Minutes - Information Committee

Minutes September 9, 2019

Information Committee

Call to Order

   Determination of who will do minutes- Lee Chiacos for this session only

Attendees: Committee members: Pam Henline, Lee Chiacos, Bill Dunning, Bonn Macy excused absence. Nancy Sulzberg Board liaison, Diana Oliver HOAMCO employee

Agenda and Minutes of 8-12-19 approved


Report from Board

       Web implementation company not decided by Board although Board interviewed another company without including the IC in any notice or the interview – Array Design. The AD proposal was provided to the IC.


Old Business

            Welcome Packet-

Board wants to make changes but who or what unclear. For now project on hold by IC. It is not clear what input the Board wants from IC.

            Vistas for Sept.-review -

The deadline was Aug. 5 and the Vistas was laid out after that. Board president McDonald, starting on Aug 15, insisted that everything be redone, three different times for three different non-time-sensitive articles.  As a result, the design cost for this issue sky-rocketed to over $1700.

Printing & timing Vistas-

IC feels all articles except for Board meeting actions should be due by fifth of previous month.

            Review articles received for Oct. Vistas-

There were quite a few articles and announcements, all reviewed and there was discussion about which should be included in Oct. Vistas


New Business

           The resignation DiAna Gutierrez was accepted. She is a valuable contributor and editor.

            Distribution and edits of first draft Vistas-

IC feels that the first draft of Vistas should go to all contributors in order to facilitate early production and printing.  After fifth of month, committee liaison can take any controversial or unusual article to the Board.  A writeup with the timing information for production of Vistas will be presented to the Board.

            Discussion on reaching more residents-

Web site, eblasts, farmers market, library, marquee

            Review Budget for 2020-

This was provided to Julie, GM. It included the most expensive option for web design and a person to migrate data from old to new web. Also included a new logo for ECIA

            Articles received from non-residents-

If these are relevant and important, then consider with all other articles.

            Review articles for November Vistas-no real action

            Review Style Guide-did not do

            Call for new members


Adjournment  at 8:30 PM