Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Minutes for the March 7, 2018 meeting

Call to Order: Nolan Zisman called the meeting to order at 3pm.

In Attendance were committee members Karen Murry, Nolan Zisman, David Lovro, Fred Raznick, Lee Onstott, and Todd Handy; ECIA Board liaison Antone Forneris; Board Treasurer Joseph Gutierrez; HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarte, Admin. Assistant Jennifer Rodriguez, Community Relations Coordinator Courteney Handy, Maintenance Supervisor Mike Armijo; Pool Ad Hoc Representatives: Jean Crawford, Mike Schneider;  Landscape Ad Hoc Representative: David Lovro; Russell Winslow was an excused absence.

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of February 7, 2018 minutes: Approved

Public Forum:

  • Jean Crawford asked how likely we are to get the Eldorado earmarked $100.000 state legislative Capital Outlay being reviewed by the Governor. We will know by tomorrow if the Governor will veto it or not.
  • Gary with “GL Runner” was on “speaker phone” conference call to discuss CC parking lot lighting concerns. First idea to add second adjustable lighting heads to the existing light poles was not recommended due to weight issues and liability. Gary recommended installing additional light poles around the CC parking lot with a designer’s input on # of additional needed poles. Rough estimates would be $1510 for 150 LED fixture and 10’ pole only (with concrete base extra), or $1685 for 150 LED fixture and 16’ pole only (with concrete base extra). GL Runner quoted 100k hour lifetime use of LED bulbs. Nolan recommended GL Runner make a formal proposal to the GM for lighting improvements.

GM Update:

  • Isabel discussed the preparation for the Pool season opening in May. Mike worked on improvements in the pool bath house. Maintenance moved benches and shower shelving and recommended cost analysis for grinding down high areas of compounded paint before new paint is applied. Isabel would like to work with “Advanced Cleaning” to clean the pool decking using “green products”. Lifeguard staffing for the pool season is still a problem due to shortage of qualified lifeguards and the SF school schedules. Isabel is trying to also hire a Pool Supervisor for the full pool season as well. The $17K Pool Pro consulting proposal was approved by the ECIA board awaiting Pool Pro’s


  • Isabel discussed “Fire fuel abatement” in the greenbelts. She recommends using f“WF Artesia" goat wrangling to lower the weed height in the greenbelts for $9550 plus $669 insurance. A formal proposal will be presented to the ECIA board.
  • Maintenance staff: One new hire and one more pending.
  • Isabel mentioned the Railroad room flooring is still being evaluated. Four different examples of flooring are being reviewed by Jean Crawford working with Isabel on this.
  • Courteney is working with ECIA board member David McDonald to create an ECIA survey of interest in more activities using Eldorado amenities. Nolan would like the F&G to review before it is sent to the board for approval and mass public mailing.
  • WiFi at the Railroad room was discussed with a possible addition of a new router. Isabel recommended Courteney consult with HOAMCO IT department for recommendations.
  • Direct TV in the CC. Isabel researched and found lack of use and would like to cancel service. She will check to ensure there are  no “penalties” for canceling the service contract.
  • Isabel ordered a new Dog Park sign. New sign states “Please keep your dog on a leash at all times when on ECIA property (except when inside the dog park).” As per the ECIA responsible dog ownership policy.

Board Liaison Update: Antone Forneris

  • The dog park fence repair looked wonderful.
  • The current “By Laws” state all ad hoc committees report to the board. New “By Laws”, if approved, will allow standing committees to create their own subcommittees to work on specific topics, but with a life in sync with that of the parent standing committee.
  • The community amenity survey has been put on hold by the Board pending further review of objectives and scope. It is also of greater interest at this time to see what additional activities using existing amenities might be offered as a result of the survey.
  • The ECIA board would like Safety inspections made of the Eldorado amenities so that any found problems could be fixed to prevent safety violations. Antone recommended committee’s have checklists and check amenities to spot safety issues so they can be addressed.
  • Problem CC Elms trees around pool area. Isabel mentioned three tree services with three arborists reviewed the trees and made recommendations that the elms be flush cut and something done to the stumps to prevent regrowth and damage to the pool. Environmental Ad Hoc committee is also exploring ideas about the elms. Pool Pro was hired to make recommendations about the pool infrastructure and surrounding landscape trees (elms/Russian olive). Isabel would like the ECIA board to create clear goals for the Environmental Ad Hoc committee. A proposal has already been made by “Heads Up” for the removal (flush cut and stump treatment) of the problem elms.


  • Motion: Recommended removal of all 4 tagged Elms and Russian olive problem trees and root systems by flush cutting and using existing ECIA herbicide usage policy. This passed by 5-0-1.


Sub-Committee Updates:

  • Pool: well by horseshoe pits has 320-330’ well depth. “Antone asked how much of our allotment (TBD) is used to fill the pool?” Maybe get a flow rate for the well. Jean would like to work with someone on the Finance committee to determine if usage reporting history can be identified.
  • Dog Park: The Dog Park Ad Hoc’s 5 year plan was submitted and will be reviewed at the next meting.
  • Landscape: David would like to design plantings around the Dog Park and around the corners of fencing. No plantings scheduled around the pool area. “Heads Up Landscaping” installed the new water efficient sprinkler system around the CC. David would like a formal diagram of the locations of the water grid lines.
  • Hike/Bike Paths: Lee was hopeful for the possible state CAP allotment of $100K . If approved, the funds would be sent to the County. There are three recommended projects: ( the “base course” portions of the path along Ave de Compadres; Ave Vista Grande between Chusco and Ave Buena Ventura; and the two smaller segments along Ave Vista Grande, one near the intersection with Ave de Compadres and another near the intersection with Ave Casa Del Oro that have drainage problems). Lee would like ECIA to buy new signs for the hike/bike street intersections that have faded. Lee would make a list of # of needed signs. He and Felicia Probert will be making a priority list for apron paving at hike/bike street intersections (County to provide labor and paving machine and ECIA the cost of materials).
  • Multi-purpose Field: Nolan will meet with Gopher control, Prairie dog relocation and Head’s Up to develop our options for the field. Nolan also expressed interest in “dusting off” old documentation for a par course type facility at the CC.

Old Business:

  • Depot Building Flooring: covered in GM update.
  • Community Survey: mentioned in GM and Board Liaison updates.
  • Ave. Azul Hike-Bike path: Tabled until a later meeting.
  • Pickle ball Court: Nolan will meet with the representatives of the user groups to discuss how to get pickle ball started. He will also be investigating a dedicated pickle ball facility, perhaps at Compadres Park by converting the basketball facility. Fencing, shading some seating and equipment storage would need to be added.
  • WiFi at CC: addressed at GM update
  • Parking Lot striping: AFJ gave a bid for around $25K for resurface and re-striping of the CC parking lot. The pool and dog park ad hoc committees came up with a new striping design which was slightly modified by Russ and Nolan. This will be reviewed by AFJ. A new RFP may be need to be developed, especially if the estimated costs exceed $25K.

New Business: Ad Hoc Group for Courts: See Old Business.

Committee Comments:

  • When Pool Pro starts their consulting work we should not be overwhelming them with a lot of people. It was suggested one member of the standing committee and one member of the pool ad hoc group represent F&G.
  • Jean would like to see concrete core sleeves installed at pool for new pool shade covers; location would be based on recommendations of Pool Pro. Also a new concrete drain at pool entrance should be added. Nolan commented that the pool ad hoc group had still not yet reviewed the shade cover catalogs and make their recommendations on pool shading options. This was a carry over item from several meetings ago.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 5pm.

Next Meeting: April 4, 2018 at 3pm.