Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

July 6, 2010  

Call to Order/Attendance: In Chairman Fred Raznick's absence, Vice-Chair Jean Crawford called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM. In attendance were members: David Lovro, Nolan Zisman, Eddie Marshall, Janet Wise, John Calzada, and Jeanne Calzada. Also in attendance were Todd Handy, Board liaison Pat Lavengood, GM Bill Donohue.  Board member Ed Marino. Fred and Mary Anne Kenny were excused absences. 
Minutes of June 1 Meeting: The minutes were accepted as submitted.
There were 8 persons in attendance for the Public Forum. They included Frank Schober (to talk about visual eyesores across the highway from the main Eldorado entrance (Av. Vista Grande); Bill Schwent (to learn more about the landscaping project) and a group of six to discuss policies regarding lap swimming at the pool. The six included Tilcara and Amaica Webb, Anna and Karen Hansen, and their mothers Kirsten Hansen and Patricia Gay-Webb.

Frank feels the signage (as well as the mobile homes) across the highway have become a nuisance, citing the grafiti and decay associated therewith. He believes representative(s) from the ECIA should contact the property owner(s) involved to complain about these. It was suggested that, from a political viewpoint, this communication should come from the Board. Frank also feels the water tower and windmill in the ECC infield have become attractive nuisances and should be properly maintained or razed before they fall on someone or otherwise damage property. Bill indicated he thought the EAWSD owns the windmill (one of their wells) and was not sure about the water tower. He will investigate. Frank also mentioned having observed dry rot and peeling paint on the depot windows facing the breezeway. These latter two topics will be added to the F&G log.

The four children are frequent lap swimmers at the pool. In a formal presentation they indicated they had been harassed by adults for swimming to slowly and for being in the lap lanes during “adults only” times. They submitted a copy of a letter they wrote to Fred, the Board, and Vistas, indicating they believe the ECIA has no rules regarding lap swimming. Bill indicated that there are well-defined rules that give everyone the right to do lap swimming as long as that's all they're doing in the lap lanes. He indicated he had covered this with the lifeguards so that if there are any future efforts to restrict people doing lap swimming, regardless of age, the lifeguards would protect the rights of the lap swimmers.

In his General Manager's Report: 1) Bill believes a decision needs to be made soon regarding whether to continue repairing (patching) the existing tennis court surfaces or replacing the entire complex due to cracks and ground heaves in the 25 year old underlying slab. The advantages of resurface (one court only) are that the expenses are covered in the current budget and we can defer (for two or three years) the major investment (estimated at $75,000 per court) associated with “replace” until the economy improves. The down-side is that we would be continuing to spend money on a interim, short term solution. After considerable discussion regarding the use of the courts and the options available it was decided by a vote of 5-0-1 to defer resurfacing and to replace the courts as soon as possible. F&G will include this project as a high priority in its 5-year plan update; 2) The Stables Committee will be asking the Board for approval to replace the existing water system at the stables. There have recurring issues with leaks and frozen pipes. The horse owners estimate the cost to be around $54,000; 3) There is still no evidence that an ant infestation is occurring around the courts. Staff continues to watch for this; 4) Additional requested trash receptacles are now in place; 5) the “No Skating” signs are on order and will be installed when received; 6) the conversion of the better of the shuffleboard courts to a hopscotch court is being deferred due to safety concerns regarding the shuffleboard slabs; 7) Staff will re-paint the stripes on the handball court; 8) sunscreen covers for the pool lanais will be pursued now that the pool is operating smoothly.

Board Liaison Report: Pat distributed a letter from Tom Wilmot indicating the Board is desirous of pursuing Phase I of a landscaping plan that reflects 1) a budget of not more than $30,000 and 2) a focus more on hard and xeric landscaping. Todd mentioned that the actuals-to-date indicate a possible budget shortfall this year of $100,000 and pressure on budgeted expenditures for next year. This is due almost entirely to the impact of the economic downturn on collection of assessments, as well as lower revenues from patio rentals and the rental house being unoccupied.

Old Business:   Landscaping Plan: As requested by the Board, David reworked Phase One of the landscape master plan to (reflect an upper limit of $30,000; and, 2) to focus more on hard and xeric landscaping. Jean brought up the issue of drainage. Bill conceded there may be some existing problem areas that may impact the content of Phase I. He and David will arrange to walk the property and report back with findings and recommendations on drainage management. The subject is deferred to the next meeting; Phase One will be included as a “Year One” project in the new F&G 5-year plan.

Amplified Music Policy: Ed reported he was asked by the Board to prepare a draft packet covering amplified music, loud noises and other nuisances which may arise at parties held in ECIA facilities. While he was not directed to do so, he distributed a copy of his work to share with F&G so we would all be “on the same page”. Two observations were offered: 1) we are on record with our recommendations submitted in November of 2008, to which the Board has never responded; 2) some members of the board may not even be aware of the prior F&G recommendations, let alone be familiar with their content. It was decided (5-1-0) that F&G would take no further action on the subject unless or until it receives a formal request from the Board to do further work on this topic.

F&G Log: Nolan led the group through a list of log items that had not yet received a vote or priority. The log will be updated accordingly with the results of those discussions. One item from the “Medium” priority list (depot floor) will be moved to the “High” list for inclusion in the 5-year planning work at the August meeting.

User Fees from outside groups: this item was tabled to a future meeting.

Goat Update: None was provided.

New Business: The future use of the Rental House was briefly discussed. It was decided to wait for direction from the Board if they want to re-rent it to help with the revenue shortfalls or consider other uses. This item was tabled. Revisions and updates to the 5-year plan will be addressed at the next meeting.

Date of next meeting: The next meeting will be on August, 3,2010, at 4PM.Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 PM.

Submitted by Nolan Zisman, Secretary