Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Minutes for the February 7, 2018 meeting

Call to Order: Nolan Zisman called the meeting to order at 3:00pm.

In Attendance were committee members Karen Murry, Nolan Zisman, David Lovro, Russell Winslow and Lee Onstott; ECIA Board Representative Antone Forneris; HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarte, Assistant Jennifer Rodriguez, Community Relations Coordinator Courteney Handy; Pool Ad Hoc Representatives: Jean Crawford, Mike Schneider; Dog Park Ad Hoc Representatives: Marie Aragon, Bob Johnson; Landscape Ad Hoc Representative: David Lovro; Heads Up Representatives: Juan Torres, Peter Alexander; Public Attendees: Pickle ball Representatives: Deborah Hunter, Doug Hopley, Christine Wantuck; Finance Committee members Dan Drobnis, Todd Handy; and prospective new member Kathy Camborde; Fred Raznick was an excused absence.

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of January 10, 2018 minutes: Approved

Public Forum:

  • Christine Wantuck gave a presentation for the creation of a pickle ball court preferably at the Community Center or possibly at Compadres Park. Pickle ball is a social, community spirited game promoting agility, balance and coordination. Easy to learn and fun to play. Creating a pickle ball court in Eldorado would mean a new color re-striping of a basketball court and adding a portable/removable netting for game play. Tennis, Basketball and Pickle ball can share the same court ( as at Chavez Center). Christine offered to provide classes for interested residents. Nolan requested guidelines for striping and netting. Request will be reviewed for feasibility.
  • Peter Alexander gave a presentation for Heads Up Landscaping. Heads Up is a full service/turn key Santa Fe based company with key employees Santa Fe residents. Discussion involved HOAMCO/ ECIA approved irrigation improvements to the existing irrigation CC system. Improvements will include replacing sprinkler heads with deep tree water units, and replacing drip heads for plantings; objective is to reduce water use and improve effectiveness of irrigation watering.
  • Removal of problem invasive Chinese Elms by the pool were discussed. Heads Up would like to remove the trees ( Flush cut) and treat the stumps (drill and apply herbicide and coat holes) to prevent regrowth. They would like to bring in an arborist to discuss options for treatment. Antone agrees that a notification of stump treatment should be sent to Eldorado residents in timely manner. Nolan stressed that “To open the pool season on time in May, we need to remove the problem elms ASAP to begin pool repairs”. A three part system was discussed. Arborist to give guidelines, resident notification of herbicide use and product applied in early morning hours(3-4 am) to limit resident interaction. Heads Up would supply documentation of herbicide and duration of product. GM Isabel will discuss with the board.

GM Update:

  • Isabel Ugarte gave update on maintenance staffing. Interviews are being conducted to replace two departing maintenance staff.
  • Isabel would like to have a meeting with the Pool ad hoc representatives for the summer Pool season with possible change of pool season dates.
  • F&G will be supplied a 2018 Reserve schedule.
  • Isabel noted the purchase of a new replacement truck and the scheduling of the CC septic system emptying.
  • Nolan, Isabel, Felicia Probert and a Conservation committee representative will have a meeting Thursday February 8th with Carlos Sanchez. Discussion will involve creating a group effort to promote CC resident community events.Courteney Handy supplied a list of possible residential events. She will work with ECIA, HOAMCO and vendors for event funding. Antone would like youth activities addressed as well.

Board Liaison Update:

  • Antone discussed a need for a full Pool life cycle policy. Addressing costs for keeping the pool up-to-date for five years, with either renovation, repairs or replacement. Nolan will evaluate options at the March F&G meeting.

