Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Call to Order: meeting called to order at 10:05 AM.

Attendance: In attendance: Nolan Zisman, Karen Murry, Lee Onstott, Fred Raznick, Mary Ellen Donat; ECIA Board Liaison Todd Handy; HOAMCO GM Julie Navarro; Pool Manager Mike Rogers; residents Dan Drobnis and Shella Sullivan. Excused absences: Mike Schneider and Russell Winslow (leave of absence). Unexcused absences: Kanah Waltman, Ted Freedman, Martha Jackson (as we were discussing and voting on pool matters).

Public Forum: no requests.

Approval of Agenda: Approved.

Approval of April 3, 2019 Meeting minutes: approved with slight revision on HOAMCO maintenance schedules..

GM/PM Status Update:

  • No new Problem Tickets. New problem ticket will be created for Railroad room heaters.
  • Pool Rehabilitation:
    1. Deck passed inspection.
    2. Splash pad and Zero entry kiddy pool ideas and cost estimates were sent to the ECIA Board for review. They were rejected due to costs. These will be explored further as new capital projects.
    3. Pool side is submitting a variance to retain the pool wall height.
    4. Still shooting for July 4 opening.
    5. Pool status update meetings continue on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays.
  • Mike Rogers was introduced as the new pool manager. Mr Rogers is looking at hiring and training lifeguards for the ECIA pool season. He has also had one meeting with the pool sub-committee and has reviewed the operating manual left by Kelsey Pederson.
  • 2019 Major maintenance Activities, R&R and New Capital Projects: Maintenance staff has been reorganized as follows: Joey covering stables, Uriah – hike/bike trails, Compadres Park and Preserves, and Leonard the Community Center.
  • Developing New ECIA Website: Information Committee is still reviewing 4 bids for new ECIA website; should have their recommendations in a week.
  • Security cameras Acquisition/Installation: staff being trained; 4 cameras will be installed.
  • Outdoor Water Faucets: Proposal bid was for 35K for running lines for outdoor water faucets. No budget this year.

New Events Coordinator: Ashley Springer was hired for this position.

Board Liaison Update:

  • Environmental Stewardship Committee is now a standing committee.
  • Todd reminded Committee chairs about ECIA Annual meeting Monday May 6, 2019 at 7pm.
  • Libby M. rented a wood chipper for the ECIA maintenance staff for weekend of May 4, 2019 and trimmed tree branches will be shredded on Saturday.
  • David Sorkin was appointed at April Board meeting to ECIA Board for 1 year.

Old Business:

  • Develop a 2019 Activity Plan for our Amenities: Mike and Ted were not present for report.
  • Finalize High Priority New Projects and Assign for Analysis:
    1. David Lovro discussed a landscape concept with Richard Jennings of Water Mgt. Associates for review. Karen will get in touch with David to go over design ideas and also review findings with the Environmental Stewardship Committee.
    2. Fred will do a walk through of the CC parking lot at night.
    3. Lee will review County right of way area for the new hike/bike area along Av. Eldorado from Torreon to 285. Lee will look into hike/bike area on Compadres and also hike/bike seal coat on Vista Grande.
    4. Nolan will meet with the Pickle ball users to lay out court design for Compadres Park.
    5. No one from pool sub-committee could provide status update.
  • Preventing Dog Park users from entering CC parking area via wrong way: Besides improved signage, it was concluded nothing further could be done.
  • Determining Usage of our Amenities: Suggested approaches:
    1. Suggestion of using a clipboard during maintenance rounds to check on amenity usage. Problem is that rounds may not occur during heavy usage period.
    2. Ask the formal groups using the amenities to give a rough estimate.
    3. Administer a new resident survey. Nolan to draft survey to be reviewed at June F&G meeting.

New Business:

  • Lee asked for more hike/bike signs for the trails. There are still some “Crossing Ahead” signs missing or badly faded. Also we should order some new trail “Stop” signs where missing or faded at intersections with paved or other major roads.

Committee Comments:

  1. Nolan would like high priority new projects be reviewed by committee.
  2. Todd would like a detailed report from Lee about hike/bike projects to submit to the County for funding.
  3. Karen asked when the County's Balsa Road paving project will be completed. Two artists on 2019 Studio Tour are on Balsa Road and are impacted by County project.
  4. Todd mentioned Eldorado is aging and could use an Urgent Care center. Maybe asking the hospitals if they are interested in creating an Urgent Care Facility here on 285 corridor.

Next Meeting: June 5, 2019 at 10am

Meeting Adjourned: 11:40pm.