Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday,  October 3, 2018

3PM ECIA Classroom

Call to Order and Attendance: Meeting called to order by Chairman Zisman at 3:05PM. All committee members ( were present except Todd Handy, who had excused absence (Fred Raznick, Russell Winslow, Lee Onstott, Mike Schneider, Nolan Zisman). Also present were Marie Aragon, Dog Park Ad Hoc team leader; Joseph Gutierrez, Board liaison; Julie Navarro, GM; Anna Hanson, Asst. to GM; Courteney Handy, Robert Hurtado and Mark Young, Hoamco staff; and Joe Loewy and Trond Peterson, residents.

Consent Items:

  • Approval of Agenda - - Approved as posted, but Robert and Trond allowed to speak first so they could leave to do other things.
  • Approval of Sept 5, 2018 Meeting Minutes - - approved by consensus.

Public Forum- Mr Peterson is coordinating a Community Volunteer Fair for Nov 7. He suggested F&G man a table for that event.  Mike Schneider volunteered to man for part of the time to encourage younger people, especially those with young children to volunteer for F&G.

GM Update

  • Open Problem Tickets – All but 8 of 61 problem tickets open during 2018 to date have been closed. 56% were closed within 60 days but only 38% within 30 days. Going forward target will be to have 90% or more of tickets closed withing 30 days. None of the 8 open tickets are considered “critical”.
  • Pool Water Meter and Cistern Issues – Backflow valve ordered to keep ECIA water from replacing well water; this will be needed until the lines are separated. It was suggested that staff prepare a binder of Standard Operating Procedures for controlling all critical components of our utilities. Apparently, prior maintenance personnel knew to turn off the EAWSD water when the pool was being filled with well water, but that procedure was never documented or passed on, such that, because of higher pressure, EAWSD water was being used to fill the pool for the past few years, in all probability. The August EAWSD bill was back to reasonable numbers and their bills will continue to be monitored and documented. EAWSD will complete the installation of the Badger Beacon meters at their 3 well locations so staff will be able to get alerts on leaks and excessive usage.  Russell reminded Julie and Joseph that a documentation of the history of the high EAWSD bills and research into causes and remedies will be important.  Cisterns have been reinstalled and plumbed. They should  be tested with well water at the end of this week.
  • New Depot Floor - - work completed last week in September. Art objects will be sent to cleaners and rehung.
  • 2018 Hike-Bike Path Maintenance - - Av Monte Alto and Av. Vista Grande (Monte Alto to Chusco Rd) have been seal coated. Work to start on crack repair on three segments week of Oct 8. Maintenance staff will apply Avenger organic herbicide to test section of Av. Vista Grande trail between Chusco and av. Buena Ventura.
  • Status of Pickleball Demonstration Project - - Tuff shed erected adjacent to basketball court to store pickleball equipment; players observed using the facility.
  • Dirt Road Apron Extensions – work has not yet begun. County can't commit to date yet.
  • Saving the Patio Pinons - - Have been getting some watering; awaiting David McDonald instructions on choice of approaches to be used to fertilize the trees.
  • Lighting Improvements in the CC buildings - - All fixtures in Foyer room now match. Replacement of lighting fixtures in Classroom in abeyance pending testing the moving of tables to in front of the windows and projecting images on the opposite wall. During the day, any necessary lighting to be furnished primarily by outside ambient lighting during daytime meetings and existing lights pointed in directions that do not blind people in meetings therein on darker days and in the evenings.
  • Acquisition of Air Conditioning Units for Downstairs Rooms and RR building - - equipment ordered; scheduled for Oct 22.
  • Securing New Hike-Bike Trail Signs - - crossing ahead signs ordered. Lee requested a group of stop signs for intersections where hike bike trails cross major roads.
  • New Project Coordinator – Candidate has been identified; hiring process still underway. Hope to have on board before end of October.

Board Liaison Update

  • Status of New F&G Charter - - Joseph has requested a wording change; Board will consider the charter at its October sessions.
  • Status of Pool and Dog Park Ad Hoc committees – once F&G charter is approved Board will decide how to terminate these two Ad Hoc groups. Marie Aragon has already agreed to join F&G as Dog Park users liaison; Mike will perform same function with pool users.
  • 3 new directors were seated and new committee liaison assignments made. Joseph will continue as primary F&G liaison, Elizabeth Macleran will be alternate.
  • The Board approved a new pesticide policy at their Sept. meeting.

