Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee
Minutes for March 1, 2017
Call to Order: Acting Director David Lovro called the meeting to order at

In Attendance were committee members David Lovro, Karen Murry, Fred
Raznick, and Lee Onstott; HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarte was unable to
attend meeting but her assistant Gloria Silva was able to attend; ECIA
board member Antone Ferneries; Public attendee Chris Harrell.

1. Approval of Agenda: Approved
2. Approval of February 1, 2017 minutes: Approved
3. Public Comments: 1) Chris Harrell again came by to discuss creating a
Labyrinth area in the Community Center. He would like to go around
with committee members to find a suitable area for placement. Once
completed he would like to see monthly events around the Labyrinth.
David Lovro, subcommittee chairman, would like to work with Chris to
create an attractive labyrinth area. Fred Raznick made an approved
Motion, to find two possible sites for the labyrinth project and to review
a cost proposal at the April meeting. 2) Motion was approved to put
Russell Winslow’s name before the ECIA board for possible approval to
F&G committee membership.
4. GM Update: Isabel Ugarte was unable to attend meeting but her
assistant Gloria Silva was able to give a brief update. 1) Trial period to
see if new gopher removal company can eliminate our gopher problem.
Be aware the areas with traps have been orange fenced off. 2)
HOAMCO will contact the Prairie Dog Rescue company to see if they
have a suitable area to relocate the awaking prairie dogs who have
nested in the ball field. 3)Was asked to see if HOAMCO can find out
about accounting and facilities management software to assist ECIA
with budget and planning.
5. ECIA Board Representative Update: 1)Antone Ferneries commented
about the ECIA’s desire to obtain Caliber software for Accounting and
Facilities Management to help with budget and planning. 2)He spoke
about the upcoming 3 open board positions coming up. 3) Antone talked
about the Stable area and how they need a separate organization to
maintain themselves within the Eldorado complex.
6. Old Business: Hike/Bike Trails Update: Lee Onstott talked about the
need for crack sealing repairs on sections of the hike/bike trails.
Maintenance for Chusco to Buena Ventura project for year ahead. Fred
Raznick asked if HOAMCO staff can talk to Ed Moreno, the County
Commissioner and county staff about the feasibility to have a hike/bike
trail established on Avenida Azul. Bill Keefe, brought the unsafe road
conditions to the attention of the F&G committee. Main problems are
with right of way space and visual conditions. 3) If Russell Winslow
(road committee member) joins, Lee would like to work with him and
Felicia Probert chair of the Road Committee to see about the repairs
and maintenance to the hike/bike path system in Eldorado.
Landscape Subcommittee: David Lovro discussed CC Breezeway bids
being gathered for planters, also bids are being gathered for a separate
maintenance company to help with the maintaining of the newly planted
Play ground Subcommittee: No future projects are planned for this year.
All equipment seems to be in good order and well played with.
Dog Park subcommittee: A motion was approved to form a dog park
subcommittee to work with F&G to help maintain the dog park.
Pool: Isabel Urgarte was unavailable to ask about pool questions.
7. New Business: None
8. Committee Comments: None
9. Next meeting April 5, 2017
10. Adjourn 5:10pm