Project Updates:


  • Consultation Study was reviewed and a Motion “ To approve the draft of the recommendation for Pool proposals by the Pool Ad Hoc Committee to be forwarded to the ECIA board for approval. Recommend Pool Pro bid proposal be approved and discussion of agreed upon work to be scheduled”.
  • Pool Shade covers: Jean Crawford would like this included in the formal study to determine installation requirements so that a more informed decision can be made on which covers to recommend.
  • Parking lot striping: Nolan recommended Jean and Dog Park Committee member Marie work together to draft proposed striping recommendations. He encouraged them to get in their recommendations well before the parking lot resurfacing/striping project commences in March.
  • Jean Crawford expressed concern about well and cistern water for the filling of the pool. All CC wells, according to Todd Handy, are owned by ECIA and we are required to report usage. EAWSD also has meters on property but their water is not generally used.
  • Motion Martha Jackson would like to be added to the Pool Ad Hoc Committee as a member. Nolan will submit nomination.

 Dog Park:

  • Leaking faucet appears to be fixed. Completed.
  • Not enough lighting at night at new west entrance. Light serviced and working as required. Completed.
  • Repair Dog park fencing. Fence is now completely repaired. Completed.
  • Wood chips. New chipper was purchased and chips processed and will be ready soon to spread around dog park.
  • Problem sprinkler heads. Unable to find all the sprinkler heads.
  • Improve drainage at gate. Plan to enlarge the berm, work to be scheduled.
  • A new sign with updated regulations to be developed by the Dog Park Committee. Marie will work on the sign with committee members; the regulations will include leashing of dogs outside the dog park enclosure.
  • Dog Park Shading. Nolan recommended Marie review the shades at the Compadres Park play area for ideas.


  • David Lovro wanted to confirm 2017 Landscape budget was approved to be rolled over to 2018. Nolan would like them to review options for a CC Par Course on the ECIA property.

 Hike and Bike Paths:

  • Report on the January 11th County Public Works meeting. Lee Onstott said the meeting went well. It was recommended that Eldorado work with the County to approve projects ( the “base course” portions of the path along Ave de Compadres; Ave Vista Grande between Chusco and Ave Buena Ventura; and the two smaller segments along Ave Vista Grande, one near the intersection with Ave de Compadres and another near the intersection with Ave Casa Del Oro that have drainage problems). These projects need to be placed on the County’s 5 year plan, and presented to State legislators for possible funding in the ongoing legislative session. Eldorado will pay 10% of the cost. Paving of unpaved roadway aprons crossing the hike/bike paths may be scheduled this year with Eldorado paying for the materials and the County providing the engineering and labor. The County has a new paver so we will work with the County to get these projects scheduled when funds and equipment are available. Lee and Felicia will prioritize crossings.

  Multi purpose Field:

  • Heads up Juan Torres researched the Prairie Dog issue at the old soccer field and gave the business card for “Prairie Dog and Pals’ for relocation and Heads Up can supply a bid for field renovation (with and without grass application). Nolan will work with them to evaluate alternatives.

Old Business:

  • Depot Building Flooring: Flooring materials will be reviewed and additional painting of Depot Building will be scheduled later to coincide.
  • Community Survey/Town Hall: Nolan and Antone will review and discuss community survey. Todd Handy will supply old (1990’s) survey for review.
  • Ave Azul Hike/Bike Path: Hike-Bike ad Hoc will take up review of possible new hike/bike path and offer recommendations to survey and talk to affected owners.

New Business:

  • Wi-Fi signal at CC: Problem with wi-fi signal, especially at out buildings (rail yard room), weakens drastically when multiple users are on the internet. Todd recommended that additional relay routers be installed.
  • Parking Lot Lighting: Review lighting and come up with a proposal to adjust/correct angle of lighting and/or install new lighting for better visibility.

Community Comments:

  • Russell commented on the “septic” smell sometimes wafting around the Agora Shopping Center and was wondering what could be done about it. Nolan will refer this to Isabel and Courteney as a good neighbor issue.
  • Nolan talked to Neil Harris (Puerto Road resident) about the Prairie Dog problems. Nolan will follow up with Neil after he and Isabel meet with Trent when the prairie dogs come out of hibernation about options. Nolan would like to see at least a dirt “ball field” be created for resident use once the prairie dogs are gone.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 5pm.

Next Meeting: March 7, 2018 at 3pm.