Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds  Committee

Meeting Minutes for November 7, 2018

Call to Order: Nolan Zisman called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm

In Attendance were Nolan Zisman, Karen Murry, Fred Raznick, Russell Winslow, Lee Onstott, Todd Handy; ECIA Board Liaison and Board Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; Dan Drobnis Treasurer; HOAMCO GM Julie Navarro; Project Manager Mike Bullock; Dog Park Ad Hoc Committee representatives: Marie Aragon, Bob Christie; Pool Ad Hoc Committee Representative Martha Deutsch.

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of Oct 3, 2018, Meeting Minutes: Approved

Public Forum: None

GM Update: Julie Navarro

  • Introduction of new HOAMCO Project Manager Mike Bullock.
  • Problem Ticket report: a) New tennis court shading ordered. b) goat heads are being removed. c) New replacement of kitchen faucet-parts ordered. d) Depot was freshly painted, using outside contractor. e)Stable electronic gates are being ordered. f)Pool furniture is being looked at. g)Exerplay was out regarding the playground maintenance and upgrades; they will schedule repairs. Playground wood bark will be ordered from Exerplay for both the playgrounds and dog park. h) Lee mentioned that a Preserve trailhead fence is damaged and down and needs to be fixed.
  • 2018 Hike-Bike path replacement signage has been completed by maintenance.
  • Status of Pickleball Demonstration Project: Teams have been observed using the facilities. Appear to be having fun. Nolan will follow up with notes to reps.
  • Security cameras at Compadres and Stables: Courteney supplied a list of locations for new security cameras to cover “blind areas” around the Community Center. Discussion about new camera options for Compadres, Stables and Pool area. Possibly using a lifeguard flag system (red and green) with one camera posted to the website (live feed) for residents to see if the pool is open. Mike will take lead in progressing project with help from Courteney, Lee, and Todd.
  • Patio Pinon Trees: Robert fertilized last month and trees have received no irrigation due to wet fall weather.
  • Community Center Staffing: HOAMCO has hired Mike Bullock as Project Manager. Still receiving applications for Pool Manager for 2019 season and Maintenance position. Todd asked that HOAMCO use local publications for recruitment.

Board Liaison: Joseph Gutierrez

  • 2019 Budget appears close to the 2018 totals. Joseph would like to ask for a $150K adjustment for Pool Rehabilitation. F&G asked to review the 2019 list and check the priority status of projects to see if any need to move to higher priority.
  • HOAMCO Status Update: David, Joseph, Sal, Nolan, and HOAMCO Stacy Maule met last week, to voice concerns on the need for communication improvements and a formal maintenance schedule. Fred discussed high HOAMCO title processing costs for Eldorado home buyers and sellers. Higher costs are upsetting to many Eldorado buyers and sellers and that this higher cost should be negotiated in next HOAMCO contract.
  • F&G Charter: ECIA Board approved F&G’s Charted at October Board meeting. This means F&G can have sub-committees. Current Pool and dog Park Ad Hoc committee members can join the F&G or be advisors. New membership will not change the F&G quorum of 3.
  • Status of Pool and Dog Park Ad Hoc Committees: Joseph requested updated Ad Hoc committee lists. Board will send each a note disbanding Ad Hocs and vetting them for F&G membership.

Discussion of Ad Hoc and other Status Reports:

  • Pool: Pool and Related Infrastructure - Pool Pro has completed their fieldwork, their report is due within the next few days. Verbal preliminary findings conclude pool does not have to be replaced but a lot of upgrade work is required. Contract for research on existing pool septic system and backwash system has been signed; work to begin soon. Soliciting separate bids for demolition of interior of bath house building and remodeling thereof. Pool user sub-committee has met to provide input on what they'd like to see in new bath house and for deck furniture. New shade covers requested for 2019 budget.  
  • Russell discussed update on Pool Pro pool study. Core samples of the decking were made to test the decking strength, with no honeycombing noticed, but reinforced steel used is now rusted. Rusty from Pool Pro recommended replacing the pool decking. He recommended digging 4’ trenches around pools to improve drainage and eliminate ponding, slopping decking to drains. Possible creation of a cistern to collect water for irrigation was mentioned. Pool skimmer replacement also recommended.
  • a) Upgrade the Bathhouses: demo sheetrock and ceiling, upgrade bathhouse fixtures, upgrade electrical, and add 2019 Exerplay shade structures (if approved by the Board). b)Russell would like to see repair target date of May 2019 Pool opening. c) HOAMCO Project manager Mike will formulate costs, schedule and oversee the project. Cost estimate will be sent to the F&G for review and then sent to the ECIA Board for approval. d) AAA Allied is scheduling a Backwash inspection. Russell asked about the possibility of backwash water being stored and used for irrigation. e) Pool Sub Committee to review pool budget by end of November 2018. f) Nolan reported he conveyed a well-deserved appreciation to Rusty for the fine, long-standing relationship between PoolPro and ECIA.
  • Dog Park: Marie Aragon commented that the new signage at the dog park entrance is quite nice, can a second sign be ordered for the second.entrance. Julie will look into it. Exerplay will be asked to supply mulch at 300 cubic yards, hopefully delivered by end of November. This will be use to recover the dog park and play areas. Exerplay is also suppling recommendations for shade structures. Bob Christie supplied his rendition of possible shade structure ideas. Bob will work with Mr Bullock about new dog park shading.
  • Hike-Bike Paths – All crack filling and seal coating work completed for this year. A 5 year plan for maintaining the network has been prepared. This will be of great benefit in preparing future years' budgets. New signage has been put out and all signs now on right side of trail.
  • Multi-purpose Field: Nothing to report at this time
  • Digital Marquee Sign Pilot Project: Stable is looking at the possible location by the stable gate.
  • Security Camera Network - - Awaiting new Project Manager to start; this will be one of his first projects.

Old Business:

  • F&G Town Hall meeting set for January 10, 2019, at 6:30 pm. Nolan will write a Vistas article to promote attendance.

New Business:

  • Developing a 2019 Activity Plan for our Amenities: Mike Schneider and Ted Freeman are preparing a project list as well as recommendations for purchases of pool accessories.

Committee Comments:

Thanks to new Project Manager Mike Bullocks. Todd would like to see ECIA meet the need for catching up on all deferred maintenance and ensuring future budgets reflect actual needs, not just reflect a reaction to things that are “broken”. Lee would like to see a monthly review and maintenance on security cameras to make sure everything is working properly. Welcome back, Karen.

Meeting adjourned 5:05 pm

Next Meeting December 5, 2018 at 3pm.