Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 10:00am

Attendance: F&G Standing Committee members Nolan Zisman, Karen Murry, Lee Onstott, Fred Raznick, Mike Schneider (Russell Winslow is

excused – leave of absence); Pool sub-committee members Kanah Walkman, Mary Ellen Donat, Ted Freeman; Dog Park sub-committee member Taylor Ward; ECIA Board Liaison Todd Handy; HOAMCO GM Julie Navarro, and Assistant Anna Hansen; Residents Dan Drobnis, Shella Sullivan, Jean Crawford and  ECIA Board Chair David McDonald.

Public Forum: None

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Approval of March 13, 2019 Meeting Minutes: Approved with correction of date.

GM/PM  Update: Julie Navarro

  • Three problem tickets comprised of Compadres Park porta potty        cleanliness, sharp edging on dog park shading and tennis courts screens were all closed within 30 days.
  • Pool Rehabilitation: Russell Winslow.
  1. Work progressing as planned. Bath house and electrical work rebuilding has started.
  2. While demolition of internal partitions between the adult and tot pools is desired to open up deck space, regulations are being reviewed to determine if this is possible due to slope involved.
  3. Pool sub-committee requested to review available tiles (within contracted budget) at Arizona Tile. Kanah asked about using a local contractor and  Russell requested pool sub-committee provide the price per square foot for that tile to compare. Kanah asked for verification of Russell’s tile sample request. She will supply pool subcommittee’s     recommended tile’s cost per square foot so it can be reviewed. Tile grout does not need to be sealed. Pool subcommittee needs to make a formal request if they want grout sealing in bathhouse as it will be additional cost and time.
  4. Front gate currently has no budget and Russell is requesting pool subcommittee for design ideas. Pool gate discussion centered on solid gate vs slats.  Gate needs to be easy push release for emergency exit.
  5. Pool occupancy capacity regulations may determine if the pool needs one or two additional pool exits.
  6. Septic system is being rebuilt and a new grey water system is being reviewed for CC irrigation needs. David Lovro, former member of F&G and Landscaping Ad Hoc committee, has been asked to review initial concepts for distributing grey water to the property needing irrigation.
  • Staffing: New pool manager will start on April 16, 2019. They are still looking for new pool lifeguards. Lee Onstott asked if Eldorado retired residents might be interested in lifeguard positions. Poolside will work with new lifeguards for CPR certification.  Community Relations position has posted. Project Mgr. position may be filled soon. Office Assistant position will not be filled. Community Relations position will assume many of those duties.
  • Implementing 2019 Major Maintenance Activities, R&R and New Capital Projects:
  1. Authorized for 2018, not spent in 2018. a) Outfield warning track and portable fencing for baseball field was postponed due to critter           remediation. It will probably be addressed in spring 2020. b) County will extend road aprons intersecting with hike-bike paths - Phase One - may  commence as early as May 2019.  c) Preserve parking area surface   regrade/culverts – TBD. Service provider has not yet been found.
  2. 2019 Budget items. a) Baseball field safety netting is now on order. Portable pitcher’s mound is in use. b) Pool sporting accessories are deferred. c) New playground equipment at CC and Compadres Park   has been deferred.
  3. 3. 2019 Non- pool Related Replacement and Reserves. a) Dog Park

      benches have been installed. b) Dog Park shade structures installed

      and stained. Deferred items include CC lighting, office document and file

      servers, riding arena subsurface and railing, preserve parking area

      culvert replacement, and CC flooring in conference room and offices.

  • Implementing New ECIA Website: Information Committee is interviewing four vendors and send recommendations to the ECIA Board for review.
  • Security cameras acquisition /installation: Four new cameras were purchased and will be added at CC. Remaining 22 cameras for CC and Compadres Park are on hold.

Board Liaison Update: Todd Handy

  1. Feedback from the March Board meeting. Concerns on 2019 budget and the release of CD’s for cash accessibility. Todd inquired about Nolan and Julie’s weekend staffing schedules not on same track and asked for review.
  2. Pool jump board put on hold due to ECIA insurance cost concerns. Todd will inquire about prepping deck area for future installation of jump board. Kanah asked if a pool slide would be approved by insurance. Pool subcommittee asked to gather ideas and pricing for a slide or similar alternatives. Todd will ask our insurance carrier if any of their other insured properties have pool amenities and what is      allowed.

