Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee
Approved Minutes for August 3, 2016 Meeting

Call to Order: Vice Chair Lee Onstott called the meeting to order at 4:00

In attendance were committee members, Karen Murry, Fred Raznick, and
David Lovro: ECIA board members Antone Ferneries, and Todd Handy:
Dan Drobnis Finance Committee: GM Brenda Leonard: Felicia Probert
Chair Road Committee.

1. Public Comments: Felicia talked about the County Trails meeting in
July. Lee and Felicia are creating a map of priority road apron repairs
across paved trails around Eldorado.
2. Approval of Agenda: Approved
3. Approval of July 6 Minutes: Approved
4. GM Update:
Rental House-Final Disposition& Committee Recommendation:
Committee reviewed bids for demo/remodel costs. Committee
unanimously voted to send recommendation to board for demo of the
rental house.
Pool Status: Bids are still being obtained for Kiddie pool resurfacing
and will be reviewed in the September meeting. The committee is
evaluating a master plan for all pool maintenance.
County trails meeting results: July meeting was well attended and
F&G committee is working with the Road Committee to create a map of top
priority repairable areas.
5. ECIA Board Representative Update:
Special meeting held for Vote to remove a Board director.
6. Old Business: Facilities and Grounds Committee chairman.
Lee wishes not to continue as Acting F&G Chairman. David Lovro
has agreed to be Acting F&G Chairman for the next 6 months.
7. New Business:
Priority of road apron repairs across paved trails. Lee and Felicia
are working together to create a map and list.
Playground equipment installation will be in August.
Budget review. Partial review due to lack of time. Final review will
be made in September meeting.
8. Committee comments: Nothing new added
9. Next Meeting: September 7 at 4pm.
10. Adjourn