Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Approved Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes   

Wednesday, Mar. 4, 2020, 10AM RR Building

Call to Order -10:01 AM


  • Committee Members: Kathy Ritschel, Mary Ellen Donat, Martha Jackson, Taylor Ward,

Nolan Zisman, Fred Raznick (late arriving).

  • Board Reps: David Sorkin (Liaison); Sal Monaco.
  • Staff: Julie Navarro, Mike Rogers, Jessica Collins
  • Guests: Dan Drobnis, Sheila Sullivan

Approval of Agenda - Approved as Drafted

Approval of Feb 5, 2020 Meeting Minutes -Approved without change.

Public Forum - None

GM/OM/PM Status Updates

  • Pool Rehabilitation Phase II
    • Still on Schedule; everything to be ready before planned Memorial weekend opening;
    • Plan to put out RFPs for outdoor shower, re-stucco walls, remediation in changing rooms.
  • Tracking Calendar for 2020 Capital and Reserve Expense Projects - Board, in past, had requested a complete calendar for all capital and reserve expense projects. GANTT for major projects and status tracking document for other projects handed out and discussed. Still no anticipated start and end dates on smaller projects.
  • Thoughts on 2020 Pool and General Activities
    • Insurance carrier has approved water volleyball as new activity;
    • Still seeking insurance coverage for swimming lessons;
    • Funded accessories to include nets and kick-boards; others to follow;
    • 6 lifeguards have indicated intent to serve; Jessica looking for 4 to 9 additionals; will be recruiting via several media outlets.
  • Parking Lot Lighting Project - due to lead time to get parts, anticipate completion near end of May. Going with 16 ft. poles as they are less expensive than 15 ft. poles.
  • “Caliber”-based Maintenance Mgt. - Review Procedures with Examples
    • Julie showed screens and data base being used;
    • Mike to inspect all R&R defined assets once per month, logging these activities. Those found with defects will be written up and scheduled for repair/replacment;
    • Maintenance staff also instructed to report unusual findings when performing their assigned duties;
    • Monthly recap report of maintenance activities and inspection findings will be provided, similar in format to existing problem tracking report.
  • Turnover of Maintenance Responsibilities for Hike-Bike Network - Nolan met with Mike on existing trail segment to review inspection procedures; he turned over written procedures and inspection reporting form.
  • Other Items- Stable Committee has requested use of surplus/redundant plastic railings, such as those between the parking lot and dog park, for perimeter fence at the “jumping arena” at the Stables. It was suggested that the Architecture Committee review this concept and advise whether consistent with existing architectural guidelines. If so, then Board will be asked for approval. Another concern is the cost of maintaining these components. It was also suggested that the Stable Committee consider use of arena panels in lieu of plastic railing. This could be a 2021 capital project.

Board Liaison Report:

  • The Board will be receiving training on the HOA Act;The proposed 2020 By-Laws have been amended to include relevant portions of the HOA Act of 2019;
  • A comparison of the proposed 2020 By-Laws with the existing 2018 By-laws is now available on the ECIA web site; F&G members encouraged to review;
  • All contracts, including Insurance and ECIA management contracts, as well as all ECIA policy and procedures documents will be reviewed for relevance, currency and conformity to governing documents.

Old Business

  • Replastering of Pool Bottom - upon further inspection it appears that repair (vs. Replace) will be the direction pursued this spring. Such repairs may defer replacing for two to three years.
  • Operational Metrics - Awaiting David Sorkin to schedule a meeting based on his availability.
  • Revised New Procedure re Budget Calendar - awaiting scheduling of the next committee chair meeting where this will be reviewed and finalized.
  • Survey of Community Interest in New Amenities - Nolan handed out latest draft; working with Information Committee to finalize, get Board approval and implement (probably in May).
  • F&G Contacts for Inspection of 2021-22 R&R Line Items - Mike to schedule with the following F&G members assisting him:
    • Dog Park Surface - Kathy Ritschel
    • Compadres Park (entry road, playground cover, umbrella screens, outdoor sign) - Fred Raznick
    • CC L/R furniture, playground area benches/table sets - Fred and Martha Jackson
    • CC Doors from Breezeway - Fred and Martha
    • Kitchen appliances/countertop - Martha
    • Patio Lighting - Taylor Ward
    • Portable Pitchers’ Mound- Nolan Zisman

New Business - F&G Committee Elections for 2020 Term - All elected by unanimous vote:

  • Chair - Kathy Ritschel
  • Asst. Chair - Mary Ellen Donat
  • Secretary - Nolan Zisman

Will be presented to Board for approval at their March meeting.

Committee Comments -

  • Martha expressed fact that before Julie was appointed GM, she had very negative feelings               about HOAMCO’s performance. She now feels very positive about their performance. Other                           F&G members joined her in offering kudos to Julie, Mike, and Jessica;
  • Nolan received kudos for his performance as Chair the past two plus years;
  • All wished the new officers well.

Adjourn - 11:45 AM

Next meeting:  April 1, 2020 at 10 AM