Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Draft  Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes  

Wednesday,  Aug 7, 2019, 10AM RR Building

Call to Order: 10:02 AM

Attendance: In Attendance - Committee members Zisman, Onstott, Donat, Aragon, Ward;

                                              - Liaison Handy; GM Navarro, OM Rogers, Treasurer Gutierrez                 - Residents Ritchell (1st meeting as prospective new member), Drobnis,                            Sullivan, Knight, Ostiguy

                                    Excused Absences: Raznick, Murry, Jackson, Waltman

Approval of Agenda - Two additions under Old Business - 1) Status of effort to justify “Special Needs” Dog Park Annex; and 2) Revisit Security Camera program.  Revised agenda approved.

Approval of  July 10, 2019 Meeting Minutes  Approved 4-0-0.

Public Forum - No speakers.

GM/OM Staus Updates

  • Disposition of Open Problem Tickets - Kitchen re-cleaned on 7/5; Cleaning company rehired for weekly visits. Maintenance crew cleared cuttings/debris off Av. Eldorado hike-bike on 8/1.
  • Pool Rehabilitation - Pool inspected Aug 5; issues with tot pool which have been rectified. Final inspection either Aug 8 or 9. Grand opening ceremony being planned.
  • Rodent Problem Around CC - many additional traps deployed around CC. Lots of mice being caught. Hole in eaves patched. No further evidence of rodents inside buildings.
  • Gopher Problem Around New Trees - traps around trees catching critters. Trees looking healthier.
  • 2019 Major Maintenance Activities, R&R and New Capital Projects - no progress on developing/deploying maintenance control system. Presentation on Caliber for potential use as maintenance mgt. Tool scheduled for next week.
  • Developing New ECIA Web Site - Board expected to identify one of two recommended vendors after which time committees will be asked to review and provide feedback.
  • Security Camera Acquisition/Installation - see “Old Business”, below.
  • Action Items from Onstott/Zisman Hike-Bike Inspection Report - Zisman inadvertently failed to distribute this report to F&G and staff members. Two action items are, however, being pursued - - fog sealing of Torreon and paved portion of Compadres. Some of the weed and mowing issues were also addressed. Zisman will distribute. Discussion about whether staff or 3rd party service should be pruning/trimming flora that interferes with hike-bike trail usage and pulling weeds from center of Compadres hike-bike segment that is base-course. GM will advise in the near future.
  • Mike Rogers reported that people in cars were seen driving from the CC parking lot, along the hike-bike path adjacent to the dog park, to short cut onto Av Monte Alto. He recommended a locking collapsible bollard be installed at the intersection of that path with the parking lot. F&G strongly supports this action and suggests it be acquired and installed asap. It can be funded out of hike-bike trail operating maintenance funds.

Board Liaison Update

  • Feedback from July Board Meeting - Board will be appointing a new Treasurer at its August meeting.
  • Board Response to F&G Motions re Vandalism - - Sheriff’s detectives still gathering evidence; perpetrators of Compadres Park vandalism still uncertain. Even if identified juvenile perpetrator is given community service, that effort may not be in Eldorado. Financial restitution being pursued separately.
  • Other Items - Board retreat went well. Biggest item was the creation of an infrastructure in which younger residents would have input into the future direction of the Association. Libby Maclaren is coordinating this effort.

Old Business

  • Finalization of Tentative 2020 Capital Project Specifications
    • Pickleball Facility - Discussion centered on making tennis courts multi-use (as is the basketball court) with rigourously maintained scheduling - - this to avoid the roughly $40,000+ expense of establishing a dedicated pickleball facility at Compadres. Motion to recommend Board consider this option passed 5-0-0. Zisman will write up motion to Todd. Both scenarios will be taken to the Finance Committee’s Aug 13 meeting.
  • Improve CC Outside Lighting and ECIA Security- Staff working with two electricians to finalize recommendations to modify/add lighting to eliminate dark spots around CC (including parking lot). They were asked to have cost estimate for the Aug 13 Finance Committee meeting.
  • Expansion of Pool Deck and Creation of “Rec Room” - This is being deferred to 2020 (budgeting for 2021) due to need to complete pool rehab in 2020 and tight cash availability for new capital projects.
  • Landscaping - Murry’s proposal was approved 5-0-0 to be included in the 2020 budgeting process. The only area of concern were a couple of plantings that might interfere with the placement of the new pool mechanical room doors. This can be resolved as the Phase II pool planning is fleshed out.
  • Addition of “Special Needs” Dog Park Annex - Marie Aragon and Taylor Ward did a survey of dog owners. Marie ‘guesstimates” that the number of users will approximate 30 or more. This project was approved 5-0-0 to be included in the 2020 budgeting process.
  • Security Camera Program - there are a total of eight cameras in operation at CC, pool and stables. Staff awaiting recommendations on improved cameras. F&G requesting a 2nd camera at Compadres Park asap, located in middle of parking lot, to be able to capture and record faces of persons leaving playground and rear license plates. Task force members do not feel any other of the 26 locations that do not currently have cameras are a high priority requiring purchase before new camera standards are developed and capital spending freeze is lifted. GM was requested to inspect non-Blink cameras relatively frequently to ensure they are working, and to record such visits. A weekly interval was suggested.


New Business

  • Developing a more permanent solution to sand on AVG hike-bike path near Joya Ct. - - There are 2 components of this solution: 1) water and sand running from the top of the cul-de-sac onto the apron, leaving a thick sand deposit on that part of the apron that intersects with the hike-bike path.  This is a County issue as bar ditches and culverts are needed along the roadway. 2) The County has indicated that keeping sand from running off the higher embankments on the west side of Joya Ct. is an ECIA maintenance action. Staff will recommend their preferred solutions. They should be inexpensive and can be funded out of the hike-bike trail operating maintenance budget.

Committee Comments - Todd mentioned re-org in County Public Works. Lee mentioned County had completed several of the new aprons, mainly along Av. Vista Grande. He also indicated County planning to progress replacing AVG bike-hike path from Chusco to Av Buena Ventura (hopefully this year) and to determine how much of the remaining $100K allocated to Compadres will be left after the AVG project. Lee also expressed support for a younger-person advisory committee so that not all committee recommendations would be made from the perspective of older/retired community members.  Nolan requested Nancy consider joining F&G.

Adjournment - at 11:57 AM.

Next meeting:  Sept. 4  at 10 AM