Other Status Reports

  • Pool and Related Infrastructure - Pool Pro has started the study, pressure tests have been performed on the tot and main pools, a mechanical engineer has reviewed the equipment; structural & electrical engineers are to be onsite week of Oct 1. PoolPro was requested to include in their report recommendations/opinions on keeping pool heated and covered over the winter; assessment of existing equipment pads.  Proposal for research on existing pool septic system and backwash system has been received from AAA Allied Septic and needs to be reviewed to see if it is needed to go to Board for approval. Because the cost estimate exceeds $5,000 and because Julie could not find any other competing vendors, this fact will have to be documented along with the submission of the proposal.  Proposal has been transmitted to Director Gutierrez.  Russell will contract AAA Allied to have them agree that upon completion of the study they will furnish ECIA with a price proposal to design and furnish documents to allow ECIA to obtain bids for any up backwash system upgrades.
  • Hike-Bike Paths – Seal coating work done on path from CC to AVG, and AVG from Monte Alto to Chusco Rd. Other work will involve crack filling as follows:
    • Av. Casa del Oro – fill all latitudinal cracks; 2” cracks are saw-cut, filled with rock salt as weed killer, and filled with asphalt. Cracks smaller than 2” filled with organic herbicide recommended by AFJ and filled with rubberized material.
    • Av de Compadres - fill all latitudinal cracks; 2” cracks are saw-cut, filled with rock salt as weed killer, and filled with asphalt. Cracks smaller than 2” filled with organic herbicide (corn gluten) recommended by Environmental Ad Hoc committee, then filled with rubberized material.
    • Av de Torreon- fill all latitudinal cracks; 2” cracks are saw-cut, filled with rock salt as weed killer, and filled with asphalt. Cracks smaller than 2” not filled with herbicide; just rubberized material.

          Purpose is to compare results over a 2-year period of the efficacy of the herbicides     used vs. using nothing. Pictures will be taken periodically over the 2 year period as a      means of evaluating results.

  • Dog Park – Many of the dog owners like the new gate on the east end of the park. They are requesting the opportunity to use either gate when the pool is not open. The material composing the path down to the new gate from the parking lot is too loose; some users have fallen. It needs to be compacted better; ideally, a top coating of compacted crusher fines would be nice to have. The new gate also needs adjusting as it drags on the ground. They would like to have a trash container at the east end. Also the poop bag dispensers are missing bags.
  • Multi-purpose Field – herbicide (Avenger) recommended by Environmental Ad Hoc will be tried on the baseball infield to determine its efficacy in killing weeds. Additional infield dirt will be acquired and allowed to settle over the winter. Infield will be regraded and prepped prior to start of little league practices next year. Protective netting for the two “dugout” areas and a portable pitcher's mound included in 2019 budgeting requests.
  • Security Camera Network - - New state-of-art camera installed at Compadres Park. Determined one or two additional cameras needed there. During test it was found that images being picked up by the camera were not being recorded on the SD card. After theft of horse trailer at stables, staff went to pull SD card only to find out there was no electricity to the camera. Electrician determined wire serving camera had been disconnected. Electricity was restored. Staff will determine what images were last recorded with the cameras.  Trond presented marketing data on state-of-art Lorex cameras that can be purchased from B&H Photo in NYC and can be installed by our staff, rather than spend a lot more to have a 3rd party install. Info provided to Lee for follow-up research.
  • Playground Equipment - - Several new pieces along with some additional benches recommended by Fred and Karen have been included in the 2019 requested budget; repair and maintenance items discovered during their inspections will be pursued in the next few months.
  • Weak internet signal in RR building - - CenturyLink reported they boosted signal strength. Trond cautioned that the signal strength as recorded at their end may reflect higher rates, the copper wires between their junction box and our buildings may be having an adverse impact on the signal. The following were suggested:
    • Acquire a booster router for the depot building
    • Run a test involving multiple users of laptops in the depot building at the same time. If there are no issues, fine.
    • If still a problem consider switching carriers from CenturyLink to Comcast.

Old Business

  • Digital Marquee Sign Pilot Project at CC Entrance and Relocating Existing Sign on av Eldorado - - subsequent to discussion with Amelia Adair, chair of Stable Committee who are looking to replace their information kiosk in 2019, Nolan offered the suggestion that perhaps this pilot project could be done at the stables, rather than the corner of Amistad at Av Monte Alto. The requirements would need to include visibility from both directions along Av Eldorado, and messages primarily oriented toward the whole community. Emergency stable messages would also be included.  It was suggested a task force of Amelia, Roberto, and one member from F&G (and perhaps one from the Information Committee) be formed to flesh this out as a formal project. F&G were unanimous in making this a project.
  • 2019 Activity List for Investigating Insurance Implications - - Response was received from Steve Crawford; only two items need follow up (jump board and triathalons if outside entities are involved in the planning and/or execution of the event(s)).
  • Electric Car Charging Station - - after a lengthy discussion the committee agreed by consensus that this project is not worth progressing.
  • Climbing Boulders - - due to late time, this subject will be considered at a future F&G meeting.


New Business

  • Hold F&G Town Hall in lieu of December meeting and in lieu of F&G Survey - - approved by consensus
  • Fill Secretary Position – Nolan and Mike will work together until a member steps up to do regularly.

Committee Comments 


Next meeting:  November 7 at 3PM