Minutes - Information Committee

DRAFT Minutes March 9, 2020

Information Committee

Conference Room 7 PM

Call to Order  7:05 PM

Attendees: Committee Members Pam Henline, Bill Dunning, Lee Chiacos at beginning of meeting via phone, Sandra Vreeland, Melicent D’Amore

Approval of Agenda 


Approval of Minutes 


Report from Board

       Status of Web task force  - no status

       Status of data for new web – mostly complete

Old Business

            Comments on March VISTAS-review-time of delivery, etc. – everyone like this Vistas


New Business

            Discussion on most efficient way to produce Vistas

            Review ‘What we have’ for April-esp article priority – this item and articles discussed

                         By all for most of the meeting

            Review specification & status ECIA logo – specifications to be sent to Nancy Sulzberg

                         and Julie Navarro

            Review – getting articles for May





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