Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

June 1, 2010   Call to Order/Attendance: Chair Fred Raznick called the meeting to order at 3:35 PM. In attendance were members: Mary Anne Kenny, Jean Crawford, David Lovro, Nolan Zisman, John Calzada, and Jeanne Calzada. Also in attendance were Todd Handy, Board liaison Pat Lavengood, and GM Bill Donohue. Eddie Marshall and Janet Wise were excused absences.  Minutes of May 4 Meeting: The following correction were made: Under “Old Business: Using GIS....”, line 3, the word “be” should be “we”. The minutes were accepted as corrected.

There being no one for Public Forum Bill gave his General Managers Report: The pool opened successfully on May 29. The re-decking and tile replacement went smoothly. Work will begin in a few days on new shade covering for the existing cabanas. The four new swings for the 6-12 playground have still not been received but are expected very soon. The new plumbing lines in the main building have been installed and are working well. There is only the patching and painting of walls to be completed. Upon questioning, Bill reported that “stakeholders” had not yet met to discuss paying for a new “Eldorado at Santa Fe” sign at the Av. Amistad entrance.

Board Liaison Report: Pat reported that in a meeting with the County Open Space and Trails Program representative, a survey of Av. Azul had been completed but the County would probably be unable to fund it in the foreseeable future. The Committee was reminded that on F&G's recommended trail priority list, Av. Azul was 7th.

Old Business: Landscaping Plan: David presented the recommendations of the Landscaping sub-committee. The proposed work encompasses 3 phases (1. Area between Ranch House/Depot and playgrounds/patio; 2. front entry to the ranch house; and 3. arrival area infield) for an estimated cost of approximately $80,000. The full Committee voted 5-0-0 to send the plan on to the Board and to also prepare a Capital Project Request for approximately $50,000 to begin Phase I before the end of the summer. Bill and David will prepare this request.
Goat Herd Weed Abatement: Jean reported site visits had been performed by the herder and preparations have started. Todd advised the Information Committee plans to do a follow-up article to the June Vistas cover story.
Patio Lighting: Jean had nothing new to report. Bill reminded that a Capital Project request will be required for whatever work is agreed upon.
Web Hosting: Neither Todd nor Pat had any reports from the other committees regarding their interest or need for this service. Nolan will work with Jack Arnold to see if the log can be loaded onto the existing server.
Amenities Log: The initial review was completed. Nolan will make the necessary updates and generate the first High Priority list of initiatives for further review and development at future meetings and for our next 5-year planning cycle.  In reviewing the Amenities Log, there was some discussion regarding the future use of the Rental House. Several ideas were brought forward. It was decided to place this subject on the New Business portion of the July meeting agenda.

New Business: A question was raised as to whether, in response to our offering meeting facilities to neighboring HOA's and other non-profit organizations, we have ever received an offer by users of our meeting facilities to help cover our expenses, the answer was negative. After some discussion, it was agreed that the Board should be advised that F&G is of the opinion that we should endeavor to recoup (through voluntary contributions) some of the costs of providing these “good neighbor” services.

As part of the discussion about landscaping, it was suggested that one area of our community center grounds be designated as a “remembrance” area in which ECIA members could purchase and have placed “memorial” benches or other appropriate markers. This idea was warmly received and will be incorporated into future landscaping plans.

Fred reported that he had a discussion about the grounds with a member of the Moms' Club. He suggested to that person they have one of their representatives sit on the F&G Committee. The person agreed to solicit that group for a potential F&G member.

Date of next meeting: The date of the next meeting will be July 6, 2010. It will begin at the regular 4PM time.  Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 PM.

Submitted by Nolan Zisman, Secretary