Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Draft Facilities and Grounds Committee (Digital) Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 10:00 AM

Call to Order: at 10AM.  

Attendance: F&G members Kathy Ritschel, Mary Ellen Donat, Nolan Zisman, Fred Raznick, Taylor Ward, Martha Jackson, Marie Aragon, Bob Christie; Board Liaisons David Sorkin and Sal Monaco; HOAMCO staff Julie Navarro, Mike Rogers and Jessica Collins; Guests John Bentley, Mekah Gordon, Dan Drobnis, Gregory Hart, Darrel Owen, Mike Schneider.

Approval of Agenda: approved as drafted.

Approval of April 1, 2020 Meeting Minutes: approved as drafted. 


Public Forum: None.

GM/OM/PM Status Updates

  • Pool Rehabilitation Phase II, including Pool Bottom Repairs - -
    • Everything ready to go with the exception of the shade structures. The inspector was out and wants minor changes in the “cages” in the bases before the concrete is poured.
    • AFJ now working to repair the asphalt in front of the pool entrance. Remaining is a drain between the asphalt and the pool entry and the completion of a run-off system that will direct fallen rainwater or snow melt around the outside of the pool to the field. They will also re-stripe all the existing stripes and arrows and relocate the handicap spot now in front of the pool to the area where the ECIA auto is normally parked.
  • Tracking of Other 2020 Capital and Reserve Expense Projects -
    • CC Lighting - - An electrician has been called to upgrade the circuitry in the mechanical room and install the new fixtures in the Conference and Class rooms. He will also install the 3-phase converter at the pool.

    • Parking Lot Lighting - - The adapters have been received. Due to the work involved and the pandemic the target date for completing this project has been changed to mid-June.
    • Resurfacing Basketball Court - - DML, Inc. (based in Tijeras) has been retained to do the work. It is scheduled for June 6-12. Mike was asked to determine how the contractor plans to close off access to the new surface while it’s curing. If they cannot provide adequate protection, he may rent some fencing for the work period.
    • Volleyball Court - - Mike has determined 60 tons of sand will be required. The cost will be a lot less than budgeted. Maintenance will remove the old sand, remove any existing weeds, lay down a new weed barrier and install new (beach) sand.  
  • Preparation for 2020 Pool Activities
    • While the pool is physically ready to open, inspections will not be scheduled until the existing Public Health Order (closing all pools) is rescinded or favorably amended.
    • Swimming lessons will probably be deferred until at least 2021 due the the high cost of an insurance rider to cover this activity (around $7,000). Martha requested to be on record as

      opposing this decision. She feels this is another circumstance where insurance costs are negating community desires (the jump board decision was another). Her view is the benefits of teaching our children how to swim have a lot greater benefit (although non-quantifiable) over the long run the the additional costs of insurance to provide lessons. Jessica will research how other private pools who offer lessons justify the insurance costs.
    • In-water lifeguard training cannot be held due to the Public Health Order. Depending on restrictions in place on use of the pool when allowed to open, we may be able to provide adequate lifeguard coverage with the 5 returning lifeguards who have already been certified. If the pool can’t open on Memorial Day weekend, Jessica may propose retaining these folks, doing maintenance work as they did last year, until the pool can open.
    • Fred suggested that an E-blast and web blog update go out indicating that pool opening date and operations will be dependent upon lifting the Public Health Order and subsequent guidelines issued by the governing bodies.
    • Jessica plans to order special face masks for use by lifeguards during the pandemic.
    • Jessica also offered to compile and provide committee members with resident comments on what they think the environment might or should look like once the pool reopens.
  • Maintenance of Hike-Bike Network - -It has been determined that there is insufficient manpower to properly maintain the hike-bike network. A 3rd party will be sought who can do mowing, pruning, and ant remediation. Nolan mentioned that there still exist several tripping hazards, particularly along Av. Eldorado, that produce a potential liability; these should be addressed sooner rather than later.

