Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Facilities and Grounds Committee
Minutes for February 1, 2017
Call to Order: Acting Director David Lovro called the meeting to
order at 4 pm.

In Attendance were committee members Karen Murry and David
Lovro; Lee Onstott and Fred Raznick were excused absent;
HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarte, Mike Armijo, Maintenance
supervisor; ECIA Board member Antone Ferneries; Public
attendees: Marie Aragon, Russell Winslow,Chris Harrell.

1. Approval of Agenda: Approved
2. Approval of January 4, 2017 minutes: Approved
3. Public Comments: 1) Marie Aragon would like to organize a
dog park subcommittee to handle complaints and issues. With
positive response from committee, Marie is working with GM
Isabel to look for volunteers who would like to form this new
subcommittee of F&G.
2) Chris Harrell would like to propose a 30’ Labyrinth near the
Community Center. He is willing to do all labor and
maintenance, with the help of the local boy scouts, for the
enjoyment of Eldorado residences. It is being reviewed and a
suitable location is being explored. It would be a “no cost” to
project and a labor of love for Eldorado.
3) Russell Winslow, from the road committee, inquired about
ongoing investigation into the repair of the hike/bike areas
targeted for repairs. F&G and HOAMCO GM are still working
with the County to see about the repairs and maintenance.
See GM Update below.
4. Isabel will be working with Ms Aragon to see about the
formation of a Dog Park Subcommittee. She will send out an
E-blast to see if any one wants to join this new sub committee.
Isabel will look into possible locations for a new Labyrinth
circle if approved.
Isabel was contacted via e-mail by Robert Martinez Deputy
Public Works Director. He has requested that Lee and David
come up with the square footages and type of repair/
reconstruction, that is recommended as per the PASER
ration, for each trail. Staff will then develop a preliminary
estimate and determine if the work is maintenance or capital
improvements. If it is minor maintenance then it may be
addressed with the maintenance budget. If it is major
maintenance or capital, then the funding would need to be
requested. A capital project would then be created and placed
on the county capital improvement plan(CIP), so it is eligible
for county capital and state capital outlay funding.
Pool update: an e-blast was sent out to form a pool
subcommittee, still awaiting results. At the staff January 31st
meeting, no major repairs are now scheduled until after the
2017 pool season. Just patch work will be scheduled.
Awaiting an all inclusive repair and maintenance proposal
before planning major repairs.
Would like to create a proposal for future gopher removal.
Addressed the issue brought up about pooling at the entrance
to the dog park as a liability issue. Would like a master plan
for repair to address the drainage issue.
Walks around the Community Center need crack repair.
Asked for the Landscape subcommittee’s bid proposal
for designs and cost for new landscape planters.
Mike ?, maintenance supervisor, has noticed that 105+ posts
in the dog park need to be replaced. Proposed bids for new
dog park fencing. Wind screen in Basketball court need repair
or replacement. Isabel requested a replacement cost
5. ECIA Board Representative Update: Anton has informed
committee that the board is requesting a “Master Plan”
for all projects before they are started. Would like to purchase
software programs to track projects, costs and life expectancy.
Inquired if HOAMCO has this software?
Reiterated that Solar projects must have proper screening and
said screening must be maintained.
A ECIA board seat is open as David Yard has left to join the
water board. if anyone is interested please inquire.
6. Old Business:
Hike/ Bike Trails Update: See GM Update
Playgrounds: Appear well liked by the Eldorado children
Landscape Subcommittee: Is working on a design bid proposal
for new landscape planters.
Pool and the F&G Issues: See GM Update report.
7. New Business: Labyrinth creation and Dog Park Subcommittee
are being explored.
8. Committee Comments: None
9. Next Meeting: March 1, 2017
10 Adjourn: 5:10 pm.