Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

APPENDIX II (to F&G Jan. 8, 2020 Meeting Minutes)              
F&G Draft 5 Year Plan – 2020-25              
        As of Jan 8 2020 As of July 2019
Project Description Est Cost Comments Task Force Priority   Establish in: Priority   Establish in:
Establish an enclosed “rec room” for ping-pong, board games, etc. and other related activities, teen-oriented film showing, perhaps with wi-fi. Control access via  ID reader; This should be available year around 7 days a week during same hours as CC is open. $75K-$!00K Requirements need to be finalized; would be stand-alone structure. TBD  High 2021 or 2022  High 2020-21
Make Recreation Field more useable for soccer and softball/baseball. $250-500K Repair/activate irrigation system and plant maintain grass outfield area. Nolan, Mike, Kathy, Martha  High 2021 or 2022 High 2021
Build  Walking/Jogging Path around CC Grounds or Compadres Park; to include fitness (par course) stations $20K-$40K?   Kathy  High 2022 Med 2020-21
Install lighting at tennis/basketball courts $ 60-85K upper limit To extend hours of play Nolan, Mike  Med-High 2021 or 2022 Exploratory 2021
Create a second cactus garden $5K? Possibly in CC entry infield in lieu of grass which has been difficult to maintain. Taylor Med-High 2021 or 2022 Low 2024
Offer agility course in dog park. < $1K Dog Park sub-committee to consider Marie Med-Low 2021 or later Low 2023-24
Install a pump track $25K? Suggested as attraction for younger part of community.   Med-Low 2022 or later Med 2020-21
Add a stand-alone splash pad added somewhere in the Playground area for the smaller children $200     Med-Low 2022 or later Med-Low 2021-22
Relocate access pathway to RR Building to reduce the risk of water flowing into the building; remove swale at edge of parking lot                                         $20-40K? Deferred; determine if improved maintenance will not handle problem.   Low 2022 or later High 2021
Establish picnic areas outside of first and 3rd base lines and behind home plate around Baseball Field $2K?     Low 2022 or later Med-High 2021
Complete design and installation of remainder of walking/jogging/par course path to include area between southwestern edge of soccer field and Torneo/Conchas Loop.   ($10K) $25K?     Low 2023 or later Med 2021-22
Beautify Portions of Walking/Jogging Path with Plantings $10K?     Low 2022 or later Med 2021-22
Install a Frisbee golf or mini-golf course $8K?     Low 2023 or later Low 2023-24
Install a bocce ball court $3K? Possibly to replace horseshoe pits. Court exists at Cafe Fina.   Low 2023 or later Low 2024