Minutes - Finance Committee

Draft Minutes:  Finance Committee Zoom Meeting

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 (Action Items in italics/bold)

Call to Order: 9:30 AM.   Attendance: F/C members Dan Drobnis, Nolan Zisman, Amelia Adair; Marti Zieg was excused absence; HOAMCO reps Kristen Kipp, Julie Navarro, Mike Rogers, Jessica Collins;  BOD members Sal Monaco (F/C Liaison), David Sorkin,  Mel D’Amore; Guests Kathy Ritschel (2nd F/C meeting), and Jim Knight.                                                           . 

  1. 1. Public Comment - None.
  2. 2. Adoption/Modification of Agenda - Agenda modified as follows:
  • Under GM Report, added “Hike-Bike Work in 2020” and “Basketball Court Resurface”
  • Under Other Business, added “New Capital Projects - Arena Fencing, and Security Cameras”
  1. Approval of Minutes of Apr. 19. 2020: Approved as drafted.
  2. 4. General Manager’s Report
  • Revised Office Hours -Office closed but staff on duty 8 AM to 5 PM.
  • Pool Budget and Schedule status - Mechanical room complete once pool heater goes “on-line”. Permits issue to erect shade structures. Cement footings will be poured this week and structures erected thereafter. Several people waiting to be hired as lifeguards. Depending on what may be allowed by government, may have skeleton crew of lifeguards with others hired as pool attendants to help keep facilities disinfected and social distancing practiced. Water softener installed so that discharge passes through frenches drain, sodium removed and sent to leach field and remaining water sent for irrigation. While not scheduled for replacement until 2021, Jule will order a replacement pool tarp for this season as the existing one is not usable.
  • Parking lot lighting Budget and Schedule status - now scheduled for mid-June as electrician now finishing in mechanical room, then will install new light fixtures in conference and class rooms, the begin on parking lot lighting.
  • Inspection of near-term Replacement/Repair items - F&G had sent Mike a list of items for 2021-22. He has documented inspection of about half of those including changes to years replacement is expected. Nolan will provide updated list so that documentation can be completed.
  • Transfer of ECIA property near stables to EAWSD - still working with EAWSD and County (through Joseph Gutierrez) to have lots split and one now used by EAWSD transferred to their ownership.  Julie to prepare a document for County to rule on.

  • Response to late notices for assessments - All payment plans targeted to complete by end of July. 1st late notices went out April 1. 2nd notices will go out June 1.
  • Separate Debit Card for Reserve Expenses - a new card issued and is working as intended.
  • CAI and other training for GM and staff - Julie has completed on-line training and awaits scheduling of class to complete this project. Mike and Rachel hope to complete their training by end of June.
  • Office Procedures development - Julie is using the previous “audit” to define what will be included in the new review. Hope to have that completed before the June F/C meeting.
  • 2020 Hike-Bike Maintenance - Plan is to repair/crack fill and seal coat Av. Vista Grande from Casa del Oro to Av. Monte Alto. Julie will pursue bid request. A staff member will spot inspect this work as it is performed to ensure desired quality of work is obtained.  Tripping hazards have been identified and materials acquired to repair these in-house.
  • Basketball Court Re-surface - Work is scheduled from June 6-12.  F&G had discussed people going on the court to roller-blade, skate board, etc. and there was concern that there might be some damage during and after court re-surfacing. It was brought to F/C because temporary fencing was a consideration by F&G if the vendor couldn’t provide appropriate security. Mike checked with the vendor who indicated there should be no damage after work is completed each day during the project. Amelia offered some surplus arena panels from the stables. Mike will take appropriate action.
  1. 5. Board Liaison’s Report
  • Suggested Moratorium on Assessment Collections - The BOD is continuing with the existing policy. If people have hardship issues they will be expected to negotiate with the GM. There might be discussion later about delaying sending items for collection due to pandemic-related hardships.
  • Waiver of late penalties and collection referrals - Same as above.
  • Board actions on Finance Committee recommended motions from 3/10 - Amelia Adair was approved for F/C membership.
  • Other Items
  • By-Laws were approved at the Annual Meeting; David Sorkin elected to a three-year term;
  • ECIA has new legal counsel - Lynn Krupnick of Krupnick and Associates;
  • RFP for ECIA management went out; questions are due May 22 and proposals due June 12;
  • Still awaiting Water Mgt. Service Agreement;
  • F & G raised suggestion that BOD adopt a standard template for all ECIA signs. Being looked into.
  1. 6. Financial Reports—All questions provided in advance of meeting were answered. Kristen distributed a revised April financial report which incorporated correction of some unintended entries.
  2. 7. Processing of Overdue payments - Amelia suggested that first notices don’t go to barn owners until after 60 days. There was general concurrence to this idea.
  3. 8. Revised Finance Committee Annual Calendar - no discussion as it was distributed at last meeting.
  4. 9. Rules Enforcement Policy—Fines or other measures - - F&G has volunteered to develop a suggested process for identifying and documenting rules violations after which fines or other measures could be invoked. These will be presented to the F/C at the June meeting.        
  5. 10. Revised Procurement Policy - The policy now in effect is from 2013. Julie and Mike were asked to review that policy and offer whatever revisions they feel appropriate prior to the next F/C meeting.
  6. 11. Committee Charter preliminary discussion (postponed) 
  7. 12. Other Business
  • New Capital Projects
    • Stables Arroyo Field Fence - F/C (by a vote of 3-0-0) voted recommending this request to the Board.

      MOTION: F/C recommends Board approval of expenditure not to exceed $2000 for fencing the Stables Arroyo Field as a 2020 Capital Project.

    • Additional Security Cameras - F & G concluded the immediate need for security cameras at the CC Courts and improved coverage at Compadres Park due to recent activities in violation of the rules for those facilities and vandalism at the Compadres Park playground. Mike to furnish Nolan with a cost estimate for 5 cameras, including installation; Nolan will prepare a CPR form for email vote by F&G and forwarding to Dan for F/C email vote to recommend that as a new capital project 2020 expenditure.
  • Committee 2021 budget requests - Dan will send a note to the other committee chairs reminding them that 2021 budget needs should be communicated in the next few weeks.
  1. 13. Adjourn 11:15 AM. Next Meeting June 9, 9:30 AM - Regular Finance Committee Meeting