Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

 Draft Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting (Digital) Minutes  

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Call to Order: 10:01 AM

Attendance: F&G members: Kathy Ritschel, Mary Ellen Donat, Martha Jackson, Marie Aragon, Taylor Ward; Excused Absence: Fred Raznick

Board Liaison/Members: Liaison David Sorkin; Sal Monaco, Nancy Sulzberg, Carol Sanguinetti

HOAMCO staff: Julie Navarro, Mike Rogers, Jessica Collins

Guests: Dan Drobnis, Sheila Sullivan, Judy Cormier, Amelia Adair; David Padilla, Santa Fe County representative and Joseph Gutierrez, ECIA liaison to the County

Approval of Agenda: Approved without changes

Approval of July 1, 2020 Meeting Minutes: Approved as drafted

GM/OM/PM Updates

  • Julie (GM): All projects on the R&R list are completed, except for mower attachment purchase; Mike (OM) provided details about the process of buying this equipment; Kathy and Sal commented that the ECIA budget was on track for R&R and capital projects
  • Mike (OM):
    • RFP is about to begin for family changing room at the pool; he provided details about the process; Nancy specified that the information and request for bids should go out to all potential vendors at the same time (Eldorado, local, and wider area)
    • Hike/bike trail monitoring of recent repairs took place; a few areas that were missed will be addressed
    • Lights in CC parking lot island are not working, and not due to power issue; this will be investigated and addressed by Matt Gordon, the light contractor/installer
    • Security camera team from La Canada came to review existing cameras, test, check new areas, etc.; work on this is on-going
    • Work on walkway and facility for acid storage for the pool is on-going
    • Copies of RFPs for family changing room were requested by Kathy and by the Board
    • Dog Park Annex: Lots of positive feedback; signs coming when graphics and new logos for ECIA are chosen
  • Jessica (PM):
    • There are planned upcoming changes to the pool schedule: shorter hours due to lifeguards’ return to school, and shorter sessions to accommodate more swimmers; pool will be closed the first week of school (8/24-8/28); as school schedules normalize, the pool schedule may change again
    • When it begins, family changing room construction will also affect pool schedule
    • 8/24-8/28 an instructor from SFCC will teach a lifeguard course at the pool to certify/recertify lifeguards; PM will observe, good for training if she runs a course in the future
    • New pool covers arrived, they are working well

Community member comments/requests

  • Judy Cormier requested a new dog, single-use dog park (i.e., fenced dog park area for use by one single dog at a time) for dogs that cannot be with other dogs; she asked how to proceed with her request; Kathy said she should survey other dog park users to see if there is broad need/desire for this facility in the community; Mike recommended setting aside time at one of the existing dog parks for single-use, using online reservation system similar to what has been established for the pool

Board Liaison Report – David Sorkin

  • Dark Skies and Sheila Sullivan working to make sure changes are compliant and on-hand when work is done to make sure it is done correctly
  • Kudos to Jessica for a job well done in her role as pool manager

Special report by David Padilla, Santa Fe County, Paser Study of ECIA Hike-Bike trails

  • Report submitted of findings of trails (see attached); study will continue in the coming week, along with a review of issues found
  • Cooperative work between ECIA and County to maintain this joint resource is appreciated on both sides; Mike and Kathy will accompany County team to review trails, and train and learn
  • Question addressed to David Padilla re: graffiti removal MOU for Eldorado; David Padilla said he would investigate it, his understanding is that culverts/underpasses are built/owned by the County, it is the responsibility of ECIA to maintain

Old Business

  • Dog Park Registration - Taylor found that low level of compliance for dog park users could be due to the complexity of the process; to increase compliance, improve education and require only rabies shot (the only shot required by the County); registration could be once per year, every year, a table set up at the dog park possible; Dog Park Task Force will work on rules and ideas for enforcement; switch to electronic access with fobs would increase compliance
  • Ave Azul – addition of hike-bike trail; Kathy will talk to James A. Mason, chair of Roads Committee; Roads Committee meeting 8/6 for those who want to attend

Joseph Gutierrez – Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP)

  • Joseph spoke about ICIP Process Review, and the need to hand in requests for funds from the County for improving or building new projects
  • See attached spreadsheet on ICIPs; see attached ICIP notice and 13-point application
  • Follow-up/work with Roads Committee to focus on: roads, trails, cross-walks; submit applications to Nancy and Board by 8/14 in advance of County due date, 8/19


New Business

  • Hike-Bike trail etiquette necessary; complaints have come in re: width (about 8 ft, but varies by area); Dan provided history that the width is 8 ft because that’s what there were funds for at the time, to widen the trails now would cost $1+ million; put out information about the rules (speed limit on any bike, yielding, etc.)
  • 2021 Capital Projects (Kathy)
    • Card entry system for all facilities, estimated cost around $10,000 – access then curbed when member has not paid dues; fencing would need to be added around basketball courts
    • Fix trail from CC parking lot down to courts
    • Lighting at courts – more expensive item (past estimate was $60,000 for tennis, $10,000 for basketball)
  • Discussion (Nancy)– New requests (such as single-use dog park) should have a standardized system for submission (could be similar to 13-point County ICIP application); when recommendations come to the Board from the Finance Committee, they could be turned in with this application, which would come from Committees; show: usage estimates, cost, other research to support request; a standardized system would aid Finance Committee and Board in making decisions, and aid ECIA members who wish to request a new/improved amenity

Adjournment – 12:24 PM

Next meeting:  September 2, 2020 at 10 AM