Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee

Approved Minutes for July 6, 2016
Call to Order: Vice Chair Lee Onstott called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.
In attendance were committee members, Karen Murry, Fred Raznick and David
Lovro; ECIA board members Antone Forneris, and Todd Handy; Dan Drobnis
Finance Committee; GM Brenda Leonard and Michael Armijo Maintenance

1. Public Comments: None
2. Approval of Agenda: Approved
3. Approval of June 8th Minutes: Approved
4. GM Update:
Rental House-Final Disposition & Committee Recommendation:
Committee will review bids for demo/remodel costs and come to a decision at the
August meeting.
Pool Status: Bids are still being obtained for Kiddie pool resurfacing and
will be reviewed at the August meeting. Signed wavers and pool shoes are being
applied. The committee feels we should create a master plan for all pool
maintenance for the future.
County Trails meeting: Meeting scheduled with County members July
13th. Brenda and Lee are scheduled to attend.
Hike/ Bike seal coating: Job is completed and appears good.
Water Tower: Portion of decorative railing blew off. Will review
replacement/ removal of decorative railing.
Marquee: Discussion about installation of marquee double faced sign at
entrance of Ave Eldorado. Committee will review bids.
5. ECIA Board Representative:
Public Forum on Hen Resolution July 14, 2016 6-8pm in Rail Road
6. Old Business: Already discussed.
7. New Business:
Playground equipment comments from Board Member: Equipment has
been approved, paid and delivered. Installation is still to be determined.
Hike/Bike Trails status: Meeting with County next Wednesday to discuss.
Weeds growing through a portion of the new Monte Alto Trail between Nido
and Monte Alto Loop: Unresolved
Prairie Dogs in Ball field and Pocket Gophers in the Entry Island area.
Discussion of bids for removal of prairie dogs and elimination of gophers.
Machines that mow the bike path? Maintenance is already working on
Planter replacement near breezeway: Discussion to review and replace
next Spring.
8. Committee Comments:
Fred thanked the Landscape Committee for the beautiful lawn in front of
the Community Center and the great 4th of July Picnic and Parade.
ECIA put on a fabulous 4th of July Celebration! Thank you for all the great work!
9. Next Meeting: August 3 at 4pm.
10. Adjourn