Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Approved Minutes for November 2, 2016

Call to Order: Rotation Acting Director David Lovro called the meeting
to order at 4pm.

In attendance were committee members, Karen Murry, David Lovro
and Lee Onstott; Fred Raznick excused absence; Dan Drobnis
Finance Committee, ECIA Board member Antone Ferneries.

1. Public Comments: None
2. Approval of Agenda: Approved
3. Approval of minutes from September 28, 2016: Approved
4. GM Update: Acting GM Isabel Ugarte was unable to attend
5. ECIA Board Representative Update: Antone Ferneries informed
the committee that HOAMCO and the ECIA board are
interviewing and working toward assigning a new General
Manager. The ECIA board would like to work with F+G committee
to get an action plan together for the upcoming repairs and
maintenance for the Pool before we seek bids for repair work.
HOAMCO and ECIA are also working on new ECIA contract
coming up for renewal in February.
6. Old Business:
Hike/Bike Trails Update: Lee Onstott informed the
committee of the 20 crossings and 5 unpaved driveways in need of
maintenance. Lee is waiting for the paser rating inspection from the
County. Recommendations can be discussed after rating assessment.
Play Equipment Update: New equipment is installed
and children appear to be enjoying them.
Landscape Subcommittee Update: Winter watering
recommendation for once a month to sustain new planting. Trimming
around Community Center is completed. New plans for breezeway
planters is to be formatted and sent to the board for review.
7. New Business: Water Tower Guard rail repairs, recommendation
to request an inspection report and estimate for repairs by a
qualified professional.
8. Committee Comments:
9. Next Meeting: No December meeting planned. Next meeting
January 4th 2017 at 4pm.
10. Adjourn