Old Business:

  • Develop a 2019 Activity Plan for our Amenities: Tabled to next meeting.
  • Finalize High priority of new projects and assign for analysis:
  1. Fred will be reviewing the modification of the CC parking lot lighting.
  2. Lee will be working on the extension of the hike-bike trail from Torreon to the Stables or 285.
  3. Nolan will work on completing pickle ball courts at Compadres Park.
  4. Russell to work on relocation of RR building entry doors and improved CC parking lot drainage ideas.
  5. Mike to review baseball outfield grading and ideas to utilize baseball field for soccer and other outdoor activities during baseball off-season.
  6. Karen (hopefully with David Lovro) will review repair and activation of irrigation system, possible new CC plantings and possible ideas for baseball outfield grass installation.
  7. Martha and Kanah will review a) ideas for a new “recreation room” area for a hot tub, ping pong table, teen-oriented film viewing, wi-fi and other activities; and, b) expansion of the pool deck.
  • Confirmation vote on Pickle ball striping on CC basketball court: Resolution which had previously been approved via e-mail 3-0-2 absent was reaffirmed on a 5-0 vote. The resolution was reviewed by the Board at it's March meeting.
  • Suggestion from the Court users meeting of March 7, 2019: Based on all the feedback and discussion from the court user meeting, the following items were mentioned as key "issues", which the F&G Committee is strongly recommending for Board action:

    1)  To increase the usage of the courts, efforts should be directed towards the younger residents of our community. Things like offering lessons and family oriented fun tournaments are suggested.

   2)   While the office may be closed for parts of the weekend, the demand for our court facilities is very high on weekends. A way needs to be found during daylight hours on both weekend days to....

             ◦     Provide access to toilet facilities;

             ◦     make equipment available to play shuffleboard, horseshoes, and ping pong.

   3)   As soon as construction related to the front area of the pool is      completed, restore the horseshoe pits to a playable condition;

   4)   Restore the volleyball court to playability.

   5)  Ensure each court has rules posted; rules particularly about no       unattended small children, dogs or wheeled vehicles on courts should be enforced.

    6)  Private lessons should only be allowed in non-peak times or in peak times when others are not waiting to play; for tennis the non-peak hours are prior to 8AM, between 11AM and 3PM, and after 7 PM. When others arrive to play during peak hours and lessons are being given at that time, the lessons should terminate in a reasonably short period of time.

  • Blu Tooth Wireless PA System and Outdoor Water faucets: Julie is exploring ideas and costs for water.  Fred Raznick mentioned that if   water is installed at Compadres Park for drinking fountains, EAWSD    water meter acquisition can run up to $15K with additional costs for faucet installation, piping and drains. BluTooth system was remanded to GM or Information Committee as it is not within F&G scope.
  • New Parking Area for the Dog Park: A dirt parking area for the dog park and more directional signage was discussed. Will be reviewed in May meeting. Purpose is to prevent drivers from entering the first driveway on the left as you enter which is one way in the opposite      direction. Dog Park sub-committee will work with dog park users       entering in the wrong direction.

New Business:

  • Determining Usage of the Amenities: Ted Freeman suggested implementing creating resident swipe cards for the amenities. Todd     suggested a daily maintenance walk through to see resident amenity    activity. Will be discussed further at next F&G meeting. Purpose is to know how much usage our major amenities get to support possible      expansion of these in the future.

Committee Comment:

  • Karen reminded committee members about the Eldorado Road Cleanup event on Saturday April 27 from 9 am to 12 noon. Sign ups at the ECIA office.
  • Julie was asked about new first entrance monument. ECIA/HOAMCO authorized construction and payment of monument with $220 from Joe Miller and $400 from Dos Gringos.
  • Nolan extended his appreciation for F&G members to step up to take ownership of project development on the high priorities in the current F&G 5-Year plan.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned 12:10pm

Next Meeting: May 1, 2019 at 10 am in the CC Railroad room.