Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

May 4, 2010:   Call to Order/Attendance: Chair Fred Raznick called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM. In attendance were members: Mary Anne Kenny, Janet Wise, Jean Crawford, David Lovro, Nolan Zisman, John Calzada, and Jeanne Calzada. Also in attendance were Todd Handy, Pat Lavengood, GM Bill Donohue, and guest Susan Paradise (for Public Forum). Eddie Marshall was an excused absence. Susan may become a member of the Committee.

Minutes of April 6 Meeting: The following revisions were made: 1) in the heading of the second section, “Johnson” should be “Duncan”; 2) in the 3rd paragraph, first line, “and” should be “an”. The minutes were accepted as revised.

Public Forum: Ms. Paradise was in attendance as a follow up to comments she made at the ECIA Annual Meeting on May 3. She recommends as a “quick but temporary” pool shade cover initiative for a fabric to be acquired that will go over the existing cabanas at the pool to provide better protection against ultra-violet rays. This can be done rather inexpensively using lath or furring strips to hold the fabric in place. Action Item: After additional discussion F&G voted 6-1-0 to have Bill look for a more permanent solution. It is hoped this can be done within his maintenance budget. If not he will prepare a capital project request and go with the temporary fabric solution.

Ms. Paradise also suggested that a small dog annex at the dog park be assigned a higher priority as there are many people who no longer bring their small dogs as they are intimidated and injured (as have been one or two dog owners). There is also an issue with many non-residents bringing their dogs to the dog park. Bill reminded that the dog park was established with the dog owners agreeing to “self-police” the use of the park. He also suggested that since F&G only recently assigned a relatively low priority (recommended for 2012-2013) in its 5-year plan, we wait at least until the next 5-year planning cycle to reconsider. Action Item Ms. Paradise was encouraged to gather and submit data on the number of users overall and an estimate of the number of small dogs who would benefit from a separate facility.

General Managers Report: The Foyer lighting project is complete. Work is underway to resurface the pool deck and replace missing tiles in the deep end. It is hoped this will be completed soon so the pool can be filled. One of the two summer maintenance employees has been hired and will start soon. The new Community Services Mgr. has also been hired. Four new swings for the 6-12 playground are on order and should be in place for the start of the summer season.

Board Liaison Report: Pat had nothing to report other than the Board is anxious to see a new Architecture Committee formed.

Old Business: Using GIS for CC Mapping. Now that we have the County aerial maps, Bill feels he can do a good job of documenting most of the utility lines and much of the water system. Only if we feel a need for GIS will we give the subject further consideration. We were reminded that one use of utility location information is to meet Emergency Preparedness requirements. Action Item: Fred will talk to Guy Monroe to determine what the Fire Dept. is doing in this regard. Action Item: Bill to get County aerials for the stables and Compadres Park areas.
Goat Herd Weed Abatement: Jean is working on logistics of getting the herd moved around and ensuring residents are aware of the program via Vistas.
Lighting in the Living Room: The living room requirements were re-visited by Jean and Pat who feel that the requirements can be met with the installation of 3 ceiling fans mounted on the cross beam, each equipped with lighting clusters. Action Item: Open.
Benches for the new playground area: Fred and Jean walked the area and feel there are insufficient benches adjacent to the area. Action Item: Jeanne volunteered to review the area and come back with observations and recommendations, as needed, regarding acquiring additional or relocating existing benches.

Amenities Log: A review of the Sports Field tab was completed and about one-third of the Buildings tab was reviewed. We will devote extra time at the next few meetings, as needed, to complete this work so that prioritization of remaining initiatives can be completed in time for preparation of this year’s 5-year plan.

New Business: Developing a Landscaping Plan: An ad-hoc sub-committee will be formed to develop a detailed plan. David volunteered to head this up, with the Calzedas and Nolan as additional volunteer committee members. The group will meet with Bill on Wed, May 12 at 10AM to begin discussions.

Patio Lighting: David and Jean will work with Bill to develop a proposal to improve lighting on the patio. Bill hopes that since the lighting projects in the Living Room and Foyer/North Hall will come in well under budget, the Finance Committee and Board can be persuaded to transfer that balance over to fund the recommended program for Patio Lighting. Action Item: Jean to report back at next meeting.

Web Hosting: Nolan indicated he found a couple of hosting services on the internet that could host our Amenities Log (too large for the existing server) for about $30 per month. If it is decided to move forward, it is possible the ECIA web site would be moved there as well. Action Item: Before making any recommendations to the Board, Pat and Todd will make inquiry of the other ECIA committees regarding their interest or need in using web hosting services.

Date of next meeting: The date of the next meeting will be June 1, 2010. It will begin at 3:30 and the first 30 minutes dedicated to the Amenities Log.Focus will be on completing review of the Buildings and Miscellaneous Amenities tabs.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 PM.

Submitted by Nolan Zisman, Secretary