Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities & Grounds Committee
Minutes for January 4, 2017
Call to Order: Acting Director David Lovro called the meeting to
order at 4 pm.

In attendance were committee members, Karen Murry, David
Lovro, Lee Onstott and Fred Raznick; ECIA Board member Todd
Handy, HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarte, Staff Assistant Gloria Silva;
Public attendees: Bill Keeffe, Diane Mc Gregor, Jean Crawford,
and Russell Winslow.

1. Approval of Agenda: Approved
2. Approval of November 2, 2016 minutes: Approved
3. Public Comments: 1) Bill Keeffe talked about a need for
Avenida Azul Hike/Bike path due to poor road visibility, no
shoulder and danger to pedestrians and cars.
Fred and Bill will work with ECIA board and county to see
what can be done.
2) Jean would like to help with the Pool sub committee but
would like help.GM Isabel would like to consult with the ECIA
board about the Pool Sub committee.
3)Diane McGregor voiced some issues about the horse
4. GM Update: Isabel would like to work with the F&G committee
but might not be able to attend every monthly meeting. She
would like to write up monthly informational reports pertaining
to F&G matters to help committee stay informed. David Lovro
will work with Isabel to create the reports.
5. ECIA Board Representative Update: Todd Handy updated
committee on the upcoming HOAMCO renewal of contract
and questions about real estate fees. Brought up the 2017 bill
for homeowner dues and upcoming board elections in April.
6. Old Business:
Hike/Bike Trails: Lee updated committee on paser rating
conducted last month by the county. Lee will review the
paser rating and see if we can work with the county to do
the needed repairs.
Playgrounds: Good
Landscape Subcommittee: Committee needs to get new
estimates for breezeway replacement planters.
Pocket Gopher and Prairie Dog Issues: Isabel informed us that
the Prairie Dogs will hopefully be relocated this spring when
they are out of hibernation. The pocket gophers are still an
issue and will be addressed when a suitable pest control
company is located.
7. New Business: Possible forming of Pool subcommittee with
Jean Crawford.
8. Committee Comments: None
9. Next Meeting February 1, 2017 at 4pm
10. Adjourn