Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee
Approved Minutes for September 7, 2016

Call to Order: Rotating Acting Director David Lovro called the meeting to
order at 4:00 pm.
In attendance were committee members, Karen Murry. Fred Raznick, and
Lee Onstott: ECIA Board members Antone Ferneries, Todd Handy, Dag
Ryen and Pam Henline: Dan Drobnis Finance Committee: Public attendees
Brad Smith, Diane McGregor, Jean Crawford and Michael Metzdorff.

1. Public Comments: Public discussion on New Mexico Pest Control using
gopher and rat poison around Community Center and Dog Park. Public
discussion was upset by the use of poisons in the Community Center.
Due to change of Hoamco general manager, miscommunications
occurred and the new pest company was not updated to Eldorado
policy of no poison. Communication has been updated and future pest
control will be monitored for compliance.
Jean Crawford had a few commends about the pool season.
Diane McGregor has expressed an interest in the F&G Committee and
has been asked to attend our next meeting.
2. Approval of Agenda: Approved
3. Approval of August 3rd Minutes: Approved
4. GM Update: New Interim General Manager was unable to attend
meeting. No report.
5. ECIA Board Representative Update: Dag Ryen has talked to Hoamco
and is working to insure that poison will not be used in the future for
pest control.
6. Old Business:
Dan Drobnis and Budget review will continue at next meeting with new
GM and maintenance in attendance to assist.
Pool Status: Kiddie Poll resurfacing is under review.
Hike/Bike Trails Update: Still awaiting information from the County.
Community Center 2-5 year Play Equipment update: New equipment is
installed and looks good.
Compadres Park 2-5 year Play equipment addition update: New
equipment is installed and looks good.
7. New Business: Landscape Subcommittee capital request RE:
Breezeway Planter Replacement: $16,000 is requested to improve front
of Community Center. Drawings and plans submitted.
8. Committee Comments: Fred Raznick asked the ECIA board if monthly
maintenance suggestions and complaints can be supplied to the F&G
Committee for review.
9. Next Meeting: Due to vacation conflicts for October 5th, next meeting is
September 28 at 4pm.
10. Adjourn.