Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

ECIA Facilities and Grounds Committee

July 10, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 10:00 am

Attendance: In attendance: Nolan Zisman, Karen Murry, Lee Onstott, Mary Ellen Donat; ECIA Board Liaison Todd Handy; HOAMCO GM Asst. Anna Hansen; Pool Manager Mike Rogers; Dog Park subcommittee Taylor Ward, Marie Aragon; Pool subcommittee Martha Jackson;  residents Dan Drobnis, Jean Crawford, Shella Sullivan.  Excused absences were Fred Raznick and Kanah Waltman.

Ted Freedman and Mike Schneider have formally resigned from F&G Committee.

Public Forum: Jean Crawford

  • Jean asked why the ping pong table is not available for use in the breezeway. Nolan explained that the CC is now open all week and the ping pong table use is available during CC office hours. It can be used in the railroad building or in the breezeway when the railroad building is in use. Martha will let parents know the CC hours for table use.
  • She asked about problems downloading the facility report from the website. Nolan will ask Jack to check availability of form. Maybe a Mac problem.
  • Jean asked that he bleachers be moved from the street side (put out for the fourth of July parade). Mike R. mentioned the bleachers were left by street due to Pool construction work. Also one bleacher has exposed sharp metal on edge and it needs repair.
  • She would like restoration of torn up soil due to pool and water system construction. She presented the name of a reliable person to contact. Nolan indicated this work was part of the WMA contract and would be started once the pool deck work and rear gate installation have been completed.
  • Jean asked if well meter readings could be taken at start of pool fill and again when full 9 days later to confirm water use.
  • She also reminded that we are obligated to file a well water consumption report with the State every quarter. Anna will pass this along to Julie.
  • Jean asked about the 3 Beacon water meters. The three are in use and the alarm system worked for the Stable water leak earlier in spring. The Beacon meters only hold info for 24 hours. Can we use Beacon system to get a water history reading?
  • Jean wanted to know why the swimsuit spinner was removed from the pool renovation plans and to make sure we were not charged on quote. Nolan confirmed the pool subcommittee requested removing the spinners as they were found to not be operationally reliable.

GM/PM Status Updates: Mike Rogers and Anna Hansen

  • Disposition of Open Problem Tickets: None of tickets that were open last month were closed.
  • Vandalism at Pool and other locations: Compadres Park has a incident of graffiti and hate speech. Camera captured a grainy photo of 4 individuals. Dog Park had water cistern knocked over and water faucet damaged. Community garden had multiple damage incidents. Pool had men’s room mudding damage to walls, skylight, floors. A few days later in the early morning graffiti was painted on kiddy pool interior walls. Days later camera recorded image of two individuals entering the pool area in the wee hours. Both identified and police are investigating.

Motion: F&G recommends the ECIA Board prosecute to the fullest extent of the law possible  the perpetrators of the  ECIA pool complex graffiti damage, the Compadres Park graffiti damage and the damages at the Dog Park .

Motion: F&G also recommends the Board encourage Casa De Suenos to prosecute the perpetrators of the ECIA bath house vandalism and damages to the fullest extent possible.

  • Pool Rehabilitation: Water has passed inspection and potable for pool fill; mechanical room is almost completed and pool heater will be turned on soon to test. Pool deck concrete pour will begin Thursday July 11th and continue through Monday the 15th. Security will be requested to prevent vandalism through Tuesday the 16th.  Pool will be cleaned and filling to begin later next week after the shell is acid washed.
  • Preparing for Pool Season: Lifeguards are ready. Ten umbrellas and bases were purchased for shade use. The shade cover over the picnic area will be replaced in kind. An ECIA e-blast will be sent out when pool is ready to be opened.
  • 2019 Major Maintenance Activities, R&R and New Capital Projects: Maintenance will be one 2 cycles, inspection and estimate of repair cycle. R&R will be released later. New capital Projects are frozen at this time.
  • Developing New ECIA Website: Information Committee will be presenting to the Board their recommended bid (two finalists).
  • Security Camera Acquisition/Installation: The two larger cameras at the pool are not operational. It is essential we have full camera coverage all around the pool and at the water flow controls to help reduce the risk of vandalism.
  • Other Update Items: Mike Rogers mentioned our new irrigation is state of the art. Final inspection is Thursday at 1pm.

