Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee




20 ECIA residents attended the meeting. By sports interest 7 represented tennis, 7 pickleball, 2 horseshoes, 1 basketball, and 1 volleyball.  A couple of people were there with either multiple interests or just interested in the general discussion subject matter. It is estimated there are 30-50 players of both tennis and pickleball in the community. Pickleball representatives guessed that with a dedicated pickleball facility and a sufficient number of courts (minimum of 4), their ranks could grow as residents who now play at other locations would relocate to Eldorado.

Nearly attendees participated in discussions. The following were the key points brought up:


  • having the pickleball accessories storage immediately adjacent to the courts;
  • having two of the finest tennis courts in the Santa Fe area;
  • offering a variety of court facilities/sports in a single location;
  • User rules where posted still seem to, for the most part, be relevant and appropriate.


  • Wind screens become detached from fence and flap and interrupt play; they are also becoming damaged from lack of secure detachment. Root cause deemed to be - -
    • lack of regular inspection and reattachment of ties where they have broken off;
    • wind screens improperly hung (too high up on the fence);
  • Tape used to define pickleball court lines on basketball court are not functionally useful; they pull up and leave a bad adhesive residue on the court surface when pulled up or removed;
  • Some dog owners, in spite of posted court rules to the contrary, allow their dogs to be on the courts;
  • Tennis courts often have debris on them; snow is not being cleared to allow for play during nice weather breaks in winter storms; allowing snow to turn into ice has an adverse effect on the court surface, including shortening the expected life of the surface due to ice-caused cracks;
  • Equipment to play shuffleboard, horseshoes, ping pong not available when office is closed; ping pong table is inaccessible more often than not;
  • Surface on volleyball court unplayable - - weeds growing, sand footing inappropriate for volleyball;
  • On at least one occasion, a resident was observed giving tennis lessons to one or more non-residents, and this during a prime court usage time;
  • Bathroom facilities unavailable to court users during weekends and some holidays.

OTHER COMMENTS:  Tennis and basketball players are against having pickleball or other court sport lines painted onto their courts; they feel that such lines would provide confusion in playing their sports. It was mentioned that there a many courts in the Santa Fe area that have multiple lines and multiple sports are being played on those courts.


Tennis and Basketball Courts:

  • Before HOAMCO took over operations management, there was a time when courts and wind screens were inspected by staff daily (during weekdays) with debris on court surfaces cleaned off and wind screen ties reattached where broken off. This practice should be reinstated, except during a prolonged winter storm. It will help extend the life of the court surfaces and wind screens;
  • Wind screens need to be attached to the fences from the bottom up. Dag Ryan - - a frequent tennis player and the individual who oversaw the construction of the courts- - has volunteered to show staff how to properly hang and maintain the wind screens. Plastic tie-downs are preferred over the metal ones;
  • During winter only the wind screens on the south side of the courts should be taken down; this will allow the sun to dry out a lot of the moisture on the courts;
  • During the snow season, snow should be removed from the courts as quickly as practical, before it has a chance to freeze underneath. Only plastic shovels can be safely used on the court surfaces, in addition to brooms and squeegies;
  • Debris from trees and foliage around the courts often wind up on the courts. A more frequent pruning and cleanup of these areas will reduce court debris.

Other Recommendations:

  • Provide access to toilet facilities on the weekends;
  • As soon as construction related to the front area of the pool is completed, restore the horseshoe pits to a playable condition;
  • Restore the volleyball court to playability;
  • While the office may be closed for parts of the weekend, the demand for our court facilities is very high on weekends. A way needs to be found to make equipment to play shuffleboard, horseshoes, ping pong available to residents during daylight hours on weekends, say from 9 AM to 5 PM;
  • Ensure each court has rules posted; rules particularly about no dogs or wheeled vehicles on courts should be enforced;
  • Private lessons should only be allowed in non-peak times or in peak times when others are not waiting to play; for tennis the non-peak hours are prior to 8AM, between 11AM and 3PM, and after 7 PM. When others arrive to play during peak hours and lessons are being given at that time, the lessons should terminate in a reasonably short period of time;
  • If efforts are to be made to increase the usage of the courts, they should be directed towards the younger residents of our community. Things like offering lessons and family oriented fun tournaments are suggested.

NEXT STEPS:  The Facilities and Grounds Committee will take up these items at their March 13 meeting and make their own recommendations to the GM and Board, as appropriate.

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