Minutes - Information Committee

Information Committee Minutes


Call to Order


Information Committee meeting was held in the ECIA classroom on October 2, 2018 at 7 PM.


Voting members in attendance included Bill Dunning,Amy Price, Cheryl Shields, Karen Logan,Jon D'Amore (by skype} and Anne Salzmann,Acting Chair. Board liason Steve Rudnick and Board liason Alternate, David McDonald also in attendance. Courteney Handy of ECIA in attendance.

Guests in attendance included Jim Zebora, Diana Gries, Daniel Stotlemeyer. Lee Chiacos

Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the September 4 meeting were approved. Agenda items:

Consideration of new officers: moved to November meeting when member Jim Zebora has been approved by ECIA Board. Discussion confirmed that we will vote on a Chair for the committee and that, unless someone wants to be the official secretary, we will rotate that duty through the committee members.

Jim Zebora was voted onto the committee. Board liason will take vote to Board.

Discussion of Vistas calendar: Courteney will check with Senior Center and the Library about their listings. Conversation on putting in a note indicating where readers can go to get their calendars so our calendar does not have to be so long. Also discussed was whether the calendar should list yoga classes that require a fee to participate. The ECIA Board will make this decision.

Vistas does not take advertisements. Also discussed were the Ask Eldo questions thatare solicited and the suggestion was made that the committee choose which one/s are answered.

November articles for Vistas: introduction of new Board members, new ECIA staff bios, dog article, ECIA Winter Festival,Ask Eldo. Suggestion was made that we choose some themes ahead of time and solicit articles and members seemed to agree. Questions were asked and answered about titles on the Vistas masthead.

Audience member offered to write an article opposing the civility policy of the Board - could be a point/counterpoint opportunity.

Discussion by Committee members about the website: who the webmaster is and migration to a new platform.

ECIA committees will be asked to alert us to upcomingissues of importance to the community so they can be covered in real time. We did not discuss how this would happen.

Discussed draft of Information Committee Charter. Karen will revise and send to ECIA Board.


Welcome Packet Working Meeting on Oct 15 changed to 6pm-8pm

Oct 30 Info committee meeting changed to starting at 6pm. Nov 27 Info committee meeting beginning at 6pm.

Old Business

Karen brought up the first two letters of the welcome packet - general manager letter and the president of board letter. First letter introduction of general manager, her responsibilities and HOAMCO introduction and what HOAMCO does for ECIA, list of amenities, staff by title only and their responsibilities. Board letter discusses what the board does, HOAMCO and their relationship to board, list of committees and what they do.

New Business

Main Motions

Motion: Moved by Anne Salzmann and seconded by Amy Price to appoint Jim Zabora to the Information Committee. The motion carried with all in favor.




Meeting adjourned at 9 PM by Acting Chair.