Minutes - Information Committee

Draft Minutes Jan. 13, 2020

Information Committee

Conference Room 7 PM

Call to Order

     Determination of who will do minutes

Attendees: Committee members: Bill Dunning, Pam Henline (via phone) Lee Chiacos excused

    absence, Sandra Vreeland, Diana Oliver, Margaret Shaklee, Mel D’Amore, Carol Sanguinette

    (committee is 3 people, quorum is 2)

Approval of Agenda – approved, motion Dunning, second Henline

Approval of Minutes

    Review meeting notes from Dec. -no approval required


Report from Board

       Status of Web implementation company – Garret Vreeland has come to office to work w the start of reformatting data. He needs to complete vendor package with office.

       Status of hiring someone to start work on data- being done by Jessica Collins – ECIA Pool manager

Old Business

            Status web survey-about 129 responses, many similar comments

            Web site forum-not sure if need

            Comments on January VISTAS-review-time of delivery, etc-went well!


New Business

            Committee accepted resignation of Bonn Macy and many thanks for his service

            Review ‘What we have’ for February-several articles to edit and few new announcements to add

            Committee members to review 2019 Annual report

            Decided to always use ‘Vistas’ except in newsletter masthead

            New ECIA logo - Bill Dunning to work on wording for ad and what is required, will start by seeking local Eldorado talent

            Review – getting articles for March

                      Report bylaws forum

                      Snake article

                      Left-over articles


                      Board candidates statements – timing difficult, do in April?

                      The Original Eldorado article – Lee Chiacos


Motions - 


Comments from public

Adjournment  9:12 PM