Minutes - Finance Committee

Approved Minutes Finance Committee Meeting Monday Nov 14, 2016

9:30 AM Conference Room

Attendees:  Dan Drobnis, Chair; Joseph Guiterrez; Sal Monaco; Marti Zieg; Isabel Ugarte, General Manager; Todd Handy, Treasurer; Emily Spies, HOAMCO Bookkeeper/Comptroller; John Henriksen, Board member.

Absent:  Sandy MacGregor; Gale Oppenheim.

1. Public Comment--Newly appointed Board member John Henriksen introduced himself

2. Adoption of Agenda—as distributed

3. Approval of Minutes—as distributed

            Oct. 26, 2016


4. General Manager’s Report

            Stable and Compadres Park Security Cameras

                        Compadres in operation.  Stable needs replacement.

            Pool inspection and plan

                        In process.  May not be done in time for 2017 season.

            Hike/Bike Trail

                        County promises PASER review by December.


5. Board Liaison Report

            Legal activity

                        Former Board member Daigle pursuing solar suit.  Insurance defending.

            Proposed Capital item—Board advice on Breezeway Planter/Walks

                        Board has not considered request.

            GM Candidate interviews

                        HOAMCO has hired Interim GM Isabel Ugarte.

            Board Appointments

                        Board has appointed John Henriksen and Michael McDowell.

6. Financial Reports

            October 2016 Report

                        Report accepted.

            Accounts Receivable Summary

                        HOAMCO unable to present an acceptable summary beyond 90 days.

            Reconciliation of HOAMCO charges

                        Treasurer reports partial and incomplete reconciliation for 2016.


7. Budget Final 2017 Draft Review

            Examination of changes

                        No changes made.

            Formal Adoption of Recommendation

                        A Budget recommendation was adopted.

8. Replacement Reserves

Updated Reserves Spreadsheet Report

            An updated summary was incorporated in the Budget Letter recommendation.

9. Budget Letter

            Examination of Changes

                        No changes were made.           

            Formal Adoption of Recommendation

                        A Budget Letter recommendation was adopted.


10. Audit/Election Milestone Meeting

            Tentative 12/8/16

11. Annual Calendar Check--November

            Final Budget Recommendation

            Budget Message Final Review

            Presentation of Recommended Budget to Board

12. Next Meetings

            Monday Nov. 14, 6 PM Joint Committee Board Budget workshop

            Saturday, Dec. 10, 10 AM Board Public Hearing on proposed 2017 Budget

            Thursday Dec. 15, 7 PM Board Adopts 2017 Budget at regular meeting

13.  Adjourn

If you wish to receive e-mails on Finance Committee topics, including draft documents being reviewed, please let me know at drobnisd@comcast.net.  On the other hand, if you are tired of receiving them, please let me know also.