeting Adjourned: 11:58 AM.