Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Draft Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes        

Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020, 10AM RR Building


Call to Order and Attendance - Meeting called to order 10:01 AM. In attendance were:

Committtee - Nolan Zisman, Fred Raznick, Mary Ellen Donat, Taylor Ward, Kathy Ritschel;

Board - Nancy Sulzberg, David Sorkin, Mel D’Amore, Sal Monaco; Staff - Julie Navarro, Mike        Rogers, Jessican Collins, Diana Oliver; Residents - Dan Drobnis, Jean Crawford. Unexcused                     Absences: Martha Jackson, Marie Aragon.

Approval of Agenda - Approved as Revised. Approval of Jan 8, 2020 Meeting Minutes -Approved as Corrected.

Public Forum - Jean Crawford raised the concern about getting goat heads under control at the right time of year, especially on the hike-bike trails, playground areas, and volleyball court. She also suggested we rehabilitate the area around the outside of the Southeast corner of the pool. We acknowledge her concerns and expressed that these will be addressed going forward. She also passed along kudos to the lifeguard staff/pool manager for their positive display of professionalism during the 2019 pool season.

GM/OM/PM Status Updates

  • Pool Rehabilitation Phase II
    • Mechanical room equipment ordered; target to complete is April 12;
    • Awaiting word from Exerplay on shipment date for shade structures;
    • Construction of the family changing room is being deferred due to the need to go back out to bid. MOTION: F&G recommends construction of the family room be deferred until 2021 and that the Finance Committee recommends the Board rescind the expenditure of those budgeted funds accordingly.
  • Thoughts on 2020 Pool Activities and Other Pool-related Operational Matters
    • Jessica has been updating the pool operations manual. She was asked to make a brief presentation on that at the April Board meeting; if F&G members have interest, they can plan to attend that meeting;
    • There appears to be a lot of interest in swim lessons; Jessica is researching ways to best deliver those services;
    • Due to cost of leasing films, Jessica is having discussions with the VG Library Director, to have them sponsor film nights at the pool; VGL already has such a license.
    • Jessica has identified up to 7 people who have expressed interest in being lifeguards for 2020. She’s hoping to fill 12 positions.
  • Other Items
    • Additional cracks have appeared in the pool shell. Mike and Jessica will research information on possible costs to replaster in 2020 (instead of 2021) vs. patching the cracks in 2020 and replastering in 2021 vs. acquiring and installing a pool liner. If the liner, F&G would like it to have lane lines painted or printed on, if possible. With this info, F&G can make informed recommendation.
    • It is possible the Santa Fe Boys and Girls Club will want to use our pool and tennis courts on a limited basis, as part of an effort to extend that program to children living in our area and/or attending El Dorado Community School. Periodic status reports will be provided.

Board Liaison Updates

  • KPI’s and Other Financial and Operational Metrics - The Board has issues with the structure and target/goal setting for the F&G metrics. A special meeting with our Board liaisons will be called to flesh these out further.
  • New Procedure re Budget Calendar - This topic was not included on the Jan. Board meeting agenda. Nancy wants it to be addressed at the next Committee Chair meeting (which may be a special meeting).
  • Voices To Be Heard Event - Scheduled for Feb 8. Some people have already expressed interest in attending. There may be suggestions that will need to be considered by F&G.
  • County Liaison - will be Joseph Gutierrez. If his services are needed requests should filter up through the committee Board liaison.
  • Strategic Planning Task Group - purpose is to develop vision, goals and objectives for the community for the foreseeable future. Will probably ask for input and perhaps volunteers from committees.
  • Policy Review Task Group - Mel D’Amore heading up review to ensure all policies developed over the years are known, recorded, and updated as needed. Nolan will search F&G archives to see if we have submitted any; if so, will provide titles to Mel.
  • Office Procedures Review Report - this should be delivered to the Board later this month. Will await future status update on whether there are any issues for F&G.
  • Pool Accessories Discussion - The Board has not approved the log rolling activity for our pool. Jessica has been asked to develop a list of other activities for which available, approved budget can be allocated.
  • Other Items - It was suggested that a brief VISTAS article be written as to why requested pool accessories were rejected (mainly insurance/risk related) and other interesting facts about our insurance coverage (e.g. why HOA insurance different from residential, etc.). Board to take under advisement.

Old Business

  • Parking Lot Lighting (Do Phase I or both in 2020?). F&G voted 5-0 to combine phases into a single 2020 project to enhance safety. Nolan will take request for needed additional funding to Finance Committee. Jean mentioned past issue with “critters” living under pole bases and chewing on exposed wires. This will be addressed by staff as they install new poles.
  • Maintenance Management Process Implementation Supported by “Caliber” Software Module - the database loading was recently completed. Staff will begin using it to define and report maintenance activities. Both F&G and Finance Committee would like to see the data base.
  • 2020 Activities Planning - staff is beginning to compile 2020 activities list and will probably solicit suggestions from the community in either an article, e-blast, or survey.
  • Lighting the Tennis and Basketball Courts - - due to size of cost estimates, this subject will be included in survey on desired amenities.
  • GANTT Chart Scheduling of 2020 Capital and Replacement Reserve Projects - Mike handed out first draft. Nolan will review and provide feedback.
  • Finalize F&G 5-Year Plan for 2021-2025 - plan developed at January meeting was approved. Nolan will work with volunteer committee members to develop appropriate project descriptions that will go into the survey of residents about desirability of said amenities.

New Business

  • F&G Committee Elections for 2020 Term - tabled to March meeting due to time running out.
  • Review and Finalize 2019 F&G Annual Report - Nolan to revise, based on suggestions from Nancy.
  • Establish 2020 Target for Completion of Open Problem Tickets Within 30 Days - Committee establishing target at 85%, up from 80% in 2019. It was suggested a VISTAS article be written to describe this process and the improvements made from 2018 to 2019. Nolan will pursue.
  • Inspection of 2021-22 R&R Line Items - list pulled from R&R given to Mike who will be responsible for making repair/replace recommendations in conjunction with “owning”                    committees or staff members.

Committee Comments - unable to capture due to length of meeting.

Adjourn - 12:35 PM.   Next Regular Meeting:  Mar. 4, 2020 at 10 AM