  • Other Maintenance Activities and Problem Ticket Tracking
    • Due to people playing on the basketball court when it has been “shut down”, maintenance staff has removed the hoops. Mike has tried to put entry barriers to the basketball court. They were ignored.
    • Mike checked the tennis courts and found all wind screens properly attached. He did find a torn screen on the basketball court and has ordered a replacement.
    • Mike has not yet updated the Open Problem Ticket tracking report but will do so.

    • Mike inspected the steps leading down from 83 Monte Alto Rd. into the green belt. He felt that while they were a bit higher than normal household steps, they shouldn’t be a problem for people planning to walk/hike in the green belt. He did determine that there was a lot of sand and gravel on the steps that might be an “issue”. Darrel Owen, who identified this problem, offered to sweep the steps.
  • Inspecting Assets Due for Replacement in 2021-22 per R&R - - overlooked.
  • Other Items
    • Construction of the dog park annex has been completed; chips need to be installed. The DP Sub-committee is working on drafting a new set of rules for both the large dog park and the annex.
    • There was brief discussion about providing security camera coverage on the tennis and basketball courts. As this wasn’t in the 2020 budget, F&G will have to prepare a capital project request for such cameras at these (and possibly other) locations.
    • The Dog Park Sub-Committee is working on an article that describes the attractiveness of the facility, including the new annex and the reasons it was built. They’d like to get the article out as soon as possible, but were advised that it couldn’t be published in either Vistas or Eldorado Living, until July. It was suggested that the article be submitted to the ECIA web site blog with a corresponding e-blast, and then published in July. Marie will follow up with David Sorkin.

Board Liaison Report

  • Encumbrance by County of funds allocated by Legislature for Hike-Bike Improvements - - Joseph Guitierrez is still following up with the County to determine the extent to which these funds will be encumbered for the projects to which they were allocated by the Legislature. There is concern that with budget issues created by the pandemic, these funds may be re-allocated by the County to other needs.
  • It has been determined that “trespassers” on our 401 trail have been climbing on the boulders and rock faces along the cliffs, including over existing petroglyphs. An archeologist has been requested to determine the authenticity of these artifacts. REI has been including this location and activity in their promotional videos. Mike talked with an REI representative about this being private property and the defacing of the cliff walls; he was not convinced that REI would remove these communications.

    RECOMMENDATION: F&G recommends the Board retain legal council to get a “cease and desist” order to stop REI from these communications.

  • Other Items
    • An RFP has gone out soliciting proposals to manage ECIA for at least the next 3 years. Responses are due June 12.
    • The County is sweeping the shoulders on the main roads in Eldorado.
    • The County will be sending out RAP remediation letters to residents along those roads.
    • Due diligence efforts have begun regarding determining who our next insurance broker/carrier will be. The existing contract terminates mid 2021.

Old Business 

  • Enforcement of ECIA Rules at Dog Park, Pool, Courts, Stables, Hike-Bike Paths (identifying and reporting violators) - - Nolan volunteered to draft a flow chart and narrative that covers the time a violation is reported until an Board-generated remediation is developed, for review at the next meeting. Marie volunteered to help with this effort.


New Business

  • Use of card swipe entry, not only for pool but also for courts and perhaps dog park - - Due to the length of the meeting, and the fact that our amenties are currently closed, this subject was tabled until the June meeting.
       Committee Comments
  • Mary Ellen suggested that all signage on ECIA common properties have the same “look and feel”. As the Conservation Committee is in the process of acquiring new signage for the trail network, it was suggested that their design be reviewed as a possible template for all other signs. The first application at the CC would be at the Dog Park.

  • Nolan and Kathy reminded Julie and Mike that it would be desirable for them to complete and distribute project status and open problem ticket updates in advance of the meeting, in order to save time on the agenda as well as to allow committee members the opportunity to review and prepare prior to the meetings any questions or comments they might have. Mike was also reminded that the committee had previously requested to see the monthly recap of maintenance activities, rather than his weekly reports.

Adjournment - 12:15 PM.  

Next meeting:  June 3, 2020 at 10 AM