Minutes - Information Committee

ECIA Information Committee

Minutes of Jan. 23 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by acting chair Gershon Siegel.  Members present were Mr. Siegel, Dag Ryen and Bill Dunning.  Also present were ECIA staff member Courteney Handy, board liaison Jody Price and alternate board liaison Pam Henline.  The chair noted with regret the resignation of DiAna Gutierrez from the committee.

Mr. Price brought the committee up to speed on activities of the Board.  David Yard has been appointed to fill the board vacancy created by the resignation of Michael McDowell.  The board has finalized a retention document that has been appended to the ECIA contract with HOAMCO.  The board is considering placing meeting announcements on the Nextdoor Eldorado events calendar, and the board is working on creating a baseline membership list on the Caliber database.

Contractor Jack Arnold’s report on the ECIA website was reviewed.  Usage and download activity is up.  An ad hoc group (Jack, Jody, Courteney) is working on templates for a new and revised website.

The draft of the February Vistas was reviewed and minor editorial changes were made.

In committee business, Gershon Siegel was reconfirmed as acting chair and Dag Ryen was named acting secretary.  The committee will review its charter at the next meeting.  Dag Ryen will draft the committee report for the upcoming annual report.  The committee discussed policies regarding overt advertising in Vistas of ”for-profit” activities in the community.  It was agreed that there is a fine line between useful information for members and direct support of commercial activities, which must be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

The committee and guests brainstormed content for the March issue of Vistas

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.