Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

 Draft Facilities and Grounds Committee (Digital) Meeting Minutes  

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Call to Order: 10:02 AM

Attendance: F&G members: Kathy Ritschel, Mary Ellen Donat, Fred Raznick, Martha Jackson, Marie Aragon. Absent: Taylor Ward and Liaison David Sorkin

Board Liaison/Members: Liaison Sal Monaco

HOAMCO staff: Julie Navarro, Mike Rogers, Jessica Collins.

Guests: Dan Drobnis

Approval of Agenda: Added to agenda; acknowledgement of Nolan Zisman’s lengthy and impressive volunteer service to Eldorado. Best wishes from the F&G Committee. Approved as amended.

Approval of June 3, 2020 Meeting Minutes: Approved as drafted.

F&G Chair Remarks: Kathy referred committee members to the 2019 Annual Report. The F&G Mission Statement and 2020 Goals were reviewed. In particular, the role of the committee as it relates to HOAMCO employees. We advise, assist and make recommendations to the Board of Directors as the voice of the residents. We do not supervise or instruct HOAMCO employees on their job assignments.

GM/OM/PM Updates

  • Julie (GM): updated the group on several project completions in the month of June. New playground equipment, basketball court resurfacing, sand for the volleyball court and new dog park annex. 2020 Budget allocated $36,600 for these projects. Total costs were $28,654.40. Nice work!
  • Mike (OM):
    • Parking Lot Lightning: Crane comes on Tuesday July 7 to begin installation. New lights are dimmable and Dark Sky compliant.
    • Mike Ault has completed the wiring on both courts for security cameras. Wiring is also in place to accommodate court lights and a card swipe access system when approved. The security camera in Compadres Park will run on solar power.
    • Culvert painting was recently completed near Eldorado Community School due to long standing graffiti. A security camera was installed and a new sign stating the area is under 24-hour surveillance will be erected soon. Sal Monaco reported seeing new tagging at same location. Kathy will reach out to Joseph Gutierrez, our County Liaison, and determine how the County can help. Original MOU with the County has been misplaced which allowed us to paint over graffiti on county property.
  • Jessica (PM):
    • Pool passed inspection on the first try! Approval was conditional on an acid barrel being placed in a storage container because of off-gassing. Container has been ordered and the inspector is aware.
    • New pool covers will arrive next week
    • If pool reservations are cancelled, wait listed residents are notified
    • No walk ins allowed to prevent gathering
    • A question was asked regarding the baby pool reopening. Jessica shared the state has only approved for Class A or Class B pools at this time. Our baby pool is considered a Class C pool and will remain closed.
    • A motion was made to request that the Class C pool be inspected and reopened for family play/family lessons.

Board Liaison Report – Sal Monaco

  • The county has allocated $150,000 for roads improvements. The county will also investigate the requested Hike/Bike trail from Torreon to the Stables.
  • Logo Survey responses are going well. 400 responses so far.
  • 4th of July festivities is cancelled.
  • Town Hall Meeting – HOAMCO survey results. Residents are encouraged to join the Zoom meeting, Monday, July 6 at 6pm.
  • Board has developed a new policy regarding resident attendance at Board Meetings. Household members of residents may now attend.

New Business

  • Dog Park Registration - Taylor completed an audit of existing registration documents on file. She found 20 complete and properly filed sets. Issue may be that we have never formalized a request for shot updates in the past. The committee recommended sending emails blasts initially to encourage dog owners to bring in a copy of updated Rabies certificate. The registration process will eventually be automated. A mobile shot clinic may be set up, more details to come.
  • Dog Park Task Force – a motion was made to recognize these volunteers as a Task Group. Marie Aragon, Taylor Ward, Bob Christie and Guy Monroe.

Committee Comments

  • Weed overgrowth on Avenida Azul. There is no hike/bike trail available, so residents are

               walking and biking in the road. Kathy will follow up with the Road Committee.

Adjournment - 11:25 AM

Next meeting:  August 5, 2020 at 10 AM.