Minutes - Information Committee


Meeting Information Committee

January  22, 2019

Meeting called to order 7:04 PM by Chair Karen Logan


Attendees: Committee Members-Chair Karen Logan, Pam Henline, Bill Dunning, Lee Chiacos (via speaker phone), Board Liaison David McDonald, ECIA Community Relations Coordinator/Editor Courteney Handy (via speaker) . Four guests, two representing 285 Recycles.

Minutes of December 18, 2018 meeting approved

Board liaison McDonald report: There will be an open meeting Tuesday January 29 5:30 pm Railroad building for Board and committee chairs to discuss the draft Committee Roles and Responsibilities. At a later time the Board and Information Committee (IC) will meet to review the areas of responsibility of the IC.

Old Business:

The Welcome packet was reviewed. Letters from Board and GM are ready. Parts from Agora, La Tienda and others are received and will be shorted to one page, made more uniform and summarized by Bill Dunning.

Pool report: The Vistas will report on pool progress/status each month. IC recommends that the web site be updated at least biweekly with progress/status.

Third digital marquee discussed. Location at Ave Eldorado just west of 285 has problems with access to private land. The water company site on corner of Ave Eldorado and Torreon might be appropriate and someone should contact them. The IC hopes all marquees can become digital and possibly solar.

Several people have submitted resumes to GM for redo/new development of web site. It is hoped any candidate can bring mock up and presentation to IC in February.

New Business:

A long review of the draft February Vistas made formatting, content and layout changes. These to be finalized on January 24 by Courtney and Karen.

A request for Aroma Therapy lectures was turned over to the Board.

The March Vistas will not include an article by VanderMay on Civil Conduct as the Board will have an open forum on this subject, not yet scheduled. Not much other planning for March Vistas.

The IC will develop via email items that are part of a five year plan, which could include items such as New website, 3rd marquee, all marquees digital, more email addresses for Vistas and News Briefs, use of social media, etc.

A motion was made to appoint Bonn Macy to IC. Board asked for a short resume.


Open Discussion:

The 285 Recycle attendees wanted to know if they should submit an article each month. The IC wants to have more variety and would like to have article/articles from 285 Recycles which are not time sensitive and can be used in future issues of Vistas.

Meeting adjourned 8:55 PM