Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee
Approved Minutes for June 8, 2016

Call to Order: Vice Chair Lee Onstott called the meeting to order 4:15pm.

In attendance were committee members, Fred Raznick, Karen Murry; ECIA board members
Anton Forneris and Todd Handy. Committee member David Lovro excused absence.

1. Public Comments: None
2. Approval of Agenda: Approved
3. Approval of May 4th Minutes: Approved
4. GM Update:
Rental House: Received proposals for both demo and renovation. The committee will
review and wait on action.
Pool Status: Pool passed inspection and is open to the public.
Kiddy Pool has had a few inquires about rough surfacing and ECIA will look into sanding
and resurfacing quickly to not limit the kiddy pool season.
Play Equipment Status: Compadres 2-5 year play equipment is on site and stored in the
barn. Community Center 2-5 year play equipment is to be ordered pending approval of slight
over cost. Pending with the finance committee. Both sets to be replaced at same time this
summer or fall.
Hike / Bike RFP Response: The committee will re-examine the proposed bids and
contact the county to see about work repair costs. Possible special meeting may be needed
after meeting with county.
ECIA Board Representative Update:
Re-examine Hike/ Bike repair bids and contact the county.
July 4th parade information to be announced this week.
Hen resolution still being worked on.
Old Business: See below
New Business:
Hike / Bike RFP Motion: Re-examine the proposed bids and contact the county.
Property Owner (Eddie Marshall) comments: Every comment was reviewed by GM and
F&G Committee recommendation to BOD for approval of Community Center 2-5 year
Play equipment.
Committee Comments: None
Next Meeting: July 6 at 4 pm.
Adjourn 5:51pm