Minutes - Facilities and Grounds Committee

Approved Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday,  Jan. 8, 2020 


Call to Order and Attendance - Called to order 10:01AM

In attendance were:  Committee members Nolan Zisman, Fred Raznick, Kathy Ritschel, Martha Jackson, Taylor Ward, Mary Ellen Donat, Marie Aragon; Board Liaisons David Sorkin, Sal Monaco; Residents Dan Drobnis and Sheila Sullivan. Karen Murry has resigned from the committee.

Approval of Agenda- approved as amended.

Approval of  Dec 4, 2019 Meeting Minutes - approved as drafted.

Public Forum - none.

GM/OM/PM Status Updates

  • Disposition of Open Problem Tickets - two of three open items closed in December. One (ant hills on hike bike trails) still open; won’t get addressed until weather warms up.
  • Maintenance Management Process Implementation Supported by “Caliber” Software Module - data base is loaded. Hoamco expert coming in next couple of weeks to help office staff set up task lists.
  • HOAMCO Staff Objectives/Goals for 2020- will work with Stacy Maule to establish and align with Board and Committee Goals and Objectives.
  • Other Items
    • Board President was contacted by tennis teacher about providing tennis lessons in 2020. Still may be a financial no-go. Nolan will send note to Dag Ryan soliciting resident who may be willing to offer lessons covering fundamentals of tennis.
    • Dan Drobnis mentioned CPR training (as lifeguards and Pool Mgr. Would already have that training). Committee thought it was good idea. Mike will explore options. Target audience would be staff and residents.

Board Liaison Updates

  • Appointment of New Board Members Sal Monaco and George Rutter were appointed last month. Mr. Rutter has since resigned. Board now has two open positions and will have three during 2020 elections.
  • Reassignment of Liaisons - David Sorkin is primary and Sal Monaco secondary liaison to F&G.
  • Other Items -
    • Board has had initial discussions about swipe card entry systems for pool and dog park. While recognized as possible deterrent for non-residents, value is seen as a way of getting objective counts of users of these facilities. There may be additional need to discuss at future F&G meeting.
    • With the resignation of the last three members of the Environmental Stewardship Ad Hoc Committee, the Board will likely terminate their committee status and have references to that group’s audit of ECIA operations deleted from the web site as the action items have all been completed. It was mentioned that if set up properly, the maintenance management process should cover all the items that were evaluated by the ESSC’s review.

Old Business

  • Pool Rehabilitation - Phase II - Contracts have been signed with Poolside for re-configuring the mechanical room and with Exerplay for the shade structures. Poolside began work on Dec 27 and has removed all old equipment being replaced, has poured a new concrete floor (which will be epoxied after the concrete has firmed up) and patched and painted walls and ceilings. Exerplay will begin work on Feb 10. Casa de Suenos still developing cost details from sub-contracts.  Target for having all work completed is mid-April for all but the changing room, and beginning of May for that project.
  • Parking Lot Lighting - Mike has received bids from Dahl Electric. Phase I (install lights where there are existing dark areas) is estimated at $3,872. Phase II (modify existing lights to comply with “night sky” standards) is estimated at $6,776. It was suggested that it might be more practical to do both phases at the same time. As the current budget is $7,200, Nolan will work with Mike to take a request for the additional funding to the Jan. Finance Committee meeting (providing documentation prior to the meeting).
  • Lighting the Tennis and Basketball Courts -Mike received estimates from Dahl. Lighting the tennis courts would run about $60.2K and lighting the basketball courts $21.1K. As these would be 2021 or later projects it was decided to survey the residents about the desirability to provide these amenities. Nolan will also work with Mike to explore other less costly options.
  • (ADDED) Activities during 2020 - It was suggested that an e-blast be circulated asking for residents to attend an evening meeting where they could offer suggestions for activities/programs for the year. Diana would probably be the coordinator of this effort. It was also mentioned that some of these activities, if indoors, could possibly be offered at the Max Coll Center.

New Business

  • Desired Start Dates for 2020 Capital and Replacement Reserve Projects - F&G developed recommended start or completion dates as input into the scheduling and development of GANTT charts for each project. Theses recommendations are included in the attached Appendix I.
  • Develop Preliminary F&G Project Priority List for 2021 - As an update to the F&G 5-year plan developed in 2018-19, each item on the list was reviewed to determine what the committee thought the priorities should be. Those deemed High or Medium will be included in a survey of community members. The objectives of such a survey would be to get good demographic coverage both by respondent age and usage of amenities but also reaction to value/cost relationship. The updated F&G 2021-25 5-Year Plan is attached as Appendix II. Nolan will work with project task force members to help them get started defining requirements/project parameters, etc.

Committee Comments and Adjournment

  • The entire committee expressed appreciation for the active participation of our two Board liaisons and the Board’s objective of greater transparency of Board and committee activities.
  • One member asked about the status of seeking bids for insurance coverage once the existing policy terminates. Nolan is preparing a draft RFP for the Finance Committee, using the recently completed Association Reserves’ review of ECIA assets as the attachment. Mike will forward a soft copy of that report to the other F&G Committee members.

Adjourn: 12:20 PM.    Next meeting:  Feb. 5, 2020 at 10 AM