Board Liaison Update: Todd Handy

  • Feedback from June Board Meeting: Todd was unable to attend this meeting due to attendance at a County meeting but mentioned it was well attended with a good presentation on the planned County installation of solar panels at the Senior Center.
  • Current Spending and Cash Management Challenges: Board is continually monitoring spending to ensure adequate cash balances.
  • Meeting with County Representatives: Todd and Nolan. Eldorado transportation issues were discussed with the purpose of reestablishing our County relations. Review was made of allotted monies for Eldorado hike-bike improvements.  Not expected, County has received funding of $164K for 2” chip seal overlay for Av. Torreon from Ave Eldorado to Ave Vista Grande. Commissioner Moreno was also in attendance.

Old Business:

  • Status Reports from New Project Task Groups: Nolan requested from all the new project task groups to provide a cost estimate with sketches and floor plans be provided before the August Finance meeting.
  1. Pickle ball Facility: Nolan reported a recent cost estimate exceeds the $30K approved by the Board for 2019. Since over $25K, Julie will solicit 3 bids via the formal RFP process. The work will be done in 2020.
  2. Hike-Bike Improvements: Lee Onstott and Nolan reported the County has an allocation of $260K for replacing the Av. Vista Grande path from Chusco Rd. to Av. Buena Ventura; and for paving Av. de Compadres from Herrada Road to Vista Grande.  Nolan and Lee inspected the 3 hike-bike trails on Friday July 5th and noticed Ave de Compadres and Torreon need seal coat application. The effect of “green” herbicides recommended by the Environmental Stewardship committee was as yet undeterminable.  An extensive number of ant nests were noted. F&G has requested Environmental Stewardship to come up with green solutions to ant problem.
  3. Improve CC Outside Lighting and ECIA Security: Nolan and Shella gave report for Fred. Maintenance needs to find and replace broken pathway lights and additional path lighting needs to be added to dark sections. Overhead parking lot lighting will be reviewed to see if lighting fixtures can be reversed to crete lower down facing light. Improved security cameras with better after dark imaging and sound recording capabilities are being explored for better ECIA coverage - - both at the CC and at Compadres Park.
  4. Expansion of the Pool deck and Creation of Recreation Room: Martha is working with Kanah and would envision an expanded pool decking and a recreation room building by the kiddie pool to include ping pong, pool tables, bathroom, game center and a hot tub. Sketches and finalized components will be presented for cost estimates prior to or at the August F*G meeting.
  5. Landscaping: Karen Is working with David Lovro to create a landscape plan and cost estimate for new native plantings around the pool and near the dog park. It is expected the tree outside the front wall of the pool bath house will be removed in due course.
  • Review of Prelim. 2020 R&R Budget items: Nolan will change the priority of addition of a dog “safety zone park” to a 2020 project, per Marie’s request, but may change it back depending on the results of a survey or ECIA resident dog owners.
  • Rodent Problem around the CC: As of Wednesday July 3rd, rodent dropping were still observed in kitchen, bathrooms and floor. Nolan will make note on the Problem Tracking worksheet and keep that item open. Environmental Stewardship will recommend a professional cleaning service be hired, using approved green cleaning products, to twice weekly clean the CC. Staff should daily clean CC. Also door sweeps should be purchased, front door have correct “right” closure purchased and installed, ivy be removed around the windows and two areas with ivy entering the CC be resolved to prevent rodent entry. Environmental Stewardship Com. agrees with Nolan to request Julie contact Truly Nolen Pest service to conduct review of CC for rodent activity and recommendations for elimination (no poison).

New Business:

  • F&G Representative on Pool Rehab, Phase II.: Mary Ellen and Karen will assist with this.
  • Committee Input for Board Retreat: Nolan will submit the F&G 5-year plan with the dog park “safety zone” annex moved up to a 2020 project.

Committee Comment and Adjournment: Adjournment at 12:15pm. Mike gave F&G Committee a tour of the pool rehabilitation.

Next Meeting August 7, at 10 am.