Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Approved Facilities and Grounds Committee (Digital) Meeting Minutes     

Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 10:00 AM

Call to Order and Attendance - Call to order 10:05. Attending were Committee members - Kathy Ritschel, Mary Ellen Donat, Nolan Zisman, Fred Raznick, Taylor Ward, Martha Jackson; Board members - Nancy Sulzberg and Sal Monaco; ECIA staff - Julie Navarro, Mike Rogers, Jessica Collins; Guests - Dan Drobnis and Darrel Owen.

Approval of Agenda - Survey of Community Interest in New Amenities moved from Deferred Topics to Old Businss. Approved as amended.

Approval of Mar. 4, 2020 Meeting Minutes - Approved as drafted.

Distribution of New Procedure (Budget Calendar) for Capital and Reserve Projects - Sent out earlier with meeting agenda. Kathy sent copy to Darrel.

Public Forum - None.

GM/OM/PM Status Updates

  • Pool Rehabilitation Phase II, including Pool Bottom Repairs - Phase II ahead of schedule. Shell to be repaired this week. With Mechanical Room upgrade completed, staff will start filling the pool after shell repair work complete. Awaiting permit to erect shade structures. Board approved new capital project- water softener costing less than $5000 with 25 year expected life which will minimize calcium build-up in pool plumbing, including showers. Mike to verify that the sodium in the waste water will not be detrimental to use for irrigation.
  • Tracking Calendars for Other 2020 Capital and Reserve Expense Projects -
    • Pool Mechanical Room Upgrade - completed.
    • CC lighting - additional recess lighting to be added to conference room. Lights to be changed out in depot building to eliminate glare and increase coverage.
    • Baby Pool Heater - found to be OK; replacement moved to 2022.
    • Parking Lot Lighting - parts on the way. Will be installed by Staff.
    • New Ford F150 purchased. Old truck sold to John Gervers for $1.
    • Office computer Replacement - not required. Now using laptops.
    • Baby Pool Mechanical Room Roof - will be included in Phase 3 since a contractor will be required to replace.
    • Resurfacing Basketball Court- awaiting bids from potential vendors.
    • Volleyball Court - sand to be ordered soon. Staff will remove existing sand and remediate weeds.

          Sal requested that report format include estimated and actual costs to make it easier to update                      R&R spreadsheet. Nolan will provide Julie with suggested format that is used by F&G and                              includes those columns.

  • Preparation for 2020 Pool Activities (including newly purchased amenities, water conservation ideas and use of card swipe system for pool entry)- Jessica planning Zoom training with lifeguards. There are signs up in the showers re: conserving water. Lifeguards will inspect showers during shift changes to ensure people not taking excessively long showers. Nancy suggested periodic reminders via ECIA E-blasts. Question raised about retaining lifeguards if pool can’t open on schedule. Suggestion offered to put them to work on other items as they did last year. Issue of card swipe entry, not only for pool but also for courts and perhaps dog park, to be put on May F&G meeting agenda.
  • Maintenance of Hike-Bike Network - County has completed replacing the section along Av. Vista Grande between Chusco and Buena Ventura ahead of schedule. A fourth (new) permanent Maintenance Staff member has been hired (Michael Aragon). His first assignment will be to inspect all the trail segments and document areas needing maintenance. High priority will be given to repairing tripping hazards.
  • Other Maintenance Activities and Problem Ticket Tracking - A new wind screen for the basketball/pickleball court is to be ordered. The security camera system should be on-line soon once the correct camera pendants have been installed.
  • Inspecting Assets Due for Replacement in 2021-22 per R&R - Mike referred F&G to the monthly maintenance report. However, there is no mention of these items, per se, although he did comment that he thought the Living Room sofa did not need replacing in 2021.
  • Other Items - Most of the branch piles along the roads that were created by the tree pruning group have been collected by other than County people. The County has, to reciprocate, offered to bring out a chipper to process those cuttings.

Board Liaison Report -

  • The Board held an electronic meeting. The calendar for developing capital and reserve projects was approved and sent to committee chairs. There are multiple efforts going on to collect more emails from residents. The new contract with Waste Mgt. was approved and is effective April 1. The Board is starting to interview management companies as part of the 3 year cycle renewal policy. They will be talking with Westgate on Friday. The April Board meeting will be via Zoom. All decisions made during the previous electronic meeting will be affirmed at the next meeting.

Old Business 

  • Survey of Community Interest in New Amenities - It was moved and approved that any further work on new amenities, including a survey of interest, be deferred until later in 2020 or in 2021 due to the stress and economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nolan will advise Pam Henline to discontinue further work on developing this survey.
  • Deferred Topics -
  • Pedestrian Cross-striping near School and on Ave Del Monte Alto
  • Films at the Pool
  • VISTAS Article on Pool Accessories (acceptable vs. rejected)

New Business

  • Enforcement of ECIA Rules at Dog Park, Pool, Courts, Stables, Hike-Bike Paths - The Board has been made aware that most HOA’s have policies which allow for the imposing of fines for                       violation of convenants, policies or rules. Dan will forward a sample document he has used in                    the past that describes how to handle violators, once they are identified. F&G was asked by                   Nancy to consider this and what they would like to see covered and offer suggestions to the                Policy and Procedures Review Working Group (headed by Mel D’Amore). This will be carried        onto the F&G May meeting agenda.


Committee Comments - Kudos to Jessica for setting up the Zoom meeting and to Kathy for running a good first meeting under her Committee leadership.

Adjournment -
12:15 PM.

Next meeting:  May 6, 2020 at